If you are here, you may have a keen interest in knowing more about the 3 entrepreneur’s concerns. Entrepreneurs have many concerns but there are some concerns that appear to stand out. What’s possibly the biggest entrepreneur’s concerns today? There are 3 that comes to mind for sure, so let’s dive right into things:


Concern  #1  Financial 

If running any type of business and whether it’s solely online, offline or both…Don’t think for one minute that finances will not be a concern at some point and time…Unless, that is you are already blessed with an abundance of it.  In business, you will most likely need funds to get things up in going for the start-up and overhead. Depending on what you’re doing the start-up could be reasonably cheap.  There are even totally free ways to market your business, which may take you the longer route when it comes to seeing results.

If you are wanting to increase your business success by leveraging the paid methods; You may need funds for marketing campaigns. Let’s say you have all “front ends” covered, then you may be concerned about the future or lifespan of your business.  As eventually you will need a reasonable and continuous cash flow to stay on top. I could go on and on about the financial needs or concerns but I’ll stop here.

Tip:  One way for sure to ease a bit of worry is to develop a good and solid financial plan.  Definitely take time to set and document financial goals. Set short and long term goals, making them reasonable and including a timeline.  Most important, create an action plan to make it all happen. Also, start and stay in the green “set for a financial go ahead” by establishing a business spending account (re-invest your profits back into your account to do more)…Start up a “Cushion Savings” as well, which is more like a “cash back up” for those rainy days.  

Note: Never empty out your personal (living expense) account to invest into a business. Never mix the two (personal and business), keep these accounts separate. Living comes first, either you are ready to start or you will need more time to come up with a reasonable financial “plan of action” to get started.

But No Excuses

Although, you should always look out for what’s best, on the flip side there really is hardly any excuse these days to get started in a business or project…And here is why?  There are tons of ways to make it financially to get your “Start Up and Cushion Savings” up and going for a business.  Instead of creating a mountain of loans from investors that may definitely add more fuel to the burning fire…You could brainstorm a mountain of ideas concerning how to fund your dreams. Check out these fun tips to get you thinking and hope it helps ….Fun Tips.


Concern #2   Lead Generation

It may be extremely hard to  find various ways to get the attention of others who may be interested in what you have to offer.  Or you may even, have lots of people looking at your content but for some reason or the other, they’re not opting into your list or following your content to learn more.  

Tip: There are several ways to generate leads. You can generate targeted leads by sharing valuable knowledge in your niche market,  through your very own blog, hosted website (educating,reviews), networking/building trusted relationships on your favorite social media platforms (whether free or paid),video marketing, podcasts,webinars. You can start a marketing campaign once you’ve decided how you’d like to generate leads. And don’t forget the “old school” off-line marketing methods can be converted by having those people to join you online. That’s how you make it all come together.

Concern #3  Promoting Value

Some may worry about the ability to provide one of the biggest things going these days to help others and that’s…Value.  Not everyone will choose to outsource or use paid source assistance when it comes to mastering this feat.  You really can learn the right way to promote value if you don’t have a clue.

Tip: It will help to learn the best ways to target people’s pain, problems, their wants, and needs; Then help them by providing them effective solutions. How to do this? One of the easiest ways is to engage with your niche audience and simply…Ask them. You could also probe a bit if you have a “shy” audience by asking them to complete your survey. There are even a couple of sites with free survey versions that will walk you through how to get a survey going (surveymonkey.com and typeform.com)…Now, remember your survey should be all about finding out their wants and needs.   For example, you could ask “What are your biggest concerns in (whatever niche you’re in)???…The goal is just to know how to create the right content of value for your specific audience.

Bonus Tip: Need More Ideas…Tweak and make needed content changes to pique a stronger interest.  Try reading books in your niche and report the newest trends to provide value. Who doesn’t like awareness and being in the know?


images (2)Hey, I would love to hear from you…Was this post helpful? What are your business concerns? What do you think are the top concerns? What are your suggestions for these concerns…Share and help others.