What Is Content Marketing?

So What  Is Content Marketing… And How To Sync It With An Online Business Strategy?

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If you are not familiar with content marketing, then I’m hoping you’ll find out more about it in this chat. I will attempt to give you a clear definition of it and discuss more.  My main attempt is to explain how you can successfully apply content marketing as an online business strategy. Okay, let’s first define “What Is Content  Marketing”?
Content Marketing is generally  the sharing and creation of information across, various media. It’s the publishing of content purposed to the desired audience.  If you’re like me, I like things broke down so easy and elementary student understands (lol).  So let me try again…it won’t be shorter but hopefully easier to understand. Here we go!
In a nutshell,  content marketing is sharing of information by way of communications channels such as Digital -the internet (social sites like facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin etc.), wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, -pictures, Audio/Sound- such as podcasts (audio files), radio,videos- Text (Words)-articles, stories, how-tos, lists, tips, editorials, reviews, blog, infographics,

Thanks!  Now How Do I Apply This As An Online Business Strategy?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Whew! Now the meaning is broken down, let’s discuss how Content Marketing can be applied as an online business strategy. As you may know “Content Marketing” is really nothing new as it’s been around for ages; However, it’s mostly new to lots of online newbies.  Do understand that there are several ways to benefit from content marketing . So, here are a few ways marketers actually benefit by using content marketing:
1. Niche Authority– or it indicates expertise in a certain area of interest.  This can be beneficial as it allows one to achieve credibility by helping others. You may be seen as the “go to person” when it comes to learning or knowledge in your niche.  Also, it shows you really care, builds loyalty and trust among your audience.
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2.  Builds Relationships- When you publish good online content for your readers/viewers, whether it’s a video, pic, audio, article, email, webinar or just whatever…It makes a favorable and strong impact. Considering, you are getting feedback from your content, this is one of the best ways to start and build relationships. So one of your main goals with your content is to encourage people to engage with feedback.
It’s sort of like common  courtesy for people to leave remarks after reading someone’s valuable content. Personally, I always leave a comment or two, just to show my appreciation.  After all, the author went the whole nine yards to make your experience worthy.  So it would be a nice gesture to leave a “thank you”  to indicate your appreciation.
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3. Influencer your content may influence serious minded people to take advantage of your offers based on their wants and needs.  Many marketers have found great success by educating or sharing valuable information. People have needs and feel secure choosing sources of credibility.
4. Brand Awareness- Helps you to gain popularity and awareness with your brand.  Your content can help to get your name and image out there.  You see, your name and image is generally your brand. It also properly introduces you, your products and services to others. It distinguishes your service or offer from that of your competitors. Also, it can allow you to stand out in a memorable and unique way.
Just remember, your website will serve as a great building block for your brand, regardless of what it happens to be. If you do not have a website; I recommend you consider getting one. In my opinion, WA is a great place to start.  At- least it was for me because they  educate and walk you through the steps of setting one up,along with plenty SEO tips.
Okay, so the major takeaway with brand awareness is getting your “content” into the “spotlight” on that center stage and showing them what you’re working with!  (lol). Yes, there really is more to branding than your logo. You will find in the end (You) are the real brand.

 So now, that I’ve spilled the beans here; What are your thoughts about Content Marketing?  What Do You Think About It All? Leave your thoughts below 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information your absolutely right quality content is most important if we add value we are doing what we are supposed to be and will be rewarded stay blessed

  2. Hi Bev, it is actually good to be alerted to what we are actually doing here and why we are doing it this way. Sometimes we lose track of most importance things, so thanks for sharing this post on Content Marketing. Cheers, Jerry

    1. Hi Jerry, you’re absolutely right, I agree “loosing track” of the most important things can be easily done if we allow ourselves to. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to place a bookmark. Take care n later

  3. Dear Bev,

    What a great informative Article you have written here! I enjoyed each and every word of it! I never knew about Content Marketing in particular but rather focused more of my attention on 3 different ones, Internet Marketing, Niche Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. Then again I realized that all 3 of these do in some way or another relate to Content Marketing as well. You are very right in saying that we need to build trust and proper relationships with our website visitors so that we can convey the message across of how much we want to help them succeed in building a thriving online business that will stand the test of time for years to come. 🙂

    I am eagerly looking much forward to reading the rest of your Articles here on your lovely and organized website. 🙂 Creative Website Name too. 😀

    Wishing you all the best with your online achievements both near and far above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Hi Angel, I’m glad you found this post useful, feel free to lurk around the site or give a bookmark. As I would love to have you back and thanks for your inspirational comments. I’m inspired 🙂 Angel, all the best to you as well, take care for now.

  4. I did not really relate the content on a webpage as “content marketing” until after reading your article. Right now I am in the learning phase of an online business. I found that this information in your article is very useful. I now have a better understanding on how it works.

    Thank you,


  5. Hi Bev,

    Great post and I am sure it will help clarify what exactly is content marketing. I know it helped me learn some more than what I thought I knew. Good work. Thanks Jason

  6. This is a great post to promote Wealthy Affiliate! I am a member at WA myself and I believe you’ve done a great job of promoting what WA does for its members. My only suggestion is to spell out WA, as those unfamiliar with it may not know what WA stands for. Again, great article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

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