Once you have decided what you’re going to do, to become successful enough to “Live Out Loud”… That is by taking the plunge, to turn your passion into a booming business.  Which can be a rewarding step if made with the right mindset. Just think, who wouldn’t want to do the things they love doing most. It’s often said once you do what you love; You’ll never work because you’ll be having fun. Realistically, there is some work and challenges laced within that fun, when building a successful business.  But it should be more than worth all the “sweat and energy” and the fun may exist due to your passion.

What If? …

So what if, you have a hobby that you are really passionate about. Or maybe you have an interest you’re passionate about or a newly launched business you’re excited about. It could be that you’re started a partnership with others in a company. Maybe you’ve decided to launch a new business of you own, or already building an existing business. So now that you have finally decided to push yourself to new levels to build your business, you are really on a rewarding but challenging journey.

However, there will be lots to consider, when it comes to making it all come together for business sake. Now we’ll chat about a couple of questions you may find useful to ask yourself, so that you’ll be better prepared for the un-expected.

For Starters…Ask Yourself A Couple Of Questions 


Question #1.  Do I really know What It is that I do?

What if someone were to ask you…What is it that you do?  Are you able to come up with a quick reasonable answer without one ounce of a pitch? Or will you be all over the place scramming for the right thing to say?

Solution: Don’t worry,  because a mission statement could be the answer. A mission statement is a few sentences that quickly sums up your overall goal(s); It is also like a powerful, mini “beleif” system condensed into a small paragraph or two.  Simply by taking the time to think and write a short but thourough mission statement for whatever it is you’re doing, may be a great solution. Then try to memorize it by heart, if you’re able to. You could even have your mission statement printed on small contact cards,etc…

Rationale: By sending an impactful message toward what it is that you do; You will be attracting the right people to your platform. Also, by knowing what it is that you passionately stand for in your business, you are better able to relate with others. When people are in sync with your purpose, beliefs, passion or let’s say your mission, you are then able to create genuine trust and loyalty. Simon Sinek (author/speaker) says it best that “People don’t buy what you do; They buy why you do it. If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe” and will often support the things they believe whole heartedly in. However with that said, by knowing exactly “what” you are doing brings us to the next question “why”  you do what you do?


Question #2. Do I Know “Why”… I do what I do?

This is going to be one of your most crucial questions ever.  The answer to this question, is what will keep you on task with every assignment and your goals. Okay, you’ll want to ask yourself if you haven’t already what is really the real reason “why” you’ve decided to build and grow a path for your success. Regardless, of whether it’s your skills or hobby you want to monetize, whether it’s your own business you intend to launch, or your present business, or just whatever…

There could be many reasons to signify a “why”. By the way, your very reason(s) why will motivate you to strive with a vengeance toward your goal. Your “why’s will give you strength to go forward without looking back. No one can feel the calling of your “why’s” like yourself. Only you know what, when and how bad you need to get things going.  You may have a dire need to get from point A to point B…If you experience any unexpected “set backs”…Your “why’s will set a powerful stage for your “come-backs”, by now you can see that it’s of upmost importance to form your list of why’s, make it a requirement.

Now let’s check out a popular list of “why’s” that have been known to motivate peoply by giving them, real fire and desire to get up and going with their goal to succeed:

  • Work For Self; Fire Bosses
  • Time Freedom
  • Vacation and Family Time
  • To Build A Nice Retirement Nest
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Financial security
  • Educational Fundings
  • Increase Assests and Savings
  • Tax Breaks
  • For liesure and travel time

The list goes on an on, because it depends, specifically on your “burining desire” to set your goals into action.  However, it’s always good to document your own list concerning all the reasons you need to create a vehicle for success.  This list will indicate all the reasons “why” you must stay persistent and maintain that burning desire to make it all come together.

One of the main things to remember, when turning your passion into a thriving business is that it can work out for you.  If you do not know all the right steps, to take to build and grow your business. Coaches and mentors are great to have to boost your business.  However, it is also wise to  hook up with someone, who is already in expert on doing whatever it is that you’re doing or intending to do. This way you can get an idea of what’s really works first hand. You could request to have a brief chat with them by appointment. Then ask them questions that are major concern to you and you business. Last but not least, you can always boost yourself through learning/training programs, which as a result, positions you in a great place of “know how” and credibility.  These are only a few great ways to add a little “pep” to your step on your journey to success. You will be fine.



“Knowledge Is Power”

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