As a baby boomer, if you think it’s too late in life to start a business that you can be passionate about, then you might want to sit down and think again.  Especially, if you think your increasing age has become a factor, or you feel that age is no longer on your side, then this “read” has your name written all on it.  So, may I have your undivided attention, to spread awareness to you. As long as,  the good Lord gives you the mental and physical strength and determination;  You can follow  your “heart” and passion, it’s never to late to shake the universe.

The mind is a powerful tool. Your mind actually shares center “stage” with this amazing word called “Choices”.  It’s also about choice.  Mentally, when you’ve decided,  you’d release the “stinky thinking” that age is a barrier to your success. You are then ready to explore the avenues that can take you to it’s destination. Enough said, on mind power and choices. Let’s move on….


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What or Who Are Baby Boomers?

A demographic group of people borned during World War 2, between the years of 1946 through 1964, which makes people borned in this period, for this present year of 2017, between the  ages of 53 and 71. During this period, babies were being borned like crazy!  Just think, it was recorded, that more than 4 million babies were borned every year from 1954 up till 1964…Wow, that was a lot of babies, no wonder the name, baby boomers got started! Ofcourse, this group are no longer babies, but a big segment of the population still…Awesome.

Baby Boomers Are On It…

It’s amazing how the rate of  “baby boomers” daily are stepping aboard to join the world of business, that offers entrepreneurship and more.  The boomers are making it happen. Even the “boomers” who’ve tried their “wings” at business back in the day and stopped… Have decided to get up and try again.

Baby boomers are smarter than ever. They have learned from many failures in life and realize the value of all the wisdom and lessons learned from each failing moment.  Let’s just say many have “failed forward” and ready to finally make a mark and leave a favorable legacy for all to admire.  There’s a powerful niche of baby boomers who are versatile to changes and ready to challenge and explore every phase of technology in the updated market place.

Life Lessons Have Made Them UnStoppable

The boomers are many time under-rated in the eyes of some.  But the truth of the matter, is the fact that many are more in tune with nature, mentality and physical health.  Some are actually living much longer than the norm, tell me how great is that?

In all honesty, I can’t do nothing but give my “heart” to the baby boomer generation. Baby boomers have gone through the ice and the fire. They have experience the sun and the rain. The lessons from life has made them strong and many have become unstoppable. This is an amazing era, I tell you.

The Sacrifice

For many the struggle has been real.  Can you imagine, what it’s like to sacrifice your hard earned dimes, for the success of others you love dearly instead?  Many boomers have worked a J-O-B for many years and routed most of their hard earned income to paying bills and taking care of the family wants and needs.

There may have been times when boomers,  have even,  held back on doing things for themselves, for the sake of pleasing love ones.  But all too soon, the beautiful kids grow up to become teens from another planet?  As for the boomers without kids, many adopted those nieces/nephews/ and neighboring kids along the way. (Some did not, but chose to roll solo instead, lol)… ‘Salute”

Powerful Breed

Boomers have made all types of sacrifices, for real.  But, I can’t leave out the boomers who’ve raised their set of kids… Then due to some circumstance or the other, had to start all over again, raising their very own grand kids… Wow, I salute.  It’s more courage and strength then I could ever imagine having to withstand.  But, unless the moment personally occurs, who can really say what they’ll do? The power of love is strong and amazing.

Note: I actually wanted to throw a praise party after I was done raising my last kid.  Seriously, every mom whose successfully raise kids deserve a “Mom’s Award”.    Although, they will always be my lovable offsprings…The raising part is ova! “The moma knows less stops right here or try you’re too Old to Understand…LoL”

So, as far as I’m concerned, every mom or dad who is standing up “filling in the gaps” and raising kids all over again (grand kids), from the depth of my heart, I pray and salute your strength, love and courage.

Almost Forgot….Quick Recall

I remember, once a lady, explained how she adored me loving my kids… But she said love them hard as you can while you can, because they will flip the script if you bat your eyes too long when they’re older. I promise you, I hadn’t a clue, what she was getting at and thought “that was not a nice thing to say”…But a funny thing happened.

One day, that lady’s word came to haunt me with a vengeance as  “I told you so”. She hit the nail on the head. Finally “I got it” she was actually giving me the “heads up”… It hit home and I finally understood.

Boom This… Matrimony or  Divorce

Then there’s the “spousal ground”…It’s a job within itself at times, to keep those matrimony “fire places” beautiful and lit. Some boomers have held it down with a spouse for years on end.

However, some have actually experienced the flip, and went through the divorce cycles and in a weird kind of way, became some of the strongest, courageous and most beautiful boomers you’ll ever want to meet (try sitting and listening to their stories) the lessons of life will amaze you.


The Savings

As not to mention the word “savings”… Some have struggled but managed to earn more by investing into stocks, bonds, and 401K plans. But let’s not forget the college savings/funding for the kids, emergency savings for that rainy day, and the openings of retirement saving account.

Now let’s do the math. The investments for instance, like the 401K sounds great, especially if your company did a dollar/dollar match. Even the stocks and bonds were a really good march in the right direction.  But remember, the mentioning of that “rainy day”… That day in life we all dread, when that big catastrophe of life happens and runs through that savings route like a tsunami or earthquake has hit.

As we mature, we can see some things, but the beauty of it all is there are always some type of lesson of caution, strength or wisdom to be learned.  The feeling, saving and maintaining every penny

hose to blame them? For years most, have worked and toiled to make ends meet.  Many have financially sacrificed hours of work on end to provide for the sake of their family and loved ones.


Retirees Are Welcoming The Space

Many boomers, if not already are starting to think really hard about retiring.

They are ready and welcoming the space or time that’s going to allow them to finally build and hone their own dreams. Some boomers so get it, that becoming an entrepreneur and having their own stuff is the way to go.  So yes, many are definitely considering to keep a tight grip of the “cash” tree…Especially, due to the economy, steadily crashing and falling. Honestly, how many can walk away, due to a wealthy “nest” that’s going to enable them to live a rich, prosperous and enjoyable lifestyle until it’s over?  Maybe some can finally sit back, travel, buy the dream car and spend the rest of their days maxing and relaxing, depending on the individual’s take on success.


But Let’s Get Real….Not All Boomers Are Ready To “Sit It Down” Or Welcome The Space

Some boomers, have learned late, but atleast they have learned…That they’ve went about it all wrong.  Some have realize they have spent too much time living and working the dreams of others rather than their own.  They have learn how the system, was never really designed to make them and the family, wealthy enough to be set for life. They have learned, after a majority of a life span basically, how the system was evidently destined to fail. The system has appeared to take way more than it’s given, many baby boomers so get that now. But they maintained the faith to work hard and push forward. The greatest thing is, many have only used the “weakness” of the system to make them stronger and beat all odds. They have realized that it’s way better following their dreams late, than never at all.

The Solution…That Has Caused Baby Boomers To Slay This!

The problem(s) are kind of obvious bloopers and mistakes in life, that’s all…we’ve all made them at some point.   That’s okay, as the main thing is what happens in the “now”…the slogan “time waits for no one” has never seem truer. But, it’s not too late to live a life of purpose and set a legacy that follows. It is not to late to find the things to do that you are most passionate about and start living your dreams.  The solution for it all…Is called Knowledge.  You will need the right platform that teaches you everything you’ll need to know from A-Z.  By accessing knowledge, the right training, persistence and action, you’re on your way.  So, after knowing the way or what it takes to follow your heart…From that point it’s all up to you, your why’s, your drive, your persistence.


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