There are many strategies to consider when marketing your business online. But in this post we will target the email strategy. Probably, most preferable would be to invest in valuable high quality content to your website or blog. Then you can always get your list of email followers going right from the hub of your web/blog.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing- Is sending a commercial message electronically to a particular group of people. It helps trigger added value, also, it promotes an ongoing relationship with others. Many businesses use this form of marketing strategy.

Why Choose Email Marketing?

It is a great way to target a certain group or niche of people who is interested in what’s offered. You don’t have to spend an arm/leg on this form of marketing, which makes it cost effective, also a preferred strategy.

If you have a great site purposed and synced for email marketing, over time, you can draw a huge list of followers. Email marketing can be integrated into many marketing strategies.

Email marketing opens up a cool way to contact people who want to know more about you or what you have to offer. You can even re-kindle old sparks (from past contacts) or get great recommendations and referrals for your business

It gives you a chance to show value, trust and credibility among others. Also, it creates a nice depth of brand awareness. You can also use this method to interact as needed, follow up and keep in touch with your followers.


By the way, email marketing is still trending “big time”… Things keep moving forward and chats are increasingly loud about email marketing. Developments and changes are happening “in front” and behind the scenes steadily.

Personalization is yet crucial… But you may start hearing more chats about “Humanization”, which means having the emails tailored specifically for each individual on your list.

Humanization is needed, due to the hoards of email people received daily, that tends to be viewed as generic by some. But humanization tends to be viewed as a more personal, genuine, fresh, new, different, and in depth concept. The objective here, is getting your emails, clicked/opened and viewed.

It may also mean, incorporating personalized audios and videos specifically for each follower. Wow, now that’s deep. Imagine getting an email with an audio or video message tailored just for you, addressing you by your name with a kind greeting and a tidbit of value to follow up on.

How cool? Humanization certainly will make your emails stand out among the competitors. There are better online tools to assist your effort in follow-ups.

There are more selective and better tools for assistance with the monitoring of emails people have opened, read or not opened. All this helps a marketer to improve or develop a different style or twist for what works better.


Value and Relevance Is A Must

Due to the out-pouring of knowledge and awareness on the internet; Consumers are more aware of the high technology used to capture their online (behavioral) tracks, therefore you best believe they are expecting the most favorable experience of having marketers “spit” pure relevance and value their way.


Know Your Audience

Since, we now know the importance of email marketing, let’s dig deeper… We’ll need the right audience to start our email list. Once we know exactly who our audience is, of course we then can better serve them. Knowing them may require researching their habits, their wants and needs more closely.


How To Appeal To The Right People?

So once we know our audience, that is who may like what we “bring to the table”, we can then appeal to thieir very needs and wants. There are many people who are eager to learn more about you or what you offer. There are those who share a “common ground” concerning your interest.

But your most crucial appeal to these people seeking you, will be in the value or quality of your content. Wikipedia, states the meaning of content in a rather cool way:

Content is the information and experiences that are directed towards an end user or audience. Content is something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts.” –Wikipedia

Why not, make it fun, go ahead and dive deep into the wonderful world of “Content Mastery”… At first, it may come as a challenge, but find the thing that you’ll most passionate about and don’t think “work/struggle…

Think “challenging/fun”… If you’re not the “playful” type, that’s okay… There really are cool ways to learn this like a pro., the main thing is make it work, in time the followers will gladly join. You’ll eventually have that super star appeal. 🙂


Stage Your Appeal On The Right Platforms

Now the questions is… How do I find these people? Or how do these people find me? It’s your call (your choice)…You will have to decide which platform to use, when building your email/list of followers. Also, remember to dish out fresh, rich quality content for them as needed.

Which brings us to a couple of ways used today, although there are more. I’ll list two and explain why. Let’s get started here:

Websites– A website is one of the top ways to capture a great email list. The list can be started anywhere throughout the website. Although tons of great value and awareness is shown by way of websites: There are various websites constructed specifically for list building. Also, there are many cool website plugins and tools that makes this all possible.

One other thing to note about a website, is making sure it’s optimized for its greatest performance. To have a website is one thing, and to have an optimized website is another. So you’re going to want an effective site, one that’s placed in good standing when it comes to those search engines.

The optimized posts/pages serve to increase visibility. They kind of serve as a bunch of “simple single page sites” because each optimized post/page does its’ own little thing. The quality content is a bit like “marketing soldiers” camp throughout the site rescuing and helping others to become soldiers of a powerful army.

Blogs- Setting up a blog only takes a few minutes and can be set up by way of your pc, tablet or mobile device. A blog can be built specifically to function only as a blog. Or a blog can be built as an option on your website. You are going to want to make sure your content is of good quality and optimized (effective and ready) to perform its’ best for the search engines. The capturing of email “plug-in” concept works similar to that of a website. This way your great content is viewed, followers tag along and eventually there are results

If you’ve been on the net for some time, you may have noticed while “surfing” around that many sites offer “free blogs” and free sounds good. But, the catch, would have to be in the ownership, the training, or having the knowledge concerning how to make your blog(s) most effective. “Make It Golden”

You see most people who take advantage of those free blog offers may discover later, they actually need some training to become successful with it.  Effective training dissolves frustration, struggles and fears, it moves you into a mode of progression and success.

Another important thing to consider, when it comes to ownership…Is many free blogs can close down at any moment.  At any given time, the service provider has control to keep or delete your content on their (free) platform. Imagine, if you’ve monetized your blog/email list and over night if vanishes, not good.  Just saying, it pays to weigh all options and explore the most favorable options for yourself.

Closing Remark

In closing, just remember, when email marketing is effectively, done on your website or blog, it should draw followers to your site. Which releases you of the mind-set to go find/hunt for a cool list of followers.


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