When you have finally decided “that’s it” and “it’s time” to stop beating around the bush and simply, take charge to start building your dreams; It’s a natural effect to be super excited and bursting to shout it out to the world, namely your family and friends.  But It may not be easy for your love ones and friends to understand your new found passion, energy or abilities even.  You would be amazed how many dreams stop at this first step of decision making, due to this problem. Yes, it is true, some people listen to the “nay sayers” in their life, who often times may have every ounce of good intentions. They sometimes say “No” to your dreams because they are afraid. They might show doubt or say things to discourage you.
Most times, they are afraid and they are also afraid for you…It’s okay because most people who have fears are conditioned to be that way.  Most don’t really mean to hinder you and would actually love to see you become successful…On the flip side, there may even be people in your life, who may not really  want to see you make it, due to their own shortcomings. They may suggest that your ideas or plans may not sound like a wise investment to them or more. They may just say negative things to dampen your high spirits.  I know this sounds really twisted, so let’s dive right into the minds of why these people would think like this, that is not want to see you succeed.

Why People May Not Want You To Succeed

They may feel threaten by changes, and used to you being a certain way in their eyesight. So your desire to make a change to become empowered by ideas of success may take you out of their comfort zone.  They are used to things being basically the same or worse. Making a change for the better may cause them to feel they need to take inventory of the things they’re doing…And remember that becomes a threat if they are not wanting to move out of that comfort zone.  They may feel, it’s so much easier for you to stay where you are…Which makes it easier for them to carry on, with the usual order of the day. 
Or there’s a possibility, they may not be the friends you actually thought they were; They may have hidden intentions or agendas in their hearts and minds. But one thing for sure, if they do, just start to notice whether they are happy for you and cheering you on when good things happen in your life. But it does not stop there, because “fakers” or people who are not genuine, can still fake happiness. Here’s what will usually tell you the truth of the matter…If they are supportive of you in every way they possibly can be, most likely they are not just “talking a good talk” but they are “walking the walk” with you on your journey to success. You will begin to sense what’s real or not, just start paying close attention.

How To Over Come The Negativity Of Others

When people are not feeling your vision, you’ll have to just realize what’s most important and best for you. No one knows your dreams, your aspirations, your determination to succeed and beat the odds like you do.  They can’t actually feel your pain, your strengths, your possibilities, nor your happiness like you. You can avoid the negative gestures and words from others who are not the right people to share your thoughts, dreams, plans or aspiration for success with…By simply not telling them anything, regardless of how happy you might feel.  Some people are just not good candidates when it comes to empowerment and success. Know who is who…by quietly observing emotions, reactions and really listening to people with your heart, eyes, as well as your ears. 
Understand that everyone will not understand your journey or see your vision the way you see it, that’s a given.  So don’t get upset, that some people are not “feeling” your dream. Respect that, move forward and continue to focus on the things you will need to do.  Just use any negative energies blowing your way, as a wind to give you more energy to dig root into your passions and dreams and start building your dream in a big way. This way you have turned the negative energies into positive energies.
Surround yourself around others who share and celebrate the vision of being successful.  If you are not able to physically relate with people, find them online on your favorite social medias.  You can check out Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, the Google Plus communities and more. Just type in the search boxes, whatever it is that will add value to your journey, that you’d love to know about. 
Invest in learning by joining training platforms, that will guide and teach you the right way to become successful in your given industry.  There’s a popular verse in Proverbs 3:13, that states “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.” Also, a great historian once said, “If you can believe it; You can achieve it”…These are great tips of direction toward what is definitely needed. You will find with learning or knowledge comes a world of wisdom to rightfully succeed.

Closing Thought

Okay, hopefully, you have gathered that, it really doesn’t matter if people don’t support your dreams; As long as you are supportive of your own dreams, that’s a major step forward. Just continue to believe in your ideas, goals and mission; Practice being grateful and positive until it’s cemented as a daily mindset regardless of your hurdles.  Find time to create and write down your set of “whys'”…Why it’s important for you to succeed.  Don’t forget to, embrace others who are walking similar paths as yourself.  Remember, to build relationships with people who share your interests and aspirations.  Learn to cherish and empower the journey of others, which is also powerful and so uplifting. Just by taking the lead, and doing what you have to do, you will become a leader of goodwill and greatness and the rest will follow.


What are your thoughts? Can you share a tip on how you would deal with this situation?

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