So, by now, most have heard of an online business, but may not have the foggiest clue where to begin.  So in this post, I will make mention of a few popular business models.

However,  first you make the decision to simply begin the online business journey.  Next, you condition yourself to become positive, persistence, and ready to welcome change.  Also think outside the box if necessary.  Do a quick mental inventory, by asking yourself…

Am I ready to create a successful future for myself, love ones/family?  Or, Am I ready to begin this journey, by eliminating all fears due to what has and needs to be done?   You see, when purpose becomes more powerful than any fears that surface; That’s how you know for sure, you’ve entered the “No Fear Zone” …Congrats.

For now, let’s just explore a few online business options, that requires little to nothing to get you up and going on your new journey.  There are tons of online business models to help accomplish this feat.  But you’ll need to know which model works best for you.

Are you more of the outgoing type of person…Or like networking with the world? Or are you more on the introverted side, that is you like, dealing less with others directly but like dealing with people in a more “laid back” kind of way?  What things do you enjoy doing most or less?  You see, what works best for one, or is better tailored for one, may not necessarily be your favorite.


When you make the right choice for yourself, there’s a better chance you will stick with it (because you love it), and feel driven by purpose, to build a great business. Now, can you see why it’s crucial to find the best fit?  That’s why,  it’s crucial to find the best fit for you.

Now, Let’s Take A Peek At A Few  Online Business Models:

Note: Easiest definition to define business model- The way you do business; How you plan to earn .

Blogging Business Blogs are great platforms to build a brand or promote your business.  A blogging platform helps to introduce you as a thought leader in your industry.  It helps you voice your opinions, giving you the chance to  build likability, trust and credibility.

With a blog you are going to want to push, great quality content to your desired audience, to keep them coming back for more.  Your goal is also to build relationships with your readers and encourage feedback and interactions. It takes time, persistence and effort to properly grow a successful blog platform. But it’s well worth the benefits that usually comes over time.

Once you have built a productive and ever growing platform, the sky is the limit.  Your blog also gets a chance to ride on the “Search Engine Optimization” float. Yes, search engines are always crawling to digest great quality optimized content, this rewards your business more visibility or exposure. This may be a great option to consider.

Affiliate Marketing Business- Becoming an affiliate, has many advantages.  Which is a person that earns, by promoting other people/company products and services.  This is considered one of the number one (online) models, because the person has no inventory or products to store.  There is little to absolutely no over head cost to worry about. All the major functions necessary to maintain a business is done by the affiliate companies.  So there is no need to worry about major business risks.  People who choose this model, are often provided with free marketing tools and resources to grow their business by the affiliated company or person.  It may benefit you to grab your own website domain though, to house and share your affiliate links/offers from.  

There are many platforms to choose from when it comes to deciding to operate from this model.  It is recommended with this model, that people find a “hot” market, that is people out there in the market place, who are desperately looking for a solution for an existing need or problem.  

It’s also recommended that people choose a certain type or (niche) product or service that, they would love promoting to in the chosen audience. There are many platforms that allow affiliates, to parade through many niches, when it comes to choices, such as Amazon, Ebay, Click Bank, ShareaSale, C J Affiliates, Rakuten Marketing and so many more. This affiliate business option may be well worth looking into, for those wanting to start an online business.

Coaching/Consultant Business- If you are passionate about helping others based on your priceless experience, acquired skill-set, or knowledge in a certain industry, then this model may be worth looking into further. As a coach, you can help people to gain more determination, focus and clarity in their business. As a consultant, you can help people develop the right skills needed to build and grow their business.  Never under-estimate the power of knowledge and knowing the right and most productive ways of “slaying the giant” in a chosen industry.  

Showing and teaching people how to do things the right way;  Then leading them to a place of accountability and action…Is one of the main things needed to prevent people from failing in the business world.

You see, what good is a business that merely exist, but is not able to perform or stand up to the demands of the market place? In a saturated (full) market such as Coaching/Consulting…One of the wisest things to do to succeed in this market is to niche your market. Yes, by serving a niche group of people with a specified need is how you slay this market.

E-commerce Business– This one is similar in nature, to the title “Online Business/E-Business” but one thing to point out is that an E-commerce Business deals specifically with the “buying and selling” position. Quickest definition for ecommerce, is simply selling products/goods online.  Although, this model can be synced into the many platforms you frequent online with your niche audience.  

Already, it’s reported that 80% of the web population have made purchases online and growing by the minute, that’s quite interesting. Business trends have drastically changed. It’s a makes good sense, to pay attention to this booming business model. 

E-book Business-  This one is certainly not new to many already on the scene, but may be worth it for anyone interested in creating information and promoting it to a particular audience. The name “E-book” is short for electronic books,which is an electronic version of a traditional book, but can be read using a computer, i-pad, kindle, i-phone, android and more devices, you name it.

There are tons of information seekers online, so if you’re able to serve a specific group of people, with information that solves the solution to their needs or wants, then you may love this model. Also, another big key, will be knowing how to market your informational products to boom your business. After you’ve learned the skill of publishing and marketing ebooks; You’re then ready to teach your marketable skill to others. You could even create an e-book that teaches this skill.

Virtual Assistant- This model works best for those with administrative or clerical skills.  Of-course due to technology and  “ever growing” rises concerning technology, these days, general technical skills is helpful. But it all depends on the type of services your’e good at, and which administrative skill(s) you feel most comfortable helping others with. Remember, to see every day as a beginning and adventure, to learn new skills to super-sized the skills you’ve already mastered. There’s a niche of small businesses and people circulating, who would love to have a great team of virtual assistants to help leverage business.

Regardless, of which model you think is best or not for you.  It’s important to know, it’s all about a comfortable fit and doing what you’ll be most passionate about.  It can’t be emphasized enough, that is, by doing the things you care about the most, will help you to stick things out.  So, once you have entered the no fear zone, and believe that no fears are greater than your passion to succeed…You’re already much further along the journey than many without this concept. If you’re not feeling these model, that’s okay, there are tons of things to do online, just take your time and explore the things you feel a great connection with. You will be fine, all the best on your journey.

If you can think of other online businesses to get started for newbies; Go ahead and share your thoughts. So what do you think? “Share Below”