If you are new to the internet business world, you may have seen more and more of the word “Niche” lately.  Therefore, if you are a newbie on the scene or maybe not a newbie but never heard of the word “Niche” then this may be an interesting read for you.

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What Is A Niche In Terms Of  The Market?

In business, you will mostly see the word “Niche” paired with… ” Market”  which is the people out there who are interested in your products or services.
Like a narrow or specific section of a huge population.  You see, among the gigantic worldly population, there may be a specific or unique group of people out there really interested in your products or services.

 Niche Products/Services

Or you might see it paired off as “niche products or services” which is a choice people make when deciding what/how to present  the products and services to a specific segment of the population.
Example Of Niche Marketing
Okay, let’s say for instance, someone has opened a jewelry business. Hey, that’s not un-usual, because tons of these types of businesses are in operation. However, let’s take that very biz example and niche it.
Now, instead of just promoting jewelry to everyone who wants it:  What if we decided to,  niche things a bit…by promoting the jewelry/products  to serve only young  men who are pro athletes between 20 and 30 years old….Or maybe promote the jewelry to only corporate business women over 30.
Can you see how we niche the market by promoting the jewelry to a specific group of people?  It’s likely to see jewelry sold to everyone opposed to a specific (niche) group of people.
Can you see how the people who will need this product is narrowed down considerably?  Well, that’s a perfect example of Niche Marketing. The marketer is targeting only this specific group of people.  This is a great way to go if your business is floating around in a over saturated or crowded industry. It’s a great way, period.

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Still Not Clear…Let’s Take One More Example

One more example, okay…Let’s say you are in marketing “Weight Loss Products” and you are now marketing the products on your website, blog, social medias or videos to every Sam, Sue, Mary and Martha who may need this.  I get it, it’s a great niche but it’s also over-saturated.  However, you are passionate about the weight loss products; Guess what, thanks to niche marketing , you’re good to go!

Narrowing Down

So, instead of marketing to every Sam and Sue….Let’s niche the market by marketing the weight loss products to maybe, only women who have recently had babies and are trying to loose the annoying post baby bump (tummy).
Do you now,  see how you’re able to niche the market?  You may want to promote your weight loss programs to only moms who are interested in helping their teen kids to loose weight. Also, remember the more specific you get the better…what I mean about specfic is…what if I also added homeschooling moms with obese teens,etc.


Liking This Niche Marketing Stuff…Whoo-hoo!
I’m sure by now, you are starting to see how valuable niche marketing is to your business. The beauty of it all is, you can continue on with your passions by applying the niche marketing technique.  Hope this clears things up and this info was of value to you.
 Later Gaters n Blessings!


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