When your business is moving slow or stuck in “pause” position… The question, how to stay positive in business may come to mind. Often, “staying positive” may appear harder than it sounds.  But, wait don’t throw in the towels; There is always help or a way out of every situation. However, giving up should never become the option of the day, if you’re to be successful.

Another thing, to realize is that, sometimes “life” happens and regardless of what the issue(s) may be…Life just sometimes throws a whammy.  But the solution to “life’s whammies” is to somehow motivate yourself to remain positive,  pick up the pieces, stand and propel forward once again.


Now, let’s cover 4 tips to help you stay positive, uplifted and focused on your goals and mission.

Remember your “Why” List-  Better known as your “Whys”… You see, the why list is simply a list of documented reasons why you’ve decided to be successful. Usually, people will write the list in a safe journal or notebook and store away to refer back to when needed.  The “Why” list reflects what makes you passionate about your business.  For example, your “why’s” could be to work 100% from home.  Or it could be that you’d love to be surrounded by family members instead of employees. Maybe you have always wanted to be the CEO of your own business.  Or a reason could be to become debt free, or financially stable…Just any reason(s) that motivates you to passionately operate your business, generally makes the list. So your list of why’s will help set the foundation, rather, starting point for the future success of your business.

Establish Plans n Goals- A plan is like the action steps taken toward the desired goals. Business dictionary.com defines it as “written account of intended future course of action aimed at achieving specific goals or objectives within a specific time frame. It explains in detail what needs to be done, when, how and by whom and often includes best case, expected case and worst case scenarios….”gotta” love this definition.  Some people may think plans and goals are the same but they are not.  The difference in plans and goals is, plans can be seen as the “how to accomplish” and the goals can be seen as the “what’s to be accomplished” which may be an easier way to understand it. Once you learn to stay periodically in touch with your plans and goals, it should empower you to stay focused and positive.

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Align Yourself With Other Positive People- Some really great ways to stay positive is by taking advantage of other positive people. You may find them hanging out in empowering online groups and forums.  There are tons of social medias that have people sharing the same journey as yourself, who bring nothing but positive and uplifting vibes to surface.  You may find it easier to hook up with great mentors who have already traveled the same road you’re traveling.  Reach out to them, ask questions, voice your concerns, follow them on the social medias, most are positioned to help you succeed.

Positive Eyes n Ears- Another great way to stay aboard on the positive train, is by reading valuable content and listening to positive videos published by others on the topic of motivation you need the most.  Platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, You-tube, Vimeo, Blog talk radio, and you may know tons more…These are platforms that allow you to connect, share, inform and inspire others.  You can listen, watch, learn, reflect and empower yourself to be as positive and on task as you’d love to be.


Bounce Bac

Regardless, of why you have slacked or even stop moving in your business, the beauty of it all is that you can certainly choose to start moving again.  Learn from any lessons of your setbacks, allow the lessons to build and empower you to have a “non-stoppable” bounce back appeal.  Don’t think too hard, just spring back into action considering your “whys” and regain more energy than ever.  You are a winner, it is your destiny to succeed.  The mind is a powerful thing; You’ll just simply have to believe that.

Now, it’s your turn…What tips do you have to share on “how to stay positive and focused” in business? Share this post with others to inspire…Leave your comments and feedback below. I’d love to hear from you. 



16 thoughts on “How To Stay Positive In Your Business

  1. Nice article. I enjoyed the positivity that you put into this post. Everybody gets down a little sometimes and its crucial to keep pushing forward. These are 4 great ways to push the negativity aside and charge forward. I know I try and implement these things as much as I can, and will continue to do so. Thanks for the postitivity!

  2. This is really great advice! Thank you for being so motivating! I just started my own blog about 2 months ago. I definitely agree that you must know your “whys”, have a plan of action, and execute on that plan. It is easy to get distracted by life. And it’s easy to get stuck on negativity because of fear of the unknown. I feel empowered just reading this!

  3. Building a business is not easy, sure we may day dream from time to time of how wonderful it would be to have a business but all of us have our work cut out for us, and things do not go as plan some times. So it is good to always remind yourself why you went into this business in the first place. What you have listed here is awesome on how tto stay positive.

    1. Hi Norman, how’s it going? Yes, our “why’s are one of the biggest components. Glad you found value in this post, hope to see you back.

  4. I agree with your points. It is important to always start the goals for our business, and most importantly, never think that our goals are too big and out of reach. Everyone starts small and finally become really successful. It is not the failure that counts, it is about how we pick our self up from that failure is that matters.

    1. Hi….Yes, goals are important. I absolute agree, that it’s more about “picking ourselves” back up again. Staying focus and being persistent are key elements to success…Thanks for your feedback.

  5. Thank you for this, it’s much needed. Whether in business or life, it’s always important to remain positive, or at least to remember that things will be okay eventually with a bit of hard work and thinking out of the box! Sometimes we have serious writers block on our websites, but with creativity, we can get back on a roll!

    1. You’re welcome…And that’s right Lauren, the main thing, is to “remain positive” regardless or what stands in the way, to stay focused and keep pushing forward, it will all eventually come together.

  6. Yes I agree. These are the best ways to maintain and build resilience to the hard times a business can throw at you.
    Never give up,no matter what. That is my favorite mantra for surviving and thriving. Sometimes it seems crazy to keep going, but I always think about people like Richard Branson. Imagine if he had thrown in the towel with Virgin Records when it was struggling. He searched and found other ways of doing what he wanted.
    Great article thanks.

    1. Hi Janelle, great insight. I so totally agree that “giving up” should never be an option toward the ultimate goal to succeed. You’re on point, yes, the “greats” who’ve demonstrated just that, are inspiring examples. Also, the beauty of it all, is that the same, is possible to happen to anyone who passionately wants it enough. Thanks for yr feedback.

  7. Hi Bev, nice post. Lots of positives for anyone to build on. Very easy to get disillusioned when you find things going wrong in the early days. There is so much stuff available to research it is easy to get overload and lose the direction you are going in. My only other observation is as well as keeping track of positive people and positive information, steer clear of negative ones. There are people around ready to drag you down. Identifying these negatives and avoiding them is just as important as following the positives. Best wishes, Chris

    1. Hey Chris, that’s right. I so agree. It makes sense to avoid the negatives at all cost. I used to always say, “I’m allergic to the negatives” and when exposed, would break out in a “mental” rash…lol. Seriously, as you stated, there are people in life who may set out to…tear down instead of build up. Your solution “Avoid Them” sounds like a winner! Also, being negative is a mindset as well as a choice. It’s a rather sad choice. I feel some negative people really are, in mental pain and they are indirectly screaming for help. I wouldn’t be all to sure, whether or not they even realize the severity of their condition. The first step to healing for negative people is “Acceptance” that they are that way. And the next step is “Submission”…for them to allow themselves to be helped. It maybe impossible to save them all, but it’s a lovely and “positive” feat, to save those who are receiving of being help. Unlearning un-favorable behaviors, is a real challenge but a rewarding one, just saying. Thanks Chris, that was really great food for thought. Hope to see you back, take care.

  8. I agree completely. For me the most important thing is the motivation. Whenever I’m feeling lazy or down or doubtful , I think about all the things I’d do and I’d be if I was as successful as I want to be. For some people it is the freedom to quit their day job, for others it will be paying off their mortgage or buying a car or a trip around the world. Anything that is your top priority is in fact your motivation. and this article has a real motivational feel to it as well. It is very well thought, positive and uplifting

    1. Anna, I couldn’t agree more, that people “why’s ” are actually the driving force of being motivated as well as persistent. And you are right, everybody’s , top priorities and reasons are not the same, but needed for motivation. Appreciate your feedback n all the best on your success journey.

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