Name: Monat Hair Care Products

Model: Direct Sales (MLM)


Start Date: October 2014

Owners: Alocora Corporation: Florida (USA)

Founder and Chairman: Luis Urdanet and son Rayner/CEO

Overall Rank: 52 out of 10


Monat Product Overview

Monat actually stands for “modern nature” due to its line of pure and natural products. The company main highlighter, is the claim that their products are pure and safe. They have a wide range of products tailored for most any hair type. They also cater their products to the entire family. Also, the company tends to introduce new items to check out quite often.

They indicate, what sets their botanical brand apart from some of the others, is their formulations that makes the natural based ingredients harmonize, rather compliment each other. Which also “pump up their natural properties” that makes Monat more unique, rather takes them to another level.

Science Behind Monat’s Product

Let’s used an example product given, one of their more popular, rather signature items “Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive” … It is claimed to have 13+ molecular ingredients including… Antioxidants, Beta-carotene, minerals, vitamins, omega-6 fatty acids, amino acids, nutrients, that’s agreeable with all hair and skin types.

They claim their ingredients are proven to mimic the body’s natural oils, prevent oxidative stress, hair thinning, and shine and volume. Indicating Rejuveniqe’s properties rehabilitate and energize the scalp, and repairs the hair with anti aging benefits.

They state Capixyl (which is an ingredient) powered with the Red Clover Extract (an emollient that hydrates the scalp) helps to stimulate natural hair growth. Claiming their clinical results proves there’s a great decrease in hair loss, however there tends to be an increase in hair regrowth. And the results have proven higher than, that of other leading rejuvenating brands.

The Product No’s

Since they inform their viewers of the some of the ingredients that make their product different from others. They are “hard-pressed” rather proud to make you aware of there list that indicates… All the missing bad ingredients that you’ll find in many unnatural (unsafe) brands. So here is their “Monat Nos” list:

No Parabens – could be linked to chronic disorders

No Sulfates- irritating to skin and scalp

No DEA/ MEA- can be irritating to skin and eyes and could be linked to chronic disorders

NoPhthalates- long- term exposure could be toxic

No PEG- can be linked to chronic disorders

No Phenoxyethanol- can be irritating to the eyes and skin

No Ethanol- can be drying to the hair and cause frizz and damage

No Petrochemicals- can coat the hair shaft causing moisture loss and suffocation of the shaft

No Glutens- can cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals

No Sodium Chloride- can build up tissues and cause toxicity

No Harsh Salt System- can cause dryness and dehydration

No Harmful Colors- can be toxic to skin and scalp and linked to chronic disorders

No Harmful Fragrances- can be irritating and linked to chronic disease


The Business Opportunity

Monat opens their doors to people who would love to promote their products for a business profit. They claim for $99.00 (USD) and $125.00 (CAD) and an annual renewal fee costing $19.95, that you can get up and going with your own business.

They offer to give you an initial Monat Starter Kit, that will include your marketing material, product samples to share with others, and training material. There is also an opportunity fot you to come in as a Monat Market Partner, in which you can buy a product pack for $299.00 to get going.

The Compensation

First of all be aware, when it comes to compensation, that Monat has a unilevel MLM pay structure, which allows you to earn a percentage and commission depending on your work effort. In order to receive affiliate commission, you can join as an affiliate partner on their site.

Monat offers several ways to receive earn from Monat:

Managing Market- You can earn 10% on level 1 and 3% on 2nd unilevel

Associate Market Builder- You can earn 12% on level 1… 1% and 5% on 2nd unilevel

Market Builder – You can earn 12% on level 1… 6% on level 2 and 3% on level 3rd unilevel

Managing Market Partner- You can earn 12% on level 1… 7% on level 2… then 5% on level 3… and 3% on level 4 of the unilevel

The sales commissions range up to 40%… You can also earn per qualifying ranks.

Note: As with most any mlm company of this kind, the best way to up your percentages, is to have the success ability to move products, whether you are buying per month for yourself or solely to sell to others… In addition, to your ability to refer others/ bring others into the business. Then teach your referrals how to do the same thing that you’ve learned to do to become productive with it.



Monat has done a phenomenal and great job getting off to a roaring start in 2014; Also for a fairly young company, they have turned heads in the industry and have received honorable mentions from the very start.

They claim their products are pure and natural and some even vegan based: Must give props to any company making efforts to give consumers healthier options. Also it is a great niche, that fills a desperate need for a specific audience.

According to their compensation plan, their Rank Advancement Bonuses, appear to be satisfying. Especially if you were to rank as, Senior Executive Director, or their Executive Director. Also, the higher you can rank with the company, the better your commission or percentage will be.

This is a doable business (partnership) that you can work from your own desired location and set your own hours and time to work. it. Their business model allows you a chance to recruit others as leaders and make passive income off the efforts of your team.


Concerning the products to be sold– There are several circulating reports from individuals claiming, specific products has either damaged their hair or taken it out. There are questionable claims about a few of the naturally claimed ingredients.

For instance, in their “Monat Revive Shampoo” lists “fragrance” as an ingredient. Since the FDA does not require companies to disclose the ingredients of their “fragrances” there’s a possibility… Their fragrances are derived from some form of chemical or unnatural agent.

Some consumers have claimed, the products themselves are too high… And claim consumers may experience similar effects when (comparably) bought from other competing stores.

Concerning the business opportunity– Many people not familiar with MLM structures: You may have to educate them to convince them, that it’s not a pyramid or scam. In order to actually make more, you may have to not only sell the products, but constantly recruit new people to do the business.

All sponsors, as with any mlm business are not “created equally” when it comes to leading others… So you stand a chance of signing up with someone who is not as supportive as others.

The business compensation plan is rather lengthy with lots of terms/logo to understand. Most of the people making money, are the ones with the higher rankings.

You will have to understand that, starting off, (depending on your work and effort and expertise), you may make nothing, a little or more. It really is not a myth that most people in MLM’s fail. There are like 3-5% of people who really make enough to slay.


Considering, all the research and knowledge collected, I’ve reached a final verdict toward Monat. I suspect it is definitely a legitimate company. As far as the ethics of the company goes, I’ve heard the good and the bad. But as far as the bad goes concerning ethics… Some companies actually do earn their name for being bad.

Fortunately, I don’t feel this is the case with Monat. I have concluded, that they are a company that is striving for improvements. In spite of the claims about people not getting their money back (that I noticed from the ripoff reports)… It all depends on the circumstances involved.

As far as the claims, of people hair falling out… That is very disheartening, but again it also depends on the involving circumstances. Also, it should be noted, even if the products are pure and natural… There are yet possibilities that people may actually be allergic to some natural sources.

I just wouldn’t be too quick to badger a company that aims to erase some of the impurities in our products these days, even if they are suspected one or two “unfavorable” ingredients. What’s worse, shampoo knowingly laced with strong chemicals?

As far, as the mlm side of things…. I definitely feel this will go over mostly to a certain niche of people who “swear” by the mlm model. Either you’d like the model or you won’t in most instances. However,

My Recommendations

I do feel companies that allow people to sample first… Stands to benefit the most. These are the type of companies or platforms, that will allow you to sample the product or service first. These are the companies that wants you to feel “you’ve nothing to lose”… So they will always allow you to become the judge and jury concerning the product/service without anything to risk.

As you may or may not know, one of the best ways to earn online is as an affiliate. If you want to start an online business, where you are shown exactly how to become successful with it. I recommend you join a free community, with a platform that teaches you how to do it. After researching and exploring several, this is my top recommendation. Enter Wealthy Affiliate.


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