Are you a blogger? Or are you thinking about taking the plunge as an aspiring online blogger? If so, hopefully it’s something you are really passionate about. It is said, if you do something you love doing, you are more likely to continue doing it over the long-haul.  First let’s come up with a couple of quick definitions. Then we will go over a few suggested titles to use, if you’re not comfortable identifying yourself as a blogger.  Especially, when visiting other business platforms such as LinkedIn, or introducing what you do to others.



“Blogger” Defined

A blogger is one who creates content whether for personal or public use. If public, the idea is to provide valuable, engaging content that promotes the building of social relations and encourages lots of interactions or feedback from the readers.


A web page or website, that’s updated with content (text/writing)…A collection of thoughts, experiences, events, etc.  There are tons of blogs out there covering some of every topic or interest you could imagine.

Moving On

First, understand the role of a blogger is not as simple as it may sound. A blogger wears the “hat” of many. There are often many roles or duties performed.

So, how do you respond or how would you respond, if someone asks you…”What is your professional title? If you are a member on your favorite social platforms such as, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter…I don’t know your favorite hangouts, but whatever they are…My question to you is, have you ever struggle to come up with another name for “Blogger”?  Although, using the title “Blogger” works just as well, depending on the platform.  The title “Blogger” certainly speaks for itself in definition, is simple and straight forward. However, some may feel like the title blogger is not descriptive enough when it comes to all the responsibilities involved in the process of developing a successful blog.

Other Titles Frequently Used Instead of “Blogger” To Give More Credibility 

If you are not comfortable using the title “Blogger” then you might find this list of titles useful:

Content Manager

Content Writer

Research Specialist

SEO Optimizer

Business Promoter


Branding Officer/ Brand Ambassador


Communication Specialist




Choose What Works For You

That’s enough hopefully, these are enough titles to choose from, if you’re not feeling the title “Blogger” suits your taste when identifying your profession. Also, to get more ideas, you can always check out the profiles of other bloggers on many social platforms, as to see what they are using. You could go to LinkedIn which is a business networking site and “thumb” through the tons of profiles there or other social networks. That should help you to brainstorm an array of ideas. The main thing is that, you find a title that you are in sync with.

Are You Able To Think Of More To Add To This List???