Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work- The Facts

In this review, my attempt is to pour out the facts concerning Wealthy Affiliate. The question is… Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? So by the end of the review, it is my intention to have given you enough facts, to help you form your own conclusion of the question presented.

With that said, let’s get this review started…




Price: Starter Member is free: Premium Member is $49 per/month

Owners: Kyle and Carson


Overall Rankings

Training: 4.8 out of 5.0

Website Builder: 4.9 our of 5.0

WordPress Hosting: 4.8 out of 5.0

Research Tools: 4.6 out of 5.0

WA Support: 5.0 out of 5.0

Success Reports: 4.5 out of 5.0


What’s Wealthy Affiliate All About?

Wealthy Affiliate is so many things, to many people, desiring to make it successfully online. It is considered one of the best platforms to learn internet marketing in its totality.

It does not matter what level of expertise you have, in any industry, regardless… WA enables growth, acceleration (helps you to thrive at a phenomenal rate) per training and execution of what’s taught.

W A, is generally opened to anyone to come, who wants an effective internet presence, at the same time needing a platform that provides everything needed to become positioned in the online business arena.

As to include learning resources, learning tools, tutorials, assistance in any business area/industry, motivation,  and 24/7 support.  WA equips you with a community of like minded people, who are there to help and support you every step of the way.

The unique, rather the most powerful thing about the platform, is that you are required to apply the knowledge you’ve learned on each  lesson… To actively position and build your business for crucial results.

It is platform, that is also community based, where everyone celebrate, encourage, support milestones, praise business accomplishments, give phenomenal value, share advice and tips with others.


Who Is It For?

It is for those who want to learn, more about the affiliate industry; For people who are new to starting a successful online/internet business.

It is for those who are interested in branding…  Or desire to spread awareness of a specific interest online.

It is for those who need a website/blog. People realizing the need to share their mission (purpose), passion… Or professional stand online.

It is for those who have hobbies, skills, or interests, they would love to take to the next level or monetize.

It is for those who are (already) in a business but have never made a penny online or earned only a bit.

It is for people who are specifically, wanting to spread insight and awareness to a certain group of people.

It is a platform for those who have already made a great income, but desire to learn the right way to maximize their efforts to earn more.

It is a platform for people who love and care about other people.  People who enjoy meeting new business contacts.

It includes the access to interact, with mentors, coaches, leaders from all over.

Regardless of the industry… They provide the platform for you to expand and fortify (strenghten) your network.


The Entrepreneur Certification

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is more like, their “universal” or signature training, specifically, for any entrepreneur; Regardless of their level of expertise, it is geared to walk individuals through “hand/hand” training. It’s solely about application of the knowledge learned.

In other words, as you are walked through each lesson, you are assigned to take action steps on your actual business. You will see your business improve and accelerate  daily per your action phase.

This is a five phase (50 lessons) course series; In which, you are walked through the process of creating and growing a business within any niche of your choice.  Here are the listings for the 5 phases of this training:

            Level 1:  Getting Started                                             Level 2:  Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

            Level 3:  Making Money!                                                        Level 4:  Mastering Social Engagement
                                  Level 5 : Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is a seven phase (70 lessons) series of courses, as well, which you are walked through the process of creating a business in any niche (you would like) related to  the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate. This is solely recommended, to those who haven’t a clue, or can’t tend to decide what they are most passionate about doing in life.

Here are the topic/listings of the seven phases of this training below:

Phase 1:  Getting Your Business Rolling

Phase 2:
  Content, Keywords and Conversions

Phase 3:  Lesson: Creating Readable Content that Converts
Giving Your Site Social Value

Phase 4:  Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media

Phase 5:  Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals

Phase 6:  Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC

Phase 7:  How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

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Building Websites

Wealthy Affiliate prides themselves for having the ability to help their members not only build their first website(s) within minutes…  But they also teach them how to have traffic/site visitors pouring in, through the power of SEO, search engine optimization. They show their members how to do this via of “step by step” tutorial videos.

Upon joining WA, as a free member, you are given two free (site-rubix) websites.  Including free hosting on WA platform…  To use for whatever you’d like. You are walked through and shown the process of how to build your sites successfully.

If you decide you’ll like to take your “web” interest to another level, you can have up to 50 websites hosted on their trusted and secure platform for $49.oo per month, in which some pay more than that for one site. Some have reported this fact alone, makes WA stand out uniquely among the rest.

You are taught how to not just build a site, but how to add valuable content that’s functional. The goal is to help their members content appear on the first page of the search engines, so the site actively delivers.

Site Content: Writing Platform

Is an editor tool within the platform, that caters to  both starters and premium members. It eases and enhances content writing capability.  There are quite a few things to add to list, that the site content does… For instances,

1.  Content Organization and Metrics

2.  Easy Publications To Websites

3.  Google Indexing Status

4.  Progress Tracking

5.  Goal Setting

6.  Real Time Content Calculations and Auto Saves

7. Layouts To Customize  Content Templates

8. Pre-Written Templates

A bit more is offered… But the primary goal for having all these enhancers listed is, mainly to increase productivity and goal setting in reference to an individual’s content writing and publishing ability.


Weekly Live Classes: Free Coaching Benefit

There are weekly live classes designed to help build your business.  Each Friday night is a live training session given by one of their top coaches, which is a free amenity to help dedicated members succeed.

The members have no excuse not to experience several victories and milestones by syncing with a master business coach, Jay. After each Friday night session, the coach introduces the  Q&A chat, so anyone can ask questions or concerns.

Also, let’s say you miss a weekly session or more, that’s okay. Members are allowed to watched the library of “replay” videos according to their available time and convenience.

Membership Options: The Price- You Decide Which Works For You

They have a free membership. They have an affordable paid membership, for those who want the maximum benefits. You can have either membership to get up and rolling. It’s totally up to the individual.



The platform entails everything needed to build and grow a successful online business.

They teach people how to compete in any business, that faces a saturated (crowded) niche.

They are not pushy, and encourage people to build an online business in a niche they are most passionate about.

Again, the platform is geared to help regardless of their “level of expertise” in a given industry.

The learning is so intensive until, any member can monetize their knowledge alone, and help others in various industries.

The CEO’s themselves are very active in the community. They teach in a simplified fashion and answer questions.

They have a rather unusual “state of the art” keyword tool, called Jaaxy, that’s pulls in abundantly great results. Plus the tool can be monetized via of their affiliate commission program.


Non Focus-  If you are not willing to focus and structure your learning according to the suggested lessons, you may possibly become overwhelmed exploring other things going on in the community.

For instance, the people in the community are super friendly and helpful, and they even share their personal blog content to help other…

But if you get to caught up into socializing with the community instead of building your business, it can slow your progress considerably. So focus may become an issue.

Writer’s Block-  Since websites, basically signifies  “building content flow”… You will be taught various tips on how to become effective at this with their platform called “Site Content”… But if you are not willing to “”learn how to” write optimized content to build your business, this can also slow the growth of your business.

You must have a desire to share the value. The more value you’re willing to promote the better. So you should have an ability to withstand this type of challenge.

You May Not Get Rich Overnight- Most people to none, that I know there, has gotten rich over night.  So if you are interested in Wealthy Affiliate, as a way to get rich/wealthy quick, you may be in for a dissapointment. Building your business is a process at WA, meaning, how soon things take off, will depend on your determination, persistence, passion and ability to become an avid action taker.

My Final Thoughts

How do I know some of the things, I write about? Yes, I am a member there and have gotten a chance to scope things out “first hand”.  As I recall, when I first ran into the WA platform, sure I had my doubts and concerns.  Trust and believe, once you’ve been hit by previous scams, it’s very hard to try again.

Also, I know through experience, after being online (since the mid 80’s) how important, it is to gather credible information, that helps formulate sound decisions.

But, in comparison, to other programs I’ve tried online to build my business, I must say Wealthy Affiliate is the one platform that has offered everything under one resourceful umbrella. I know longer have to search the entire web for bits and pieces of the value.  This platforms eases the pain/agony of the search.

They actually, provide the Online Business Blue Print.  I have mainly fair things to say about them, especially due to their good business ethics, value, care and support.

Now, I wouldn’t say building a business is “easy pleasy” but if you are serious and you create a schedule to work on your business consistently; You can become very successful with it over time. It is definitely worth the reward in the end.

I will have to give WA a big “go”.  Based on the fact, that folks can set up a profile and join for free, to explore the worth of the platform.  In turn, they are able to, get up and going, toward building and growing a successful online business.

Note: The title sparks the question “Does wealthy affiliate really work?”   Ofcourse, here I given you facts best I can, nevertheless, at the end of the day, the ball is in your court. You are now the referee, all the best to your success.

How To Join

If interested in joining, it is rather easy. But to really get the most out of the platform as a newbie there, you will be taken more seriously, if you set up your free profile, first.  That way people can read it, discover whether they share your same interest and passion as you. Relax, initially, just take advantage of the free resources if you like, explore, learn, and enjoy your journey. Enter Here ==>> Wealthy Affiliate University