Just a quick recap on the previous tip given, we chatted about the importance of finding a market or certain group of people with a certain need; Then coming up with a product or service to meet that particular need. We chatted about a few other things as well with Tip #1

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Hey, new day, new discussion (lol)…Let’s get started. As you may or may not know by now, that relationship building is most critical when it comes to your business, or profitable skills.  Why? Because relationships is the bridge that connects you with your niche or audience of interest.

 Now… This Leads Us To Our Next Tip Of The Day:

TIP 2- Work On Relationship Building

Set out to help the people in your market by showing them, just how much you care.

You build a relationship by demonstrating value and establishing trust.

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From my experience, many people may not be interested in a relationship with a stranger, however, guess what…most people are interested in value! And the value given may ignite a deeper interest when it comes to developing a new and sound relationship.  Put yourself in the place of others, wouldn’t you too want to start a relationship with someone who provided tons of value in the things you want or need?

Just saying,  value helps and remember to do things to keep the relationship going. 


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36 thoughts on “Work On Relationship Building- Tip 2

  1. Hi,
    First of all I wanna say thank you for the post that’s really useful. I wanna ask a question about that, it’s true to develop your relations based on the trust and most of us know the ways to do that and gain trust in the relationship but when we talk about our business things may become different, How can we gain that trust in our business relations?
    Best wishes and good luck,

    1. You are welcome- I’m not sure I quite understand your question, however are you asking..How to gain trust while you are presenting your business as you’re talking with some one? Or are you wanting to know a list of ways to gain trust in business relations? Just wanting to be clear on your question, also I plan to address more of this in my business building tips. Also, feel free to get back in touch, and hope I’m able to touch basis on your concerns.

  2. I agree with you, build a relationship by demonstrating value and establishing trust.I think that if you have a good product and you treat the customer with respect the rest will come in time.

    1. Yes, the word “respect” is a major factor and should be given to everyone, regardless. Thanks for your feedback and hope to see you back, Harry.

  3. Hello there!
    What an amazing post this was! Very well written and great information shared! This is something everyone should read and especially people in business. Building strong relationships is difficult and requires hard work, dedication and honesty.
    You must earn people’s trust and that is not the easiest thing to do.
    Thank you so much for sharing this great info with us!

    1. I hear you Katerina and great point on trust. However it should always come easy simply being our (caring) selves. It is what it is, either people will connect or they won’t. What matters most is we continue to strive at being our very best. Also, that we remain honest, kind and helpful to others, regardless. Execute good will and “heart” and the rest should take care of itself. Thanks for your feedback and encouraging comments Katerina, so glad this inspired you and hope to see you back soon, take care 🙂

  4. Relationship building is a great way to gain more trust for your business growth. If more people trust you, they will also recommend you to their friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues. I think relationship building and having others recommend your services leads to a great word-of-mouth for your business and many times that word-of-mouth can generate more customers than any other median. Not everyone is able to be professional in person but if you can master those skills, you will be better off for it.

    Remember to look people in the eye, shake their hand, smile at them and listen to their needs and wants. Let them know you care about what you can do to help meet their needs.


    1. Wow, really great tips Sephanie…my point exactly…Do all the right things it takes to build great relationships and the rest is history. Thanks for your wonderful feedback.

  5. Hey There,
    I really enjoyed this article its short, simple and straight to the point! I really believe that you have captured the heart of business and i am very impressed that you are using this a platform in your business ethics! Great job in writing this article and I wish you all the success in the future!

  6. This is a great tip. If you do not connect with your audience… then they will not connect with you and will most definitely come back to your website. You should make things sound like your talking to a human, not a wallet =P Thanks for the advice and I look forward to more tips!

  7. I think your right when it comes to building business relationships because at the end of the day it’s what relationships with people you have that matters most- not really how many you have or who you know. It all comes down to quality! I think these are some great tips, I’d love to hear more from you in the future!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Yes, I agree with your point, that quality is more valuable than a meaningless quantity. Glad you enjoyed the tips and would certainly love to have you back, thanks for your feedback and take care.

  8. Good informative site. I read a part on your website that got me thinking. You said people don’t like to deal with strangers, I believe that’s why the more comments you have on a site lets visitors know that people are willing to talk to you and may want to engage.

    1. Hey Brandon, you’re right about the character build through comments, however, when someone doesn’t know much about the character of a content provider, lots can be achieved through value, interest and caring for others. It is certainly a show of goodwill when one tries to help by providing useful information. Helping through content or interest is a great “ice breaker” and making for the beginning of a more solid relationship that may blossom into great buddies. One thing, for sure is generally people are super wise by nature, and can sense what’s genuine or not, it’s like a God given instinct. Thanks for your “on point” feedback and would love to have you back.

  9. Hey Bev,
    Great advice on building relationship. You were spot on when you said that people value “value” and by providing value to your customers you show that you care and that helps strengthen relationship.

    To give you a personal experience I travel 5 miles to get a haircut when there are many options close to my home, simply because they make me feel that they care.

    Great tip

    1. Hi Josh, you too…LoL! Thought I was the only one who drove miles out the neighborhood to taste genuine friendliness and value, glad you mentioned that one. Thanks for your feedback.

  10. Hello there,

    Great post and website, yeah you are right establishing relationship with value help will comes to you in return, I am new at affiliate marketing and I found a lot of people helping me a lot and give me a hand when I need it, so I started to play the same role to everyone stuck in any issue in his online business thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Bev,
    Strong advice, by putting yourself in the shoes of your client you come to understand what they really need and what is of most value to them.
    As you point out a successful business relationship has to start from a point of mutual trust and respect.

  12. Thanks for the post. Could not agree more. Relationship building i have found from experience is really important. I Always used the spin selling technique when face to face selling. You need to have strong person to person communication skills. It is no different on-line. people don’t know who you are, so if you write naturally and get the message across in a way that can help the other person, you are past the half way line.

    1. Welcome, glad you found value from this post. Yes, I agree, it totally helps to write as natural and “down to earth” as possible.

  13. Hey Bev,
    Relationship building – something i’ve been paying less attention to after my life turned upside down. But you’re definitely right that they are important for business, relationship is important and clients will keep coming to you because they trust you.

    There’s a silly question I’ve been meaning to ask though – Is dating your colleague or business partner a wise idea? Many people are against the idea as it will disrupt work but there are still others who thrive in it.

    1. Hi Riaz, good you stop by, yes people do generally trust those they know or referrals, oppose to a total stranger. And just know that, no question is a silly question, the way I see it. Now, as far as whether business partners should date or not…I think it will strongly depend on how disclipine the pair is when it comes to keeping business, business…simple as that. Hey, more tips coming soon, hope to catch you later.

  14. I agree that the key to building a good business is building relationships and trust. If you establish yourself as an expert and an authority, people will trust you and will be more likely to buy the information you provide. You will even get some followers that will buy everything you do, because you resonate with them on many levels and they just want more! Love reading your tips, thanks!

  15. This tip is short but right to the point. I like that. No messing around. You hit the nail on the head when you mention “value”. If you think about it, most relationships of any kind are dependent on some value being added to one’s life by knowing the other person. That’s especially true when building business relationships where you ultimately hope someone will part with their money and make a purchase.

    What do you think is the best way to build trust in your business relationships? Do you thinking offering value is the most important way to build trust?

    1. Darren, how’s it going? You’ve asked some really great questions. Now, the way I see it, there’s actually more to it than providing value. However, providing value is great but there are other traits that helps to structure a great relationship as well. Such as, building and maintaining trust, respect,dependability, being genuine,helpful and supportive all works together as peice of the whole puzzle; So they all are most important when it comes to relationship building.

  16. HI Bev,
    I keep reminding myself every day that business is about helping people. I guess that falls in line with relationship building. Build trust by offering something of value (e.g. advice). Help someone with their problem(s). What are your favorite strategies for building relationships in an online business environment?

    1. Hi Alyssa, On point, yes “helping people” definitely falls in line with relationship building. As to answer your question, I would like to refer to relationship building as an acquired mindset devoted to reaching out and bonding with others. In which it becomes a powerful and natural ability, to successfully communicate, listen, maintain connections, add value, provide solutions, dependability, kindness and support toward others. So, I guess I can wrap it all up as my fave strategies (lol)…Great question, Alyssa 🙂

  17. Hey There!

    Thanks for your incredibly informative post. I could definitely apply what you’re saying to my relationship, haha. It’s very important for communication between both people to ensure a much healthier and longer relationship. I feel like we’ve been drifting apart lately but it’s definitely never too late to try and fix things. Thanks again 🙂

    1. Hi, Michael you’re welcome and glad you found it valuable. You’re right a great relationship stems from both sides. It includes ongoing interactions, keeping in touch, catching up, being informative, helpful and caring. As far as drifting apart goes, the process of initiation is always a handy tool. Great reaching out Mike, let’s chat soon, what do you say? Until then keep it 100… 🙂

  18. Great work. I have learnt much by going through your website. You have made your information simple and relevant to online business.. I particularly like your WA blog. I promise to visit your site several times in future because i wish to learn from your content. It is indeed a pleasure having the opportunity to comment on your work which is very mature,with well selected images, informative, and with elaborate details about your experience online.
    I believe for ones you have found something worth doing at WA. Me too, am liking everything here and just hanging in for the long while.
    Lets journey together,

    1. Hi Lucy, hope you were able to check out the first tip on relationship building as I’ve more tips. I’m glad you’re finding value here and would love to have you stayed tuned for more.

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