If you are considering an online business, or already have an online business… Then, you may or may not know, just how crucial email marketing can be as a “building component” to business. Maybe, you’ve held off with email marketing due to fear of not knowing what and how to do it. Maybe, you think it’s too hard or will cost too much for you to consider doing it yourself, or hiring someone else to do this for you.


I hope by the end of this chat, you will be able to put all those worries aside. So, let’s jump right into the chat…

Things We Need To Chat About…

What Exactly Is Email Marketing? I love the way wiki sums up the definition of email marketing, it gives a quick, to the point definition. . It states it’s “the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people using email”. Also, you may hear, email marketing referred to as “opt in marketing” or interactive marketing Due to the relationship building techniques involved.

To really simplify things, as Jay a coach at WA, explains it…Email marketing is basically delivering email messages to people who have subscribed to your list and wants to hear more. These are people who have said yes to your emails.

Email marketing has ben around for years and still going strong. Regardless, of the latest trends, this is one trend that seems to linger, evidently because it works. One of the most powerful things about email marketing, is that it sets a stage, for your audience to know just how valuable you really are.


How does it work?

A person will usually lands on your website or specific blog post, landing page or lead capturing page and the process begins. Somewhere within the posted content, they’ll see a convincing offer, which gives them a chance to take advantage of something they really would love…In exchange for their email, name or more information. I like to refer to this step as the “Enticer” step, where you’re able to entice new subscribers to seek more value or information.

Initially, the less info. requested for the “trade off”  or exchange the better. It’s suggested to atleast ask for the name and the email. The names are great for personalizing each email. Personalization is a “biggee” when it comes to email marketing today.

Remember, if they are asked to give up too much of their personal information (like mailing address, telephone number, etc., or “life’s history”,( lol)..they might feel that’s  too pushy for starters and move on. Don’t worry over time, the ones who are most serious will likely stay, giving you a chance to learn more in depth. Finally, there’s usually a confirmation/courtesy page or “thank you” page.  At this point, the subscription permission is confirmed and the person is thanked.  .

How It Used To Work: On A One Way Street

It Worked Like This:    ===>>  Bold Statement ==>> Arrow ==>> Opt In Video or ===>> A Bulleted List

Back in the day, ole schoolers may remember email marketing as a spunky, blingy landing page.  Often, enticing the reader with lots of hype, promises and exciting value to follow.  Then there was this, huge colorful arrow pointing down at an email request box, positioned to construct a huge list of interested followers.

Yes, followers who would eventually receive a series of automated email, better known as campaigns. Which were geared to establish a relationship, likability and trust.  The most crucial thing, to point out that was wrong with this picture, was the fact that, the source leader made it a “one way street”.

Meaning, they mainly provided their audience with an array of awareness; content and offers; But in return, hardly opened a door, for the audience to reach out to them with further questions, concerns and interactions. Now, I’m sure there were always a small niche of marketers doing it right, but I’m, specifically referring to the majority who didn’t know any better.

Note: You want to know, something even sadder…It yet exists even today. Come to think of it, I still run into lots of hype, bling-bling attraction and more. I don’t know, I assume some mis-guided systems take longer to change. The good news, is no one has to do this, to get more readership and optins. Just learn the right way to stand out from the crowd in your market, so let’s dig deeper…..


How It Should Work Today: A Two Way Street

Today, it really should be more about  personalization and relationship exchange, that’s when you are presenting the opportunity for your followers to mingle with you.  The communication should be spooned between you and your followers on a continuous basis. Imagine, being the sole giver of your content and never knowing how your followers really feel about anything.

The only gauge you would possibly have is the subscribe/unsubscribe ratio, in which many unsubscribe could be avoided.  Just think how wonderful it would feel, to have people communicating with you about their wants, needs, and biggest challenges. You could then provide them more targeted, concrete and valuable information. Whether it’s email marketing or just whatever, interacting with others is the way to go.

Why Should You Start Email Marketing?

  1. It’s a fantastic way to establish  a relationship with your audeince.
  2. It establishes likability, loyalty and trust.
  3. It is a great way to share updates and announcements.
  4. It’s works great as a follow up tool.
  5. It’s great for branding. Regardless, of the niche, email (interactive) marketing seems to work.

Primary Goals of Email Marketing: Interactive Marketing

Build A Niche Audience Through Your Subscribership- The best way to soar toward this goal, is to provide valuable, interesting, entertaining, thought provoking and interactive information to your audience. Always remember, It’s  not about pitching anything to your audience. There’s a difference in pitching info verses… Informing or helping people in your niche. Pitches usually destroys the relationship with your audeince. But the power of informing, awareness and encouraging feedback from your audience is most useful. Because it helps you to become more in sync with everyone, and consistently steers you in the right direction. It creates a more serious and loyal relationship.

Building A Relationship-  Building a relationship with your readers can be compared in some aspects, to that of dating. For instance, in the beginning, the dating partners are attracted due to certain qualities and what deems value per their standards.  As time progress, if the relationship is a match,  nutured and attended as needed, it will likely grow into something more. All the while, various avenues of value is the key factor to the growth of that relationship. Even in some cases, the “love” affair can lead to marriage connection. Similar, with email marketing, the audience gets to know, like and trust you due to the great value given. Soon, in depth connections are made via the nuturing and continuous value, and the rest is history. Can you now see, how this comparison comes to mind and works as a primary goal, when it comes to eamail marketing?


Positioning As An Expert In Your Niche-  The value you give the audience in your niche will position you as the “go to ” person or the expert in your niche. Now, how powerful is that? Again, it’s most crucial to engage with your readers. Allow your readers to have a say. You can easily ask questions they sparks up responses. You can introduce periodically surveys, you can include personalized video messages to get the sparks going. When it comes to engaging content, just make it appealing, interesting and fun laced with the “V” word…Value.


So, What Do You Think…Are You Ready For This?

Hopefully, if you are totally new to the world of “Email Marketing”…You will by now have keen knowledge of how it all works. If you are already doing this, how do you like it? Is it looking promising? And if you’re thinking about doing this, what are your thoughts? Are you excited about the potential power of email marketing? By now you may have heard cliches like “The foretune is in the list” or another fave “Your network is your networth”…My take on these cliches is that, they both may hold great truth and power, when email marketing is done the right way. With that said, I’m pitching the final ball right back to you…What do you think?




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