Let’s dive right into things, and discover how to create a niche website the easy way.  But for the sake of newbies, let’s first get a clear understanding of what a niche website is. You see, a niche is a specific group of people, who all share a specific or (same) interest. Except that’s not all… It gets deeper than that. Also, this specific group of people  (let’s just say audience) can be broken down by age, gender, profession, income level or more. When you’ve broken down, or segmented your desired  audience, into certain  sub-categories; It becomes extremely easier to serve a certain portion of the population versus the entire population.

Get The Word Niche In Your Spirit

Get the word “niche” deep into your spirit, because if you are really intending to niche your market, then aim to please a well defined marketable  audience. You’re going to want to build every ounce of content on your site around your audience…So that it reaches out and grab the essence of their very hearts and souls.  Your niche website should exist, to function like a compass. It should navigate and smoothly guide and direct the folks looking for you.

Just know your “niche” will always start with an audience. Why is this so? Think about it for a minute, as the mistro Jay puts it  “if there’s no niche audience, then there’s no one to buy the product…And if there’s no one to buy the product, there’s no niche”.  So, there should be no doubt about it, that a niche really does start with a human being…Rather human beings. These would be the people or audience who share the same common interest.  That audience may have an interest, passion, problem or hobby…But the end results is the solution or the want or need of it all.


You may decide to create a website, around your passion, interest, hobby or let’s say, love for dogs, etc,…. You may have lots of knowledge, tips and more to share with a certain group of people in your niche.  Remember, when you decide to go more into depth by extending the personal details, characteristics and traits your audience share…You are digging deep.  Okay, let’s use the “dog” example… For instance, you may decide not to, just serve any type of dog lover…. But instead decide to be more  specific, by serving only working moms, under 30 with poodles.  Or you could be even more specific by serving the women who fall under a certain income bracket.

So what have we here? According to this (dog) example we are niching this market to a specific gender…Women.  Then we chose a select age…Thirty.  Also, we chose a specific profession …Mom.  Don’t you think mom’s deserve to fall in a professional category of their very own? Sure, you bet they do.

Also, we have a select type of dog…Poodles.  So as you can see, with this example we have deeply niched this market.   Which will make it more available to the people, who specifically want and need what’s on the (niche) website.  Just remember, the more specific you make it, the wider the door will open for those desiring what you have to offer.

Now Build…Build and Build

By now, you may already get it, just how crucial your niche website is going to be for  your awaiting audience.  As it certainly does present a larger “tribe” who are interesting in following.  You’ll have more lead-way to build with all of your wonderful value. Since your niche website, is your central hub, it is also where you can expose a many solutions, and more.

So take the opportunity to build by pouring out pure value. You can throw in an array of questions from time to time, to get an idea of what your audience is thinking. It’s important to keep a good relationship going, because constant helping and caring for people is key. By doing this, you will be making great leaps and bounds in the building of your site.

Explode and Make It Pop With Value

That’s right, your site content, should be popping with lots of engaging value.  The content should either, provide awareness, educate, tips, resources, solutions and access to help your audience further if needed.  The more value you are able to push out to your niche audience, on your site, the more successful it will become.  Another way to make things pop, is by “staying in the know”, so you’re able to introduce new tends, updates, or new developments in your industry.

They Will Search For The Value

With a niche website, your audience will be able to find you by searching throughout the search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Answer.com and other sites.  Actually, all the magic starts with the power of the search engine optimization, better known as SEO by the acronym usage.  Search engine optimization, is more of a process taken, to increase the visibility of your niche website. In turn, this will help people to search and find your value.

Adding The Power of SEO

The mentioning here, of SEO power, could mean…That same degree of unique, engaging content of value mentioned throughout this chat.   Or, it could mean adding effective “keywords” which are the words people put in the search queries to find your niche website(s).  The key words are based on words, that people actually text into the searches when seeking information.

The process of SEO (optimization) could also mean a quick check, to ensure the pages are properly indexed.  You see, all this helps to optimize or push your site where people can see it.  When people are “eyeballing” your niche site, you are in business, presto! It is just that easy to have your niche website ready for your niche market.

Solution:  On How To Create a Niche Website The Easy Way

One of the best and easiest ways, to create a niche website, per my knowledge is to learn how, on a platform, that walks you “hand/hand” on exactly how and what to do. First off, it definitely should not be complicated. Personally, I’m up for learning, when it’s interesting, simple, and shows a clear cut “hands on” way of doing it.

First understand, exactly what a niche site is and how it works. You should have your “whys” in check. Why your niche is crucial?  Exactly who are you seeking to help?  What are your biggest concerns, when it comes to serving others who are starving for your solutions/answers or help.

Still Confused About What/Which Niche?

I’ve heard lots of people say, they’d love to start a niche site, but can’t think what they’re good at, or most passionate about. One way to understand your strengths or skill sets, is to generously ask those you socialize or communicate with on a regular basis.

Many times, people are very observant and love to convert into a mode of helping; They will most likely be happy to point out some of your noticeable strengths and skills, rather some things you’re absolutely great at doing.

If that doesn’t help, you may feel free to read more information, that will help you decide a proper fit, or possible get started setting up a niche site that matches your passion, skills or interests with a quick lesson: Build Your Own Niche Website …Or: Find Your Niche.

So…What Are Your Thoughts On Niche Websites?

How To Build A Niche Website Now:

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