I can remember training my favorite chow chow, Pepper. When she was a pup she was not given the proper love and attention by her owner. Yikes, she didn’t even have a real leash. Let’s just say her previous owner was not on my “happy list”.  It all, made it hard on Pepper coming into a new loving family who was over joyed to receive and love her.  Pepper was depressed. She did not move much. When she moved it was slowly. She was very wild when frightened and untamed.

Long story short, It was a period to nurture, love, and give Pepper the needed time to accept the love and disclipine she’d never received. Pepper was given the most beautiful puppy leash. She then learned how to go for fun walks. In lots of love and time, she became more disclipine. She started moving with “pep” in her step. Begin to play with our other dog. Begin to know the meaning of love and family. She was know longer wild, withdrawn and afraid. She was proud when leashed for walks and she was happily into Action! (lol)

I know by now, you’re wondering, what does this story have to do with a “dog-gonnit” business on a leash (lol)…First off, if you listened, thanks. It simply did my heart good to mention Pepper as she’s now deceased in love, though. Secondly, the nuturing, disclipine, and love techniques has a lot to do with the way a business is handled.

You see, in business it may sometimes, seem like a very un-tamed world, if you don’t know the full scope of things. That is, to make it run smoothly you will definitely need the right tools, knowledge and application of that knowledge to make it an effective Go.  Also, just like, giving Pepper all the time she needed to come around…You will find it most helpful when you give your business the proper time, to grow by executing patience and persistence.  Don’t give up if things are moving slowly, stay on course doing the right things, it will come around.

You see, in business sometimes, the going is not always smooth sailing. There may be ups and downs, wins and losses…But the ultimate goal is to stay in productive motion.  There really can be a lot to consider when starting a business to make it run continuously and smoothly.  Most businesses are in active mode, slow mode or non-active mode. If your business is in a non-active mode. Then do read on…

If your business is stuck in a mass of quick sand or not moving at all, don’t worry. It’s okay, especially if your business is properly rooted.  Not all businesses, get off to a huge running start. It may take lots of energy, work and time to get your business off to a blasting boom. Just because it starts slow, it doesn’t mean that’s the way it will remain.

Or if it got off to a boom, then all of a sudden hit a slow motion tail spin; Then have you wondering what just happened?That’s okay too…Welcome to the wonderful journey of the business world, where sometimes “stuff” just seems to happen from out of know where (lol)..It seems.  When this happens it may help to simply tame things and put your business on a good leash.

Putting Your Business On A Leash

Putting your business on a leash, is simply taking inventory of things and checking out where you stand…what you need to do, how to nurture your business; Or to make needed improvements to get your business up and going effectively. Now, let’s discuss some things to help you build a strong and sturdy leash for you business.

Leash Up…Remember Your Why’s

Usually, one “sure fire” tip to get things back into perspective with your business is to allow yourself to remember why you started a business in the first place.  What were your why’s?  What inspired you to help others?  What inspired you to introduce solutions to people problems and needs? Why is it important for your business to succeed? Why is it important that you never give it up?  What is riding on your power to make this work?  Why must you get back up and going…Charge into motion….Even when you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel…Why?

So tally up your reasons why by listing and documenting them all. Gather the list and keep it in your view. Put it on your vision board. Stick it on your fridge, in a frame on a wall, on your desk, table…Just wherever you can easily take a peek at for continuous motivation. All I’m driving home, is that your why’s is the momentum you may need to remember how important it is to maintain or not give up. This should help bounce you along your way. If you already know to do this great, if not try it.

Leash Up…Renew  and Revive Your Mindset

As you may or may not know…The Mind, which is a powerful gift from God above, is one of the biggest and most powerful tools going, you have to work with.  Obviously, you may have had the right mindset to get into business in the first place. Believe it or not, the state of mind can drastically change from time to time. In this case, we are wanting to make sure it’s always revolving for the betterment.  So it’s important to take inventory of your mindset. Hopefully, it is one of “Growth” because a growth mindset, may go through a series of changes but the changes should always revolve around doing things greater, bigger and better.

Leash Up…Education and Training

Remember, the cliche “there’s power in knowledge”, that saying is always on point, love it! If you’ve ever worked on a Corporate job that requires education/training: You may have noticed where, your employer flooded you with mandatory educational requirements and extensive training required to stay on the team. If you think about it, that’s really awesome.

Who wouldn’t want to stay abreast of the changes? Who wouldn’t want to be in the “know” and at an advantage when it comes to other competitors?  Who wouldn’t want to learn how to leverage time and efforts? Who wouldn’t want to be professionally trained to better manage campaigns and work assignments.  Who wouldn’t want to learn what it takes to stay on top and simply become a success, period?   We can actually learn a lot from Corporate America, they strive hard to stay on top of the designated industry. So should we strive even harder to stay abreast of our very own legacies, just saying.

Leash Up…Network

Last but not least, leash up on things by networking with others. Learn how to build honest, strong, lasting relationships with interesting people in your niche that you meet.  When you have lots in common and share and love the same things as people; That actually makes it easier and so much funner.  Building great relationships can do wonders for you and your business. However, that’s another topic that’s worthy of more details.  That said, I will cut this “leash” off here. So, it really is possible to get up and going, with a business leash that helps you to focus, stay persistent, learn, grow, and keep it moving at a reasonable and successful pace.