If you have landed here, there’s a possibility that you’d like to know what Wealthy Affiliate is really all about. So let’s explore…Starting with the first question:

Is Wealthy Affiliate Leading In Value?

Image of the word VALUE

Yes, one thing to remember about Wealthy Affiliate, is the fact that,  they live and preach value. They are valued packed when it comes to all the things offered on their platform.

Who Do They Help?

Wealthy Affiliate helps people from all types of industries to successfully build their online businesses.  Wealthy Affiliate is certainly, not just for affiliates but constantly helping tons of business entrepreneurs, business launchers,  home-based entrepreneurs, network marketers,  or just anyone trying to get their products, services or brands up and going successfully.

What It Teaches?

WA teaches everything from updated marketing techniques on down to every single thing you will ever, need to know to thrive in any business or industry online.It sucks, running from place to place to get the things you need to build an online business.

WA has actually taken care of this for you. Everything you’ll need to know is all on one platform. Leveraging has never been easier and Jay’s video tutorials make it even more enticing.

What Else?

Wealthy Affiliate is so many things wrapped into one. Their educational platform  is very valuable.  You will learn how to become a professional in your industry.  This will certainly be an advantage due to the tons of competition out there.  The education along will give you outstanding credentials and authority in your industry.

The training is second to none (my thoughts)…I’ve tried other educational/training platforms and this one is the best of quality and value per investment.  The 3 strongest points, is that it educates, trains and support.

WA also, teaches the type of skills people can even monetize and get right out there and start helping others.  This alone would cost tons at an off-line University.

What’s Offered FREE? 

In the 0 Stater Membership…

  • WA offers  an optional “lifetime” totally free membership for those interested in networking or joining a community of like-minded individuals from all over the world. Note: Limited Accessibility with somethings offered.

  • WA gives you seven days of “instant access” to  3 classrooms and over 500 training modules. There’s training available to teach you SEO or how to get your content seen in the eyeballs of tons of people. You’ll learn all the things the guys who succeed in the industry knows. However, it will be totally up to you to do the things you’re taught.

  • WA gives, 2 totally free websites hosted for free on their platform, which you can use to build for whatever you want.  Whether, you’ll like to use your 2 free sites to promote a business, brand, hobby, interest, public awareness or just whatever you’d like to use them for, it’s your call.  There’s no membership limitations with these 2 free sites, they are yours to have and hold forever if you like. As a complimentary WA offer to you.

  • WA will give you Phase 1 of their popular Boot Camp Course -Teaching you how to build authority on your website(s) and more which is free to you.

  • WA walks you through easy “laid out” steps. There’s lots of support and goodwill among a friendly, open and caring community.

  • Optional FREE WA Affiliate Program- Percentage of commission is made per referrals

What’s Offered With The Premium Membership?

Premium Member

  • Ongoing access to over 500 training modules

  • Access to 12 Classrooms; Step By Step Approach (with a  “clean cut” action plan)

  • The Live Video Classes (On Hands Training… takes you by the hand and walk you through)

  • Weekly (Live) Educational/Skills/Training Webinars- Keeps you on top on any and everything trending in the industry. The webinars teach applicable and monetary skills that are priceless and a must to know for online success. Educates and positions you as a professional  and to be way ahead of competitors in the market place.

  • Up to 25 free websites in addition to free hosting

  • (You may host up to 25 of your own domains if you like and the freedom among of another 25 of WA site-rubix, as a premium member.

  • Unlimited Keyword Searches

  • Website Security Package and Back-Up

  • Private Messaging Accessibility (un-limited communication access with other members)

  • Unlimited Live Support from many experts and access and real- time communication with the owners

  • Members Support and Technical Support

  • Optional WA Affiliate Program- For affiliates to do if they like…They’re able to earn a much larger commission than the “starter or free” it’s more for those who want a lot.

  • And So Much More…

Cost: $47 monthly or $359 for the entire year

If a member decides to upgrade to premium within the first 7 days; The first month access will only be $19.00 ….
Wealthy Affiliate can also be used as a yearly business tax write off; Our government actually pays back individuals who want to be successful.

What About Extended Support?

Again, there is real time 24/7 dedicated support.  Also, there’s a great community of seasoned business owners who are ready to extend the support by answering any business question imagined. One of the biggest fears of doing something new, is the fear of no support…Not the case here.


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