This review concerns the Scentsy business opportunity.  I will attempt to inform you of many things you may like to know about the company Scentsy; To help you make an informed decision concerning this company. You should discover information that covers some of your biggest concerns such as the company’s length of service, brief history, pay structure, and much more. Hopefully, you’ll know by the end of this review whether Scentsy is worth the money. There is lots to explore about Scentsy, so put your “reading cap” on and  let’s get started.


Scentsy Review: Scentsy Business Opportunity

Name: Scentsy


Global Prices: In U.S  $99.oo (Plus S/H Cost)


Originators: Kara and Colette (2003)

Owner Names:  Orville and Heidi Thompson (2004/Bought Business)

Based In:  Meridian, Idaho

Structure:  Direct Saless/ Party Plans/ MLM

Overall Rank: 44 out of 100


Brief History

To better understand the gist of the Scentsy business opportunity in this review, let’s first dig into a quick history of this entire scentsy concept.  It all started with a mom, by the name of Kara Egan.  Kara was motivated after watching, Oprah Winfrey, “Millionaire Mom Show” to come up with something people would amazingly love.  She came up with a great idea, to create non-toxic, safe fragrances, that smelled heavenly that consumers would safely enjoy. In turn, they worked on

At some point, Kara’s sister in law, Colette Gunnell joined in her venture to create candles without the wick, that would prove safer and of more quality than the traditional wick candles.  Scentsy was borned and set to boom. Speaking of boom, in 2004, A brilliant guy, Orville Thompson met the ladies, at a home show in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was thrilled about the products…introduced the products to his wife. His wife,  Heidi, eventually fell in love with the entire business concept.

The Thompsons bought the business from these ladies. It’s reported that even after selling the business. Kara and Colette, yet remained loyal.  They claimed to be top leaders and on the board on the Thompson’s  Scentsy business. Scentsy really took off for Orville and Heidi and became quite successful.

Since 2004, Scentsy growth plummeted from a small shipping area into a huge empire it seems…It’s spread covers not only the U.S but New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.  The headquaters or home office, “Scentsy Commons” is located, on a 73 acre campus (possibly more) in Meridian, Idaho.

Success Honorable Mentions… In accordance to DNS stats:

*  In 2015, they ranked 43 out of 100 : Averaging 429 million

*  In 2016, they ranked 42  out of 100:  Averaging 456 million

*  In 2017, they ranked 44 out of  100:  Averaging 468 million


Scentsy Product Overview

Originally, Scentsy products are widely known for their  wickless candles.  But, they produce scented warmers along with the wax, which diffuse the scent, so there’s no need of lightening up a candle, referred to as flameless candles.  They also have many other products…

Like scented buddy clips, scented items for kids, uniquely crafted diffusers, personal care items, laundry & cleaning items laced with their fragrances, and 100% essential oils. All their items are pleasantly scented, which represents the very essence of their name and brand.

By the way, their home fragrance items and wickless candles are said to be made from their major manufacturing facility, in Meridian, Idaho (U.S.).  They also seem to pride themselves of, having skilled artisans employed by their manufacturing partner, that is located in China.

They claim their goal, is to produce the highest quality and possibly longest lasting scents when it comes to a fragrance experience. One product claim, that really stands out is, their ability to work with many fragrant houses, having access to well over 3,000 raw ingredients and materials.

Stating these materials are carefully inspected to meet quality control standards (safe and non toxic if inhaled)… In addition to that, having their own initial scent selecting committee that works with the various fragrance houses used.

Scentsy Business Opportunity

Their mission statement  indicates, they bring value to the world by providing, a family friendly business opportunity to others. They boost up the entrepreneurial spirit by sharing a remarkable story of how their business dream, saved them from the grips of bankruptcy.

Scentsy offers a way for the general public to earn money, as a consultant.  Within, their International Marketing platform, they total well over 100,000 consultants .  According to their website, if you would like to become a scentsy consultant, it’s recommended that you sign up through one of their active consultants.

On the site, they explain how it works in three steps: 

1) Sign Up…by reaching out to a sponsors

2) Plan Your Launch Party…By announcing to people what you do

3) Start Selling and Earning…To rack up the points for your trip and bonuses

Or another way they simplify your getting start with this company, which is more of a recap: By picking a sponsor to enroll. By choosing a starter kit, they have choices with different amounts. By booking your launching party. Then comes the training center, they encourage you to stay connected and ask questions.

Now Let’s See What Goes On Behind The Simplification Of Starting Up: Is Scentsy worth the money…Quite Reasonable?

How Much Does It Cost?

They state the starter kit, which starts at $99.00 will usually serve to get you going right away.  They usually offer an enhancement kit, which has more, but will also cost more. For example, the enhanced kit which included a diffuser in Aug. 2017 was priced at  149 dollars with an array of items. They are known to run specials periodically, that financially, helps both the seller and the customers.

You’ll seldomly see the higher kit ($149) advertised to the public, they mainly highlight the cheaper 99 bucks kit., which is their (default) most affordable kit offered.  Since this is a global company, the start up prices and kits may vary, depending on the country or location in the world.  Usually, the shipping fee is like $10 bucks (U.S) plus your state tax fee.

Note:  There’s the “Shooting Star Enhancement” kit which you can qualify to get, within the first 15 days, that helps you to learn more in full details about the incentive in their starter guide.

Starting Positions, Ranks & Commission

Generally, you’ll start off as an essential consultant…To completely qualify, you must be at-least 18 years old or older. You must be a legal citizen in your qualifiable region.


Essential Consultant– Before we get started, let me explain a few terms to you.   Whenever you see PVR, it’s their abbreviation for “Personal Retail Volume” which is made per actual sells.  Personal Retail Volume is what you are paid or simply how many points you may earn on your item sales. 1 PVR is equivalent to $1 dollar…therefore 200 PVR is really the same as saying $200 dollars.

Here’s an example of item sales payment….If a customer pays $40.oo plus shipping/handling fees; Then you are going to get paid 20% off that $4o.oo dollars.  Okay, another way of looking at this, is that you will have 40 PVR points. Let’s do the math, so 20% of that 40 would come to $8 (eight) dollars. Hope this make it clearer.


Certified Consultant Level-  Happens when you get 1,000 PRV or Personal Retail Volume as a Essential Consultant  The income commision is 25% on Personal Retail Volume, or what they call PRV.

Here’s an example given, let’s say a consultant goes out and get 1,000 PRV (personal retail volume) …Over any time period, then she/he will get promoted to “Certified Consultant. Then they can get 25% in commission.


Lead Consultant- Qualification includes 500 PRV (personal retail volume) for the month:  Get 1000 points in Group Wholesale Volume (GWV):  One active front line Essential Consultant/Director.  Income…

You get 25% on Personal Retail Volume (PRV).  You get a 2% bonus on PWV (personal wholesale volume) and 2% bonus on front line essential…Or Certified Consultant Team Wholesale.

Note: Another way to get a great glimpse at how their consultants are fairing, is by checking out “Scentsy Income Disclosure” It seems the Directors, Star Directors and Super Star Directors are making the worthy income.


The Pros

1. Scentsy opens their doors to help others become Independent Consultants: Creating a sense of freedom in work and enriched lifestyle.  You are your own boss. You create your schedule. You somewhat call the shots

2. You are rewarded perks and bonuses for meeting and exceeding your sales requirements. Scentsy rewards their consultants for helping others join the vison and team (recruiters tend to make more) rather than just selling the products.

3. You get 3 free months access to your very own Scentsy website: Afterwards, you pay a reasonable $10 bucks to maintain your site.  A replicate website, where your customers can easily view products, buy and sign up as a consultant themselves.

4. With lots of work and dedication, you are able to advance in position by keeping your sales up and doing an exceedingly great job. As a result, when you rank those higher positions in the company, you can earn lots, simply through the multiplication, hard work and sweat from a productive downline/consultants.

5.  They have a training center, to help and  ensure potentials to become successful with the company.  The products smell great and may be a plus, when it comes to the possibilities, of you  wanting to order them for yourself each month.


The Cons

1. .Scentsy do not offer wholesale pricing/discount prices to their consultants as a seller’s benefit.  They only reward the peaks when the consultants specifically earns it. For instance,  maybe from a required revenue amount as a result of having a successful party. Most mlm and network marketing companies will offer wholesale (discounted) prices to their consultants.

2. The percentages or commission is given on the “low end” of the scale. You work hard for a low percentage and the company receives a killing. You receive the power of hope and the sponsor you sign up under may or may not be helpful and  supportive to you.  You will have a tri monthly sales quota to meet, or you could possibly lose your rights to continue to sell.

3. The business model is not that “internet friendly” they have lots of online restrictions that applies.  The products may sell better off line, at local parties, where people can actually smell and sample the product for themselves. You can recruit globally but you can’t sell globally.

4.  Old School Marketing Applies- You’re encouraged to make a list of 100 people…Including your family, friends, close contacts and associates. It may decrease the quality of relationships with your family and friends, due to the multi level marketing request per recruitments.

5. It’s a saturated market. Many of their ex consultants claim, their biggest challenges were, running out of people to market/sell to, because the markets in their local area were already full of consultants.  You may need extra training to learn how to handle a saturated market.

Note: You should take measurements  and exercise proper discretion when having parties at your home, including an influx of various people.  This is a new day and age. Execute a great and safe plan when it comes to your home parties.

Who Is Scentsy For?

The consultants are encouraged to start a list broken down into categories of groups of people they may know, such as:

Friends and Family          School Friends (self/kids)        Spouse network            People that love candles

Teachers                           Co-Workers                            Church Contacts           Business Contacts

Scentsy encourages their consultants to target basically any and everyone, as the tendency goes, you’re never know who will serve most valuable to buy the products, become a consultant or both.

Scentsy Tools and Training

Training starts after you’ve joined… You will hear from the corporate office, then hear many highly successful consultants share their success stories.  There are also facebook groups, weekly webinars and business calls to tune into. There are tons of videos to watch on the various video platforms.

There is the Scentsy workstation, which is there to specifically train and provide resources for the newbies.  Note- Depending on your Scentsy sponsor you may have more personalized training…Or more perks to take advantage of, for instance, some sponsors teach their teams how to market specifically online and to become more techie.

Also, it may be fair to say, that not all sponsors are created equally when it comes to passion of the business.  So it may be best to carefully interview, ask questions and compare the personal perks and benefits offered per sponsor. The biggest takeaway, when it incomes to tools and training though, should be the crucial requirement to get started inside the Scentsy workstation for proper guidance.

Scentsy Support

There are many avenues of support to access. There are group facebook groups. There are youtube videos, that not only applies to certain scentsy teams, but anyone team or anyone for that matter can effectively search and watch, most any video, with   several topics per listen.

Is Scentsy Legit?

Scentsy checks out as a legitimate opportunity in the MlM/Direct Sales sector.  It may be a feasible opportunity, if you are ready to exercise lots of passion, dedicated work. You never know, if you could become one of the top earners, at the top. Note, most consultants do better due to the recruiting side of the business. So if you do scentsy, you may fair better to sell and recruit, rather than to just do one or the other.

Final Opinion of Scentsy

With mlm’s and network marketing, you should be prepared to deal with attrition rates.  That is the rate that many people quit the business, due to not been able to recruit successfully as their sponsors, or they have a “build up” of products and not being able to move it. They may have limited their time to succeed and will walk away.

Since you’ll need to know how to work a party and a long list, I suggest this opportunity may be best for people who may already have a list of followers and influence.  If you enjoy “hunting” people down to do this business, then you may be in luck.

As far as the product, I’ve tried the products. Personally, I felt the product had a great scent, but was too steep in price for me to become a repeat buyer. I suggest if you do scentsy, you look to please a certain niche of people, specifically narrowing it ‘s demographics/ income brackets.

Personally, why I choose not to do Scentsy?

Although, the products smell and are great, I honestly didn’t feel I would have time to continuously direct/refer my downline to a method of selling I’m in totally disagreement with.  I don’t totally believe in the “old school” way of marketing/selling.

I have tried many mlm’s in the past and always dreaded having to invite my family, friends and co-workers, because either they’ll be interested; But many times tried being nice while asking about pyramid factors, or not being opened to understand the promotion structures.

Also, if after spending tons of time helping them, only for them to walk away. I concluded, it was not worth jeopardizing great relationships with family and friends.  Most consultants/ibo’s I knew were also struggling for years to even get close to making enough to help them erase the fake smiles.

Don’t get me wrong, I saw first hand where the model works; But it tended to work amazingly, only for  5% (if not less) of the consultants/independent business partners. Many I knew who wer making a tidbit of revenue, confessed they would average less than 300 bucks a year and some not even that.

But you’re always suppose to keep your pay status confidential and tell your downline, “Your pay may vary from others…Because it depends solely on you working ability and dedication.”….

However, after over 2 or 3 years and most can’t and refuse to last that long…People tend to drop off from your downline, period. Then you will make even less than that.

Let’s just say I never have like the theory of being the hunter…I believe in having the seriously niched people who need a product/ service to have the freedom to choose whatever they want by reaching out themselves.  My “looking” days are over…

Either people will find what I have to offer based on their needs/ wants, by searching and researching themselves.  That leverages the platform and makes it worth the work and sweat, my take. This is a new day and age when it comes to business.

My Recommendations:

Before, I traveled my success journey, I wish someone had educated me sooner, as to how to really make a business work, specifically online.  Regardless of the industry, your passion, your mlm business, being undecided but knowing you are ready to level up, without a lot of “failing forward”…In order to do become a true success.

You’ll have to,  buckle down and learn the whole nine yards of how to become successful. You’d need to know what those guys at the “top” are really doing. There is no way possible, they are telling you everything, because if so more of the population would be at the top right along with them.

Finally, some years back, I found a great community of top players in the business sector…Thank God.  Through a platform that teaches you how and expose all the correct methods that are working in today’s business industry. I have leveled up since and never looked back.

For those of you who are loyal, to your mlm positions…I would say keep doing what you do, be open to ways to become even greater in your field… So I would advise you as well to consider leveling up your existing business.

For anyone who would love to succeed (the right way) online..Like these guys at the top are doing this. I recommend you take a thorough look.

Here’s my best recommendation ==>> Business Community

Feel free to entertain your questions or concerns below: I will try answering in a timely fashion..God Bless. Thanks and “Be Great”





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