Wealthy Affiliate has an Affiliate Boot Camp, that is geared to help a niche group of people, who are interested in learning how to build an online business or brand in a fun, and booming kind of way. You will learn how to help others, as you learn to build a passionate and successful business of your choice.  There are many ways to monetize and grow your business and WA shows how to do just that.

How Does The Boot-Camp Help Those Who Do Not Already Have Affiliate Products To Promote?

If you’ve heard how booming the affiliate industry is, but haven’t yet found things to promote; You might find it helpful, to lurk into the affiliate program that’s available to all, on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, designed by and for other striving affiliates.  The affiliate program at Wealthy Affiliate, is free to get up and going. Sure, it may be true the pay scale is a “tab” lower with the free start up, but you still will have potentials to make decent money with it.  It’s actually designed where people can simply, make a reasonable decision to just “Start” or Begin.  You see, many times in life, our biggest hurdle is “starting” the journey.  It’s easier to pounce an attack without risk involved, lol.

Yes, of-course, there’s more to earn, for those who are most serious about making the most for the buck, as a premium affiliate member on the platform.  There’s never any pressure or stress, you simply decide whether you’ll like to make a little or a lot. Now, let’s go over both (free/paid) levels and the pay structure, concerning the Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate) program:

FREE Member…Affiliate Opportunity:

For those interested in promoting WA Affiliate Program on the Free…Without paying a cent:

* When you show/help a new premium affiliate member per the initial offer: You will get an initial payment of four bucks.

* After the first pay-off, you will then receive a recurring payment of 11. 25 per month.

*  Your commission is $87.50 per year, for each premium member, you’ve introduced

Which is not bad considering, you didn’t invest a penny to earn, all you did was, to simply help those wanting what you have to offer.

PREMIUM…Affiliate Opportunity:

For those more serious, or interested in making a lot with WA affiliate offer…By becoming a premium member yourself; The pay-offs automatically doubles.

* When you show/help a new premium affiliate member per the initial offer, they will get a discount rate on their first month: So you will get an initial payment of eight bucks…But hold tight, the best is yet to come.

* After the first pay-off…Each new premium affiliate pays recurring $49/mth… You will then receive a recurring payment of 23. 50 per month, regardless. (At this point, choose a goal, of how many people to help, then do the math)…The sky is the limit to income potential. No hype to excite, because it solely depends on right training, effort and work. There’s a no excuse zone though, because WA will teach you all the pointers needed to build a great business and legacy.


Why Do You Need The Affiliate Boot-Camp?

If you are working as an affiliate online, you’ll definitely find the Affiliate Boot-camp useful and worth “leveling up” in your business. The affiliate boot camp, teaches you how, why and what to be doing to become successful as an affiliate.  You will practice the skills of goal setting and taking action to reach those very goals.

The boot camp, now have a total of seven different phases that’s packed with basically everything required to get you up and going, on the right path of your journey.  Allow the biggest take away here to be, that you’re going to be set to learn all you need, to secure a great affiliate business with Wealthy Affiliate, simply by going through this boot camp.  The seven phases in the Affiliate Boot camp are listed as:

The Affiliate Boot-Camp Phases

Note: Each Phase Has 10 Lessons

Phase 1

Getting Your Business Rolling
Phase 2
Content, Keywords and Conversions
Phase 3
Giving Your Site Social Value
Phase 4
Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media

Phase 5

Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
Phase 6
Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC
How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

              How To Access The Affiliate Boot Camp? 

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So, hopefully now, you have a better understanding of why you should learn more about WA Boot Camp.  So, what are your thoughts?  Have you ever wondered how it’s all done? Or what are the best steps toward success as an Affiliate Marketer? Share your thoughts, questions and comments below. Let’s Chat!   All the Best.