By now, you may or may not know the value in blogging for your business.  Lots of people in the business arena, have chose blogging as one of the major tools to build their business.  Ofcourse, a blog may be monetized for the maximum advantage, but the major reason it pays off to blog, is for the passion and love of it.  You see, when you choose a topic pertaining to your business, that you absolute love chatting about, you will become more energized to stick with blogging, on a continuous basis.  Also, it will become more appealing when your blog finally gain momentum and your audeince begin to interact with you. So just be patient when it comes to blogging, hang in there, try to enjoy the rhythm and flow of things.  Also, remember within time, the process of building and maintaing your blog will be well worth it.

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Do You know Where Your Target Audience Is?

Assuming, you’ve already identified “who” your target audience is, which happens to be, one of the first things needed to do, when starting your business. It will also help to know “where” your target audience hangs out.  In this case we’ll be pointing towards the online hang outs. There are tons of social platforms available for your audience to frequent. However, different niches or groups of people tend to choose specific hangouts of their choice. For instance, if you have a Photography business or Jewelry Business, you might discover that most people in your target audience, may be found over at Instagram, Pinineterst, Facebook…Because platforms like these are sometimes better designed for showcasers to blast and show off their work in a social and appealing way.

Most major platforms designed specifically for your business type, are all set to direct you to your target audience. You’ll just have to find the right social networks that works or perform best for your business type.  Another thing, to bear in mind, is that it’s better to work with a couple or one main platform rather than several at one time. That way it is easier, to successfully hone that “one” platform verses tons at one time. Yes, they do have platforms like “hootsuite” that will post to several platforms at once for you, but there actually are more and more platforms not so “auto-friendly” with such sites. There’s nothing as ful-filling as organically, working it yourself, in my opinion.

What Do I Blog About? 

Okay, when it comes to your business, simply think of everything your idea audience would love to know more about concerning the products or services you offer.  Find out the struggles or problems your audience face.  Then get started chatting/blogging by, giving valuable tips and advice, that will help your audience solve these problems.  You may be able to come up with tons of content on how to make things easier for them. Maybe you can come up with fresh new ideas to share, that your audience never even thought about. If you’re still “stumped” about where to begin: You can get a survey going to find out specfically what a certain percentage of your audience needs or want to learn more about. This way you can better decide, what you may need to address first with your blog content.  You may also, find out what people in your niche are most often searching for by accessing Google Trends. Generally, Google Trends help you to determine people’s “search” behavior and will give you a good idea on content useful to blog about. Last but not least, you can even “piggy back” new ideas by checking out other competitors in your industry. The ultimate goal of “piggy backing”, is striving to put out even more unique and appealing content of value.

How Do I Share My Content With Others?

Once you’ve written your content, you are then ready to share it with your targeted audience.  Simply shoot out your blog posts to all your chosen social networks, but make sure you’re doing it in a sociable way and it’s in sync with your chats.  You can convert your blog posts into content to use on your youtube channel, facebook live stream, twitter, Linkedin and more.  You can also use the same video as entries to empower your blog posts.  Are you able to see how inter-changeable content can be.  Simply, get creative with all the various ways to use one piece of content. Content actually can be a powerful leveraging tool as you can see.

So, Is Blogging Really Good For Business?

In closing, the original question asked was is…”Blogging Good For Business?”  After this discussion on blogging; Exactly what do you think about blogging in relations to your business. Do you think it is really good for your business?  If so in what way do you feel blogging can be useful to your business type? Just curious to know, I would love to hear your answers and don’t forget to share this with others.