This info is mainly for online newbies but feel free to tag along if you’re not. If you are new to working or earning online, you may or may not know the importance of a website. Also, it’s important to know all about domains and why they’ll crucial for ultimate success of your website. Due to the possibility that most newbies, have different levels of knowledge and skillsets, when it comes to doing business on the internet. I will start, as if it’s fresh and new to you. The focus intended is to learn more about domains and why they are crucial. So let’s get started.

First… Importance of A Website

First of all, if you’re promoting any products, services, brands, hobbies or just whatever you feel is most important to you online; It will certainly benefit you to have both a website and domain. A website is the foundation of your online business. It contains specific information, on a collection of pages… Provided by a single entity or person that tracks to a url, known as uniform resource locator. Now, a website is a great start in the right direction. Just make sure to have your website up and ready for real action by owning a domain. Otherwise, your website may be a “home/hub” on the web, that doesn’t attract any or enough targeted visitors.

What Is A Domain?

Now let’s quickly define and better understand the word domain.  Wikipedia terms a domain as, “an identification string that deines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the internet.” But you may understand it better this way… Think of your website as your “home” on the internet… And think of your domain as the address needed to get to your home.  Now, do you see how it all comes together? Without an address/domain, many visitors you’d love to see, would possibly never find your home/website.

What Makes A Domain Crucial?

It is important to have a domain, most commonly identified with a (dot. com, dot org, dot net, dot biz, dot etc)…at the end.  When you have a domain, you’re taken more seriously by others. It’s like making a statement to the world, that you’re deeply concerned about your cause.   Now let’s go ahead, and list a few more reasons a domain is crucial:

1. It draws specific attention and awareness to your platform. It will attract targeted traffic.

2. It helps to brand you and/or your business. It gives you “stage presence” to boom on the web.

3. You’re usually given an email address that syncs with the domain name/website, which really comes across as clear cut, and professional.


Why You Need Your Very Own Domain?

When you have set up a website on someone else domain, you do not have full rights and privileges of everything you do. At anytime the administrator in charge, can penalize, ban or totally get rid of all of your hard-earned content on the site. In actuality, it may be fair to say, your full access and abilities are somewhat limited. If you seriously, want to be an owner with maximum access, control and power, then you may want to direct your attention toward the consideration of a domain.

Choosing A Useful Domain Name

If you are rather new to this, when it comes to naming your domain, here are a few tips to be considered:

1. Think of a name, that’s rather short and will be easy for people to remember. You see, when it’s easy to remember, it makes it easier to be found.

2. Also, make sure the name is relevant, to your interest, business or brand. The more it relates to the things you do, the better.  It will be received with higher rankings by the search engines per optimization.  It may even help to highlight your niche. This should be one of your main goals. So, go ahead, and brainstorm names that reflect your brand or what you do.

3. Simplify the process, by using words most people can relate and better understand. Also, use words that are not likely to be misspelled easily.  Try using the word instead of numbers. For instance, instead of using the name “1 Stop Photography”… Try the word(s) “One Stop Photography”. Steer away from slang words, that may cause confusion in usage. If it’s possible, avoid the hyphens. If you verbally announce your site, people may forget the hyphens when texting into the search engines.  In comparison, names without hypens tend to be of more value than those without.  It may help to remember, simplification over-rules complication, when it comes to making things easier.

4. Optimize It- Try to include “keywords” into the name, because this is a great way to become search engine friendly. That is to, use some of the words, that people will use in the search entries, during an actual search. For instance, if you are a personal fitness trainer for men specifically. Instead of using “, a better option would be “”. I know the name unfortunately, is longer than suggested, but it should get better positioning on those search engines. Also, this is an example of optimization, for those fairly new to this term.

5. Brand Appeal- This process of naming will depend solely on your purpose. Let’s say you have already built a booming name or image; Then it could make perfect sense to choose a valid branded name, to represent your domain. At this point, evidently you already have a slew of followers, waiting to find your hub on the world wide web, so why not sync this wonderful advantage? Or maybe, you have not yet, fully promoted your brand, but know it will be a success, no doubt… It is still your choice to do this.  You will be on a great road to executing the type of effort that rewards success.

Your Turn

Hopefully, the two biggest “takeaways” here, is that you’ve gained a better understanding of what a domain is… And why it’s so crucial to have, especially when it comes to awareness, branding and business. So now, here’s where I need your help. Explain exactly how you feel, concerning the importance of owning a domain… Or what I like to refer to as an online address?  What are your experiences or thoughts?





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