Whether you have considered launching a new business, or if you already have one up and going, you may need to invite others to support your dream.   Even if you’ve decided to run some type of online partnership business, such as an affiliate,  network marketer, direct sales/e-commerce business or whatever …

The truth of the matter is, that it may be necessary to understand  that you may need help. You may need the help of others with various experience and knowledge, in areas you feel most un-comfortable.


My attempt is to demonstrate, a few reasons why a team can be helpful when building a business.  So let’s get started:

~Accountability ~

A team helps you to become more willing to accept responsibilities needed to run your business.  It is crucial to stay on task, concerning the things you should and must do, to successfully expand your business.

You see, lack of responsibility may be due to several factors such as…Poor focus, loss of determination, wrong knowledge/actions, overwhelming information, lack of passion spurts, lack of support, lack of business posture and esteem and the list goes on.

On the flip, by having the right team members in place, performing designated duties to help the business as a whole run smoothly will help you to become more accountable in all phases of your business.

Let’s move on….


One short definition, for the word productivity, is  “converting inputs into useful outputs” which is needed to drive business success.  Now, let’s explore further how a team helps out.  A team paves the way for your business to put forth efforts needed to produce favorable outcomes.

A team builds posture and motivation, so that you’re better able to execute your goals, by constructing a more reasonable action plan. Then by walking along side you to constructively work and help you push those plans into action mode.  Action mode, is one of most crucial modes that leads to results and great productivity.


The third reason, you might find a team useful, is for levergaing purposes.  If you tried to define the word leverage, you may run into different meanings for this word…With a more complex twist and wordings.  But usually when it’s refered from a business sense, it’s likely to simply mean “doing more with less”…Life is so much easier from a simple view, lol. Let’s move on….

A team can help you to leverage your business by assisting you in several phases of the business.  For instance, you may have a team member who is extremely skilled when it comes to all phases of marketing, and a beast at digital marketing…

Someone who would be delighted to show you how to slay it. You might have someone on the team who is gifted when it comes to resolving issues and knowing just the right touch, who can help or share tips.

You may have someone who is quite the “People Person” when it comes to phone interactions. Also, a cool mentor or coach, aboard is a pleasant blessing, as these types of team members are positioned to help you fly like an eagle.

These are just a few, but their can be many roles required to make a business sail smoothly. And if you have a great team on board, whether it be vested family, friends, associates who are dedicated to your success…

Or whether you’ve found yourself having to adopt others to the team via of virtual assistants, fiverr, and tons of other ways to find greatness. There is no doubt you will discover, more is less when it comes to taking an easier route in the success of your business.

~In Conclusion~

In conclusion, by now,  hope you’re able to better see the light when it comes to building a team.   A team helps build and support the pillars of your business.  However, it’s understood, when you first get started in business, you may not be able to build your desired team. Don’t worry  things will fall in place eventually for you.  That’s alright, give yourself a big hug and celebration for atleast taking action steps to get up and moving with your business; By doing so, you’ve already bounced ahead of many who haven’t.

But the ultimate goal here, is to consider ultilizing the concept of “team effect” as soon as possible. The forever popular slogan “Team work; Makes the dream work” is absolutely true, when the right team is aboard.  Also, understand that, not all “teams” are created equally, so take measures to choose the right team members.

What do you think?  Do you have any tips or more reasons to share why a team is great? Would love your feedback and don’t forget to share this post, later.