It’s said, that success leads to happiness but on the flip side happiness can definitely, lead to success. Happiness mean different things to diferrent people.  But one thing for sure, regardless, of all the personal meanings associated with happiness. But, one commonality, experienced by most everyone who choose the path of happiness, is the rewarding sense of gratefulness and contentment.  Happiness can also be thought of as, a positive state of mind. In addition to that, happiness is not only a choice, but a great business component.  With that said, let’s jump right into the list on the 10 ways the power of happiness affects your business:


Happinesss Affects Business Relationships-Happiness also affect our ability to build relationships. When people who are in sync with your mission and decide to join you.  They usually join you based on your ability to empower them and remain a great partner. If you are happy you are certainly inspired to be more than great. On the flip side if you are unhappy, it will also affect your ability to perform in your business. Others will pick up on your unhappy vibes, which in turn affects their moods or opinion toward your ability to beat the odds.

Happiness Affects Your Mindset- You best, believe that happiness affects your mindset in the greatest way ever. Because when you choose to view the good or bad from a positive light due to your “happy” mind frame, you are put in a good position to handle your situations in a cooler, calmer, and rational way. You so get it, that it’s not, as much what happens to you, rather, it’s more the way you choose to react to things. At this point, you have develop techniques to help you successfully, deal and cope with unfavorable situations…Then spring into action to keep, things happily moving.

Happiness Affects Your Leadership- When you are happy, you are more inclined to connect with others, inspire, motivate and empower them. A state of happiness sets off a great surge of energy to love, helping and showing others how to conquer their challenges and goals most efficiently.

Happiness Affects Your Self Esteem- When you choose to exercise happiness as a daily routine, you may notice a remarkable difference pertaining to the way you view everything.  No longer will you have the slightest urge to even dream of thinking negative.  You will encounter your challenges from a positive light and behave accordingly. Your state of cheerfulness. may cause a domino affect of positive emotions, that begins to affect every aspect of your life and business. You may feel more energetic and willing to take actionable steps, which could eventually result in a more powerful degree of happiness.

Happiness Affects Your Creativity- When you are happy, you are more likely to “brainstorm” great ways to complete your business projects or boost your business. Every neuron in your brain is set on alert to help you think more efficiently.  Your adrenaline level, is much higher than the norm, and you may find yourself up for new innovative ideas.  Or ready to brainstorm tons of ways, to build your business bigger and better.  Don’t you find it odd, rather mystical, that you can actually control the fate of your emotions?  That you can actually make your emotions work in your favor, simply by making a “choice” to master the state of happiness. Isn’t that so totally unique?

Happiness Affects Your Productivity- When it comes to happiness, you may notice, one of the greatest benefits is, a willingness to actually want to produce the best experience for your audience, the people you network or do business with. You may find that, all you think about is, how to improve the quality of life for others. At this point, you have discovered, the value and quality you are inspired to give to others, is where it’s at!  You have gone “hard” or all the way in, and finally realized, if the people you serve are not happy…Then guess what? You are not happy. When you genuinely feel that way, one of your biggest quests will be to become as productive as you possibly can, due to the happiness you desire to see in others you serve as well.

Happiness Affects Your Learning- When it comes to learning, happiness plays a big role. Many may love the “feel” of having exactly what they’ve always dreamed of having. But the real kicker is, not everyone enjoy the “feel” of doing what it takes to get the juice of those very dreams. You see, when you choose to conquer any needed challenge in your life or business “by the horns” with a welcoming heart, that shouts out “OK” Let’s do this! I’m ready with a happy vengeance

Happiness Affects Your Goals- When you are happy, you are more likely to take advantage of your ability to take effective action.  By taking action you will begin to see how even the smallest of action steps will produce great business rewards and achievements.  Action will help you to boost and build your business in a way, that will definitely move you a bit quicker toward your short term as well as long term goals.

Happiness Affects Your Focus- What better way to reamain dedicated and focused, as when you are in a constant state of happiness. If you are happy you can think more smoothly. It’s like your thoughts really come together as one big team; That cheers for you when you’re dedicated and staying on task.  I get it, and if anybody know from past experiences, it is I…That is, how “friggin” easy it is to detour away from a intended business mission or assignment.

Quick Station Break Guys…Let’s Handle This Now….Let’s Chat

It’s so easy to get “detoured” in this world of constant flying and shinning objects, but when you are completely serious about your mission (reason for doing what you do) you will be more inclined to give it your all. You will ofcourse, have to developed the mindset to stay persistent per task.  Although, it’s mentioned somewhat, I honestly think the “focus mindset” is under-rated. I just felt like this topic needed more attention.  “Focus is actually part of the mindset”

Focus Mindset– A conditioned mindset, may be one of the best solutions for this problem. And just what the good doctor ordered, for you to stay committed. Once you are aware of the problem of skipping off task and making attempts to do everything other than what it is you set out to do; Only then, are you ready to get the help you need to get over this obstacle.  And the beauty of it all, is that “YoU” have the control and power to totally end this mental road block.

You may need to condition your mind to transit into a deeper state of happiness and contentment, so you are better able to realize and appreciate your ultimate purpose and goals. Remember your “why”s and take the quick detour back around, in the right direction and try again. Only this time, execute and give 100% attention to your given task at hand. You will slay this! You will be awesome.

Happiness Affects Your Level of Stress- As you may too well know, stress can be a big issue.  When you are overloaded with “nerve wrecking” stressful situations, it can produce unwanted health problems. When it comes to business, one of the most crucial factors to consider, is that your health is your wealth. When you are happy and healthy only then are you able to balance your business the right way.

Bonus Thought

Happiness Affects Your Health– Also, if you are happy, you will not feel sad or depressed. Depression can affect your mental ability to think or behave properly. In turn, it can even affect you physically because, you can actually develop headaches from terrible mood swings and depression. When you feel ill in the least way, it affects your ability to do your best, whether in your personal situations or your business. The most important thing to remember here, is the fact that your health is considered as a major facet of your wealth.

After Thought 

Hmmm, you may think, what does she mean, a constant state of happiness? Who ever stays happy forever, like really? LoL…In the real world, it’s actually like I stated earlier…All about a choice. Then once the choice to be happy is made, at that point and from there-after, it’s really all about “showing up” and believing it, at the start of each day…

Daily speaking it into existence and affirming the fact that “I am now in a realm of constant happiness”…”I am satisfied and content inspite of my struggles” “I can beat all odds against me, because I’m blessed and given the power to do so” …”I will conquer this day in a constant state of gratitude and happiness”

“My love will conquer the hate”…”My joy will conquer the sadness”  “My happiness will not be defeated” “My happiness is my gift; I’ll let no theif enter to steal it from me” “My happiness is my purpose to shine the light in a darken world” “My happiness will keep me lifted” “I claim and recieve my constant state of seen and unseen happiness”…Then seal it with a hearty “Amen”.