Hey wouldn’t it be great to have great credibility?  What if you had a chance to rate your credibility or the way you influence others?  If you were given a 1 through 5 scale to rate your credibility…With 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest, exactly what would it be?
This may be a powerful thought to ponder if you are aiming to do and be your very best when it comes to your business brand, which is all about the way you put it all out there to the world.
Let’s hope, you are credible as they come and represent a whooping 5, which is the highest rating for you.  If it’s 4 or below but you prefer higher; Then let’s dig deeper and see how it’s possible to improve the ratings by following the tips below:

Credibility Tips

  • Listening and Learning-  When you know your audience, you are better able to help…Lots can be learned simply by listening to them. 
  • Help and Give Value- By empowering or educating people to make good decisions and take the best action suited for them.  Or by answering questions, providing needed solutions, giving support/feedback to their concerns…You are then helping in more ways then you can imagine.
  • Provide A Better Way- Show your audience smarter and easier ways to do things, which in turn may make their lives easier.
  • Be Authentic- Meaning to just relax and be yourself…Be honest, reliable and trustworthy to everyone.  Should you make a mistake, don’t hesitate to stand up to your errors, correcting and making things right.
  • Embrace Confidence- When it comes to credibility, confidence plays a big part. You can become more confident by eliminating any fears. Fears are eliminated through knowledge and by applying the knowledge learned. When you know how to do something, it gives you more courage and self assurance. You are then, able to help others without feelings of doubt.
Biz Man Relaxing at WorkNow, that you know how to up your credibility ratings, practice them daily and every once in awhile, step back to see whether or not you’re able to give yourself a higher rating. You may be able to brain storm more ways, also feel free to share your feedback below in the comment section.
Don’t forget to hit the “social share” buttons to keep the tips flowing, thanks and until next time take care and God bless.

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