Lots of people are stuck in a boring job, they don’t care for, or laying up in bed wondering which step to take next to find a job. Yes, a job that’s designated to make someone else filthy wealthy, without any intention of  returning the favor, to those who dedicate their hard work and loyalty.

You see, we have been taught by a system that believes in teaching us to live our lives in an orderly “controlled” fashion. The order goes like this…Go to preschool, elementary, middle shcool, high school…Then off to a university or college to learn a decent skill, that we can apply to the “good ole” work force. A skill that will land us a good reputable job.

Can you really create financial freedom working for the job force/system? Actually, maybe you can…But the kicker is, that absolutely too many people are complaining about living paycheck to paycheck. Many people are complaining about being buried in student loans, or having a mountain of debt.

Often it may seem as if, the cost of living keeps going up, but the wages appears to stay the same, which doesn’t quite balance out.  Also,if depending totally on your job, the journey to financial freedom might be seem harder.

Why A Job Without A Backup Plan…Makes Freedom Harder?

Why? Because, there’s just too much, that can go wrong if depending solely on your job, to provide the freedom you need to exhale.  Anyone, starting with the CEO’s of your company on down to the least wanted position…May stand a chance, of getting terminated from an institution that is ran by another. Although a job, can get your “freedom plan” started, it just might not be advisable to depend on a job as the only source to reaching your “freedom” goals. So it may help to see your job as a great booster or starting point.

 Now…What Needs To Happen Here?

.First of all, there definitely needs to be a powerful shift in the mindset. There’s should be a desperate need to dump the “old controlled” mindset to a “new open” mindset.  If need be, a few lectures or training, on how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset would be idea.  You see, with an entrepreneurial mindset, you’ll hunger for nothing but the right concepts to conquer your dreams.

Start Where You Are

If you haven’t yet started, consider creating a monthly budget. A budget will help you to stay organized, focused and prioritize your spending and savings. It serves as a financial management tool to assist with spending/saving habits.  A budget is thought by many, as the main foundation and success factor of a financial plan.  Or let’s say, a budget serves as a road map to guide you along the right path on your financial journey.

Self Freeze Your Credit Cards

Although, it’s great to have atleast one major credit card in case of a dire need.  But on the flip side, accessible credit cards may tempt a consumer to buy unneccessarily. In this case the “freeze method” helps. By putting the cards in a safe “kept away” place where temptation is lessened could possibly help. Try the old fashion “Pay Cash” method for items of concerned if possible. See if that helps to decrease the increasing “pay back”  amounts on those credit cards. Or, notice if it helps you to begin saving more.

Stay Home More

You’d be amazed how much you could save by staying home more verses jumping into the car to go places. With most, when that vehicle goes, so does the cash. Seems there’s always fast food places, resturaunts, boutiques, shopping malls, nail shops, coffeee shops, paid entertainment sites, you name it…And seems like there’s a show case of “money involving” activities to tempt most anyone while taking that innocent leisure drive. Obviously, many drives are neccessary in the course of a day, but the ones that aren’t may save a few bucks.

“Snow Ball” Your Debts

Snow Ball in relations to debt, just means “Debt Reduction” or reducing the amount of debt.  You’ll have to start with the smallest debt as your first pay-off target.  So you will always pay as much as you can on the smallest debt until the smaller debt is paid in full. While you are constantly making the minimum payments on all the rest. Once you’ve paid off the smallest debt…Then you’ll target the next smallest debt.  Then “rinse and repeat” the same cycle, until you’ve worked your way up to the largest debt to have paid off. It might take awhile but with persistence and will power, this is a great strategy.

Save, Save, Save

One obvious way of reaching your goal to become fanancially free, is to start saving any extra money you get. Put aside atleast 10% of your paycheck in an account that pays you a great interest percentage. If you’re giving 10% to another “heart felt” interest, maybe you can determine the percentage of savings that will work best for you.. Can you do more? Only you can determine what’s really needed. Although, it will take great heart and sacrifice, try being fair and reasonable to yourself when trying this method.

Seriously “Cut Back”

You’d be surprise how much you could save, simply by re-arranging life-style choices. For instance, instead of eating out every day or every week. Instead, you may consider treating yourself/family out to a delicious meal, only once a month. Cut back on buying unnecessary grocery items.

Only buy the things you’ll need most instead…So you might want to walk pass the isle with those krispy creame dougnuts or the frozen strawberry cheescake. Same thing goes for buying un-necessary clothes and shoes, accesories, jewelry, entertainment sources, going out every weekend, etc,….Getting the pic?

Learning ways to improvise, that is doing other things that will cost you nothing or much less. For instance, instead of attending an entertainment source that will cost, you may consider taking a healthy nature walk along your favorite walking trail.Just brainstorm things you can do without a financila cost. You’ll be amazed at how many valuable things in life we many times overlook, actually comes free.  In the end, financially it’ll be a worthy sacrifice.

Employment Investments

If you are still laboring on a job, why not take advantage of their financial plans geared toward saving and compounding interest on the dollar.  See if your job offers a 401K plan….A 401K Plan or similar, are great investments. Some places even match dollar for dollar. Chat with your company’s financial advisor/mentor and decide the investment percentage that will work best for your budget. Then too, you may want to consider options like stocks and bonds, as with many, they have their pros and cons but could really pay off greatly in the long run. It’s a choice.

Get A Second Source of Income

If you think you have nothing to save, then you might want to think of what you can do to create extra cash. You can find more ways to produce income. By taking on a side job or side hustle. What if you’re tired of the J-o-B mentality and rather simmer down to work the second one on your own terms.  Or maybe you’d rather spend more time in the presence of family or love ones. Technology, definitely has made it easier and most convenient.

Regardless, there are lots of ways to create a second income source. Just find something that you are passionate about doing, that has a hot market awaiting and dive right in. If you haven’t a clue how people are earning cash online, you could even explore exactly how people are doing this.

Brainstorm things you’re good at like, hair beautification, facial make overs, coaching, tutoring, cooking, cleaning, making beautiful crafts, care taking of the elderly or kids…Dancing, singing, writing, ect… Just think, this entire “brain storm” consist of ways you can monetize your knowledge and skills. Think creatively and jump into action with that “second income source” if needed.

In Conclusion

Regardless, we’re all the drivers in control of our own journey and arrival to financial freedom. By stepping to the plate and accepting responsibility of doing all the things needed to get there, only shows how determined you are to make it work. It’s okay, breath easier and never stop striving for the freedom you deserve.  Stay lifted on your journey and remember that it’s alright to fail, as long as the fall is forward. No one is perfect, but the road is possible and the forecast looks great.


Can You Think Of More Ways To Gain Financial Freedom?


Beverly Smith




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