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What Do You Do?

Hey, what do you do?  When new people you meet, break the ice by asking  “What Do Yo Do”?  Try not to over-react when this question is asked. One of the best ways not to freak out, or over-react is by knowing in advance, what to say each time someone ask this question.  Sometimes,  the easiest questions can become the hardest, when we’re caught off guard. Or not prepared to answer them.  Especially, when we’d like to say all the right things. Ir’s important not blow your moment in the spotlight.

Plan of Action

Simply, construct a mental script, that will help you to get it right every time. You may be wondering a script.  Well, one great thing I love about scripts, whether mental, verbal, written or whatever…A script gets it right every single time.  Even personnel at big corporations use them when talking to their clients.

You see, choice of words, could make a difference in whether someone decides to ask you, for more information or not about your business.  So, it helps to increase people curiosity and decrease their resistance to your answer.  Now, let’s come up with a decent “quick/short” script that will sail you across this rugged sea.

First, Beware of This, Guys

One other thing to beware of, is the probability that, when people first meet you, they may not be as interested in a long “intro” about you or your business.  But don’t worry, as your relationship grow with people, they will start to know, like and trust you. They will become more receiving of your information. “Keep it friendly, honest, simple and to the point”…

Also…Timing and Patience Is A Virtue

Execute Timing and Patience- Lot’s of people miss this step due to urgency.  It is easy due to the passion and excitement of what you do, to blurt out too much information when this question is ask.  You have to exercise patience guys, during relationship building. There are certain steps to take when building a solid foundation.  You see, your main goal is to brief through the question asked (use yr script)…

Then turn the same question around on them.  Ask them, what do they do? Then do they like doing it? Questions along that nature. Generally, people love chatting about themselves and having the spotlight. Become the interviewer, in a sense. They will love you for it, when it’s not all about you.

So, this is your “elevator” chance, where you finally have only a couple of seconds to slay the moment.  Which brings us back to that “quickie” script fore-mentioned..

The Suggested “Quickie” Script

“I___________________(say what you do/not yr position).gi

I serve__________________(say the niche/group of people you serve)

So they are able to ________________(overcome/succeed) in________________(state your solution you offer for yr audience difficulties/challenges).

That way they’re able to ________________(state the benefits you’re able to offer your audience.


Note: The whole gist here is to…Construct a script. Just be creative, do not mention your title; But instead mention the benefits of what you do. You can fill in your own information depending on the type of industry you’re in. Relax and have a smooth, fun/interesting encounter.


Now…Here’s a better example.  Let’s use a well known industry, such as health/fitness for an example of how this script works:

New Contact:  What do you do?

You:  I educate and train young women to become fit and healthy. I serve women in their 20’s to 30’s who’ve recently had babies.  I help them feel more attractive in their swim suits, by getting rid of the belly fat.


Did you notice how, the name of the profession was not even important to mention. Of-course, there may possibly be, tons of fitness trainers out there, using the same lines “I’m a fitness trainer” …But doesn’t it sound better explaining the benefits of what you do instead, when asked that big question “What do you do? Sure it does. Benefits are way more convincing than a title, just saying.


Again, the biggest take-away here, should be to consider, discussing benefits instead. With that said…

Now What Are You Going To Say The Next Time, Someone Pops This Question On You?



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