If you’ve landed here, it may be because you’re all ears for hearing about online business start ups. Finally, you may be read to wait no longer, but just jump on board and discover a world of success that awaits. If so, great you’ve come to the right place, let’s get you started, by xplaining what it’s all about.

I would imagine, the easiet way to explain, how to get started in a snap, is by sharing my experience and struggle.  Let me tell you how I got started. You see, everyone’s journey is different, but for me…I’ve always loved exploring things online. I thought I favored working an afiliate or network marketing business mostly offline, but technology advanced and the rest can be chopped as pages in my history book.

Even as I reflect back toward the start of my journey, many years ago. I was always fascinated by… Any and everything that signified learning, earning and leveling up my personal economy.  But most of my past associates, would easily vouch that I could be found in the cyber world, lol. The online world was so new, fascinated and smothered with never ending changes, even today it still is. So as you can see, for me, my “online” success affair, was all about the passion, The passion keeps you moving forward because it’s something you love. Let’s move on….

The Glorious Mind Set

Can I share a quick secret, let the truth be told, I didn’t have a clue of how to run a business online, until I started looking for answers online. I didn’t feel my mindset was exactly where it needed to be, due to the lack of “offline” encouragement. Yes, the encouragement and motivation, I needed the most, I didn’t receive from the “offline family” …But I received mostly, from the constant growing “online” network of new, success oriented people, who became my online family.

You see, I learned lots about how to be and stay positive and committed. I learned how to ignite change, embrace new ideas and set reachable goals. I realized in order to succeed, that it will definitely start with the right mindset.  I developed a habit of improving myself, through many types of learning resources. There were lots to learn about developing the right mindset that leads to success.

By exercising the beauty of that glorious mindset, I noticed the universe feeding back, crucial knowledge I needed, by using power of the 1-2-3 seconds search engines.  I also, noticed my mind was never really set, but always open for more. After developing a business oriented mindset, let’s just say I became a “Seeker” okay.  I was always seeking for the greatest of the best. I was really, seeking to find the “gem” that would ease all of this intensive seeking.

Seeking For More…

I was seeking a way to enhance the quality of my life/family, by enhancing the qualities of other people lives. I was seeking a way to spend more time at home with family. A way to pull out of the corporate madness. Inspite of my inability to realize the corporate rules weren’t always about fairness, but also about power, control and enslavement.  Last but not least, I was seeking for a great exit plan, for that honorary day known as “retirement day”…The walk away day from the rags to the deluxe, personally owned towels.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Gone Wild

After working hard, to build the dreams of others…It just made perfect sense to discover how I would build my own dreams. This state of mind marked the urgency and unstoppable “beat” on the path of my journey. I then became a entrereneurial seeker. That is I was seeking for avenues and various ways to make it all come together. Although, the internet allowed me bits and peices of some of the most valuable info on the planet.

It never worked because some of the most crucial steps to succeeding as an entrpreneur was always missing. So the more missing links, I noticed there were not there to help me succeed: The more freaked out and “all over the place” I became. I even went into the ‘new shiny objects” mode. That’s when everything (but nothing) seemed to attract my interest to get up and going. It was sheer madness. Yes, guess it’s fair to say my entrepreneurial spirit had gone frigging wild. But it turns out, I just needed to pull it all together.

The Struggle Is Real

After being all over the place, collecting the bits and peices, of what I thought I needed to add on to the existing business opportunities I’d found…It yet seemed like something was missing. I didn’t get it. Every business opportunity I’d parterned with , ofcourse had their own training, learning and marketing platforms, but things still never fell completely in place. There were always “missing peices” to the puzzle it seemed. Beleive it, the struggle can be real, lol.


You’d think after putting in hard work, patience, and doing all the things you’ve learned to do, things would eventually fall into place. But the question is how much time is enough time for things to fall into place? How much time must be spared before big financial losses are tallied? Why aren’t things working out favorably?. Why isn’t it booming online? Why…Why…Why? I know those “why” questions will appear, right.


Pulling It All Together

To pull it all together, I needed a platform that offered everything needed to succeed, from A to Z.  One that would teach and show me how to thrive in any competitive market.  One that would provide every necessary tool needed to push my business into a productive action phase.  Although, I can only touch the surface as to everything I’d thought I’d need…But what was foremost and more crucial was the fact that I only needed to take action, by enforcing four major steps. Which may also be called the core steps:

Four Core Steps Required





Choose An Interest- This can be absolutely anything that you love doing, passionate about or ever thought of doing.


Build a website- A website is crucial. It is the foundation (building blocks) of any online business. You’ll also need to choose a great hosting platform for your site.


Attract Visitor- You’ll need to get traffic or visitors to your website. The key is learning how to do this the right way.


Earn Revenue- Once you have the visitors/traffic to your website, you are in a mode to earn. Did you know, there are over 50 ways to monetize traffic online? This is a rewarding step.


Well, those are the steps I ended up taking, and is what helped me…Also the training/education platform to learn it all, was a must. Again, I’d been doing things in a sort of “compiled” complicated way, considering all the different businesses training methods executed.  But I eventually found out, if I’m to have an online business. I would need a platform that specialized in “online business training”…One that was on top of all the resources, trends, changes and new innovations. One that would specifically teach and “walk me through” how to get an online business succesfully up and running.

It’s Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated For Anyone: But Rewarding

As you can see, by looking at these core steps, starting an online business is really not a complicated process. Especially when there are educational/training platforms to walk you through it all. Training and education, breeds professionalism, confidence, business posture, and rids all fear factors.

Also, by following your passion and working on the things that you love most, should be your main goal.  There are reports to vouch that, most people who do the things they like, have a tendency to stick with it, verses those who do not. Plus, I’ve always believed in the slogan “If you’re doing the things you love” You’re never really working”….

In conclusion, remember that with most anything, you’ll need a great positive mindset, will, persistence and drive, along with that passion to succeed. You’ll need that training platform, that will educate or teach you how to succeed. As well, as one that will help your business to bounce into a profit mode while you’re learning the ropes. By taking necessary steps to make a change (yes, change is a big word)…Your entire life can take a turn for the ultimate better based on that word change. Rewarding or not?

What Do You Think Concerning The Start Of An Online Business?


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