Why Is It Necessary To Set Up Your Social Media Profiles?

If you are interested in connecting with others…Whether it’s got something to do with business connections or simply connecting with people who share your interest; Then most likely, it will be handy for you to master the skill of, setting up your profile, once you’ve started a preferred account.

Hopefully, by the end of this message, you would have developed a better understanding, more confidence and persistence, when it comes to setting up a social media profile.

How It Works?

Okay, just for the sake of newbies, I’ll explain how this works.  You see whenever, you start a social media account, most platforms will give you the option to set up a profile.

A profile is an area within the platform, that allows you to tell others exactly who you are, what you do (profession/trade/business) also, you can highlight your interests and hobbies. It is also a great place to represent your personal brand, purpose or allow others to read your mission statement.

Why It’s Crucial To Set Up Your Profile?

It is definitely the place to start, it provides a meeting place for people who are interested in you, to learn more about you. Without a profile people are left to wonder about you or what you do.  You see, most people who already understand the value of a profile, automatically know to click on profiles of interest to learn more about the person.  Your profile helps to “break the ice” and help others to determine how to better connect with you.  There are so many value points when it comes to setting up your social media profile. So let’s jump into this list of why it’s  crucial.

People Will Take You More Seriously- This fact alone, is a reason why it’s crucial to set up your profile on every platform, that allows you a chance to do so. There are people, who will not even view your content, without a proper pic/image or profile information. A pic is so important.  Remember, most people by nature are “visual creatures”  point blank.

The visual breaks the ice.  It let’s people know, you are serious concerning your online presence.  It indicates that you’ve got nothing to hide. It indicates that you are not intentionally hiding behind an icon.  It says that you’re not online to lurk or play games. Instead it signifies to your audience, that you have great intentions and purpose within the network as the majority.

Great Connection Source– When people go to your profile, they can determine by your info, whether they’ll love to network with you. This can be the start of great connections with other like minded great people.  Also, you may have the chance to exchange ideas,  gather advice,  share tips, get assistance, valuable insight and more.

Niche Finder- Seek to find your niche, these are the people who specifically share your interest.  Profiles, also allows people in your niche to find and connect with you. There are many ways to reach out to others who share your interests and concerns.  The foundation will start with your great profile.

When people who share ‘like minds” hook up, it’s easier to chat about things because you share common grounds.  Remember, you should be reading profiles that spark your interest.  That way, you are able to determine the worthiness of the contacts.  It’s kind of like a “two way street” though, that may possibly lead to interesting avenues.

Build On Your Expertise/Skills/Passion-   In the profile area, you can also, highlight your biggest assets and abilities. That’s right, go for it, don’t hesitate to expose what you’re most passion about.

This is a place, to share your lovable, addictive hobbies, crafts and other interests.  Reveal what led up to your current interest/skills or passions?  Or how  you would like to serve others? … Things along that nature. Then you can always share “your story” or testimonial, it’s up to you.

Expose Your Credentials- What are your credentials? If you have any pertaining to your interest, why not list them?  Speaking of credentials, don’t worry if you feel you’ve none to list… You see, all success oriented people have credentials.  One of the biggest credentials, is the ability to make an impact concerning a need or changing something for the betterment.

A great accomplishment or credential, could be something as big/little as… A serious, unstoppable, positive and persistent mindset. People who share your interest are usually, excited to see you level up.  So feel free and share. Always come to the table, with a positive mindset, ready to serve from the heart.

Share Your Sites/Blogs- If you have a website already or blog spot, this is the designated area to share it. Yes, right there in your profile area, you should definitely not forget to introduce your sites.

Your website or blog, is the hub or center attraction of your most valuable content. If you’re an author, you can briefly introduce your new book(s) release. So naturally, it makes perfect sense to allow your profile visitors a chance to explore more about you by checking out your sites.

Note: Most social medias consider sharing links throughout the platform, as means of spamming unless indicated.  Follow the proper protocol (rules) for sharing your links.  Most allow links in profile area, which is yet another reason it’s crucial to set up your profile.

Disservice Galore- So there, with all the listed reasons above detailing the value of setting up a profile… Can you easily see, how it will become a dis-service not to have a proper profile?

Most who have learned the ropes, to social media/platforms standards, rules, or behaviorism are already doing this.  But it’s okay, being socially professional online is a learning process.

Quick Testimonial…

For instance,  I can recall, when I was once the “new kid” on the block.  There were many platforms of interest, I would join, but simply refuse to upload a picture or share any information concerning myself of substance and value.  I didn’t take time to learn nor read up on social media. I just dive swiftly into the deep.

I missed the mark seriously until I learned better.  I can’t begin to tell you of the entire difference it made, once I learned the right way.  I had more confidence in myself.  In turn, I  was able to make great social and professional connections. I’ve landed awesome friends and great business partners and expanded my network this way.

Make The Change: To Set Things Straight

When it comes to business… Always remember, your image/pic is attributes seriously to your brand.   So does the information included in your profile. So take pride in putting some thought and value into everything written in your profiles.  That will represent you …You are a brand of greatness, just saying. Deciding to do something different introduces a change… Why not?   “A Change Can Be Great”


Crucial To Do: Update Your Profile

Another thing crucial to do, is to update your profile as needed. If there are any changes in your information, it will need to be edited or updated.  For instance, you may have new interests and no longer interested in the old…Or it could be you’d rather include the new info/updates to the existing information.   Or you may have an entirely different website or blog to include.

The best time to update, is when the changes occur. Hopefully you’ve a log of all of your platforms providing the profiles (username/passwords) that you’ll need to visit for updates. Do it soon as possible, because, when profiles are active, they’re usually available, searchable and clickable by the minute.


How To Make It Pop

Once you’ve realized why a profile should be set up; The another great thing to do… Is to make it pop.  Which really means, to make your profile stand out.  So there you are, ready to set up a new (or another) profile and haven’t a clue where to begin. Don’t worry, it’s happened to many. This one, really deserves to be explained more in details on another chat… So let’s make a “record breaking” quick dive in…

Tip #1. Be your own “unique’ positive self… There’s no one more unique than you… Just know, you have untapped greatness galore.

Tip #2. Share A Beautiful “Virtual Smile” (A smile alone, speaks volumes… It’s generated by your positive message tone)…That’s your V-Smile.

Tip #3.  Create a true “short story” of your success challenge or journey. (Stories are powerful, they inspired and motivate the senses)…

I could go on and on, but I promised to make this a “quick dive” so in due respect, I’m doing just that, plus it’s a whole new subject, and would hate to bore you silly, lol.

That’s It…But I’ve Questions For You

With all of that being said…What are your thoughts? What do you think about setting up profiles? Have you ever not set up profiles?  If so, what did you experience or notice?  Do you think it’s seriously worth it as a brand?







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