5 Worthy Traits Of A Great Leader

Does it take passion, dedication and hard work to become a great leader in the business industry? The answer to that powerful question is Yes…You better believe it does.  You see a great leader never settles for less.  The word “more”…Is always on the agenda of the day.  Before, we chat about what it takes or how to become a good leader. Let’s clear the air on the two types of leadership. There are two popular categories that you may have already heard about.


Born Leaders

In some cases, the born leaders can be identified during the stages of development as kids. Remember the kid out the bunch who always seemed to be the leader of the pack. That is most things they said or did among their peers always seemed to rule.  These type of kids appear to have that natural appeal to persuade or easily convince others. Well it could very well be due to, their genetic makeup and their natural abilities and skills that obviously fits into place.
However, as kids regardless of the genetic makeup, they all go through a learning and training process enforced by parental or in today’s stance governmental supervision. An adult may easily identify or point out an upcoming aspiring leader out of the bunch. You may even hear them refer to these type of kids as “born leaders”…and the leadership abilities may strengthen as these kids progress to adulthood.
So due to what appears to be their natural abilities and qualities to become leaders, they may be thought as “born”…But it’s important to realize these type of leaders too, have to be taught to some extent as well.  The difference from them and other type leaders is that the learning, training and action mode may appear natural or easier for them.

Leaders That Are Made

There is relief considering the fact that leaders can be made. Anyone can become a leader who genuinely wants to be one.  In life, you get to choose. You choose whether you would rather lead or follow. If you choose to become a leader, initially you may have to follow first before you are successfully able to lead. However, don’t worry about following other leaders of greatness; As those very steps you follow will help, teach and empower you to eventually become a leader of greatness as well.

Traits Of A Great Leader

  1. Good Teachers- They demonstrate by example, help, teach, provide lots of knowledge and value.
  2. Good Communicators- They always deliver a clear message.  They know when to listen and speak .
  3. UTP– They “understand the process” of failing forward; They feed off continuous movement toward success.
  4. Empowers and Support- They are passionate about coaching and providing positive feedback and assistance to others. They love to watch and cheer each success milestone whether small or big. “Leaders enjoy producing other leaders”
  5. Great Learners- They never stop learning new things. Believe it or not, with most leaders, learning is a continuous effort.  They get it, that the combination of “knowledge, skill and action” rules. Also they love staying ahead of the latest trends in their industry.
Leadership, is definitely a great way to go, if it’s something you’d love to do. As you can see, it comes with certain traits listed and there are more.  But leadership traits are those  you can certainly develop.  Especially, if you sincerely have a passion, persistence and burning desire to become a great leader.