You may have heard, when getting a business up and going, the best thing is to make sure it’s something you love doing. Sounds beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?  But, if you are to successfully get a business started doing what you love, there’s definitely more to the “passion” bit than meets the eye. Let’s dive right in and dig deeper!


“Do What You Love” Doing”…Sure But There’s More To It Than The Beautiful Sounding Phrase.

I’m not saying, this phrase is  not true, just that there’s more to consider.   When attempting to do that one, wonderful “thing” that you love.  You see, there’s more to it, because, in actuality, to make a booming profit, the strength of the market you choose will be (that) which decides your financial success.

Therefore, it’s a likely possibility that, there might or might not be an open market for “whatever” it is that you love doing.

Now, it may be in your best interest, to understand the “climate” of the markets out there. In other words, before starting your business, you should always thoroughly search the availability of your chosen market. What I mean by that is to see, is there a specific group of people out there searching for whatever it is that you are passionate about putting on the market.

If your market search, indicates that, there is a specific group of people, desperately searching for your passionate product or service, than you’re in business!

If there’s a specific group of people who desperately are looking for the answers/solutions that your products or service provides, then guess what? You’re in business! Then… Yes the products/service that you are so passionate about, which is your business, are ready to be positioned to hit the hot awaiting market…Great job.

On the flip side, if you do a market search, pertaining to your product or service, and you discover there’s little to absolutely no one searching.

For what you are “falling out” passionate about, then guess what, it may be in your best interest to find an open or niche market.  You may have to reconsider some things. Because, if there’s not a market for your goods, it can be viewed as a closed market.   Therefore, your passions should be researched and scanned based on the need of the market. It’s just that you wouldn’t want to open a business for a closed market. So, great job, you’ve learned how to successfully determine the availability of the market.

But wait…Hold on, because there’s always hope…

Now the way, around a closed market, is to have more than one passion. Some people may feel they have only one passion.  But if you actually took the time to take inventory of all the things in life you would even so much as like doing, there’s a possibility that you can adapt…And one day love doing that very thing. You could even ask family and friends, what do they notice that you’re good at. Because, some people on the outside looking in, may notice “the hidden skills/talents” you may have over looked.  The main thing is, that you take advantage of the “discovery” and of-course researches.

However, if you’re like me, I have so many things I”m passionate about, and so many things I would love to become passionate about…

Guess that’s what one gets for being a terribly passionate person, lol.   But I said all that to say this, if you can find an open market desperately searching/needing/wanting…A product or service, you are equally as passionate about, then Bingo!  You’ve possibly discovered a reasonable passion.

And, if you look at it that way, a person actually can follow a passion that is sound and true.

Not only, would it be a passion but a sure-fire way to become more persistent, focused, dedicated and successful doing so. When you have developed the skill of determining the open and closed markets, you would then have a great business “compass”  to lead and guide you on your success journey.


10 thoughts on “Why Doing What You Love Should Be In Alignment With An Open Market

  1. Hello
    I would like to say thank You for this motivating site.
    People need a boost once in awhile especially people like me. This article motivates me to get off my but and look at the market to find the answer.
    I am working on my own site and making money so I will be looking at your site for more articles and information.

    1. Hi Mark, I hear ya, a boost is always great and something we all can use from time to time. So glad you found this content useful. Sure, and all the best to you on your success journey. “God bless”

  2. You are absolutely right!

    Doing what you love is an amazing thing for a person to do, so why not do it to earn money too? I think that this article can give so much of an enlightenment to the beginning entrepreneurs out there who are about to set out into the world and have some time earning money. Or for those people out there who would just love to have some fun time doing their hobbies.

    Either way, this article is truly helpful in trying to find out how to make money while having fun! Or having fun while earning money!

    Big thanks!

    1. Hey Chanan, on point, because it really is amazing, finding something you love doing. Especially when, you are able to produce a skill, hobby or interest that’s in sync with a specific group of people. Glad you thought this message was helpful, thanks for your feedback.

  3. This is a nice reality check for people who think they can make money from passion alone. Passion is great, it’s needed, but we also live in a world where some things make a profit and some don’t, and it’s silly to pretend otherwise! We have to do our research and make sure our ideas resonate with a group of people who will be our audience, patrons, or buyers. Thanks for the info!

    1. Welcome…Hi Penelope, glad you found this info. useful, thanks for your feedback and hope to see you around.

  4. Hi Beverly

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    It’s very important to choose what you love and have a passion for when starting a business because that is what will get you through the tough times and dry periods.
    After all, what’s the point of having your own business if it’s not something you enjoy doing?

    Best regards,

  5. Hi Bev,

    Wow, thanks for the sobering truth pill. It’s a little hard to hear but necessary and true.

    Even on my own blog I tell people the best way to build a niche website is to base it on something they love, but of course as yous say, this is not always possible… or at least at first glance.

    You are right, when we take time to think we actually have a lot of different interests and passions, we are very multi-dimensional people which opens up the possiblilties of finding a good personal passion and open, untapped market match that much more likely.

    Thanks for sharing, great advice and there’s a lot of wisdom in what you’re saying.

    1. Hi Simon, you’re welcome. Glad you found this insightful, thanks and hope to see you around. “Cheers”

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