A Power Of Greatness

Wouldn’t it be nice to choose your own purpose in life and then have whatever it is that you’d love to have come out of it.  Well, what if I told you, it’s very possible to do so.  All due to an inborn power of greatness that awaits for it’s freedom call.

A Power Of Greatness Does Exist


You see, there’s a great power that’s under your control and the power even allows you to control the means to achieve whatever it is that you seek to accomplish. If you have in anyway ever, tasted the delicious taste of success in your life, then you know what helped you to reach your destination, right?  You may even be in the process of establishing more  plans/goals to reach other success marks.  Maybe you need  to be refreshed on somethings or simply enjoy the positives, then stay tuned.

Also, it doesn’t matter about your social status, education or anything else to be exact. Just know there is something that’s greater than all your fears, superstitions, poverty, lack of education, even all of this combined!  So just because you are where you are now doesn’t mean you will stay there. It will strictly be up to you to use one of the strongest powers you own from within.

What Is This Power?

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That power is your MIND. the power to take possession and control of your own fate somewhat. You can actually direct your mind to acquire the life you desire only if you believe, achieving is very possible.  It will be most important how you direct or steer your mind to perceive things. For instance, as the fore-mentioned poverty, you should never speak of lack even if you are experiencing it. Instead, speak of ways you intend to solve poverty. Seek , find and speak of ways you will solve it and really become a success story. Watch the words you speak into existence, speak, dwell on and activate success through the power of your mind and faith.

You see your success begins with a clear picture embedded in your mind about the success you want out of life. Since, I’ve already discussed the various mindsets on another post. I will just point out here that it helps to have a positive mindset geared for development and growth. The take away thought from this is that “your mind is a powerful tool” it’s really a unique gift that comes as a choice. You would be amazed at some of the choices made due to  “locked” mindsets, fears, lack of knowledge and awareness. But that’s okay, that sometimes signifies the beginning of the end…LoL.

How Can Constructive n Positive Thinking Activate Success?


Well, you see simply because the mind is so powerful and you have a choice to apply it as a means to your ends. Here’s basically how it works, once you’ve chose the right mindset (let’s say one of positivity, growth and success), you will find yourselves attracted to people who think the same way.  You will find yourselves reading  and listening to things that encourages and strengthens your mind-set even more.  You will find yourselves speaking words of power not defeat, words signifying abundance instead of lack, thinking powerful thoughts of greatness…getting the pic?

So You’re Telling Me The Desired Changes Comes Strictly By Thinking?

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Wow, let’s dig a bit deeper but let’s make it brief.  You see by choosing the right mindset and getting rid of “stinking thinking”  choosing to empower your thoughts to that of only positive, success and prosperity…mentally prioritize and shoves your thoughts into their rightful place. Also, by having the right thoughts in mind, produces the right AcTioNs!  Which in turn,  produces the right habits which all leads to the right results.  Yes, action is the “take away” word here!

So what I’m telling you in a “crystal nutshell” is that one has the mind power or control to steer their minds into actions that eventually produces genuine results.  Your powerful (correct) mindset will desperately steer you to move in the right direction.  You will become a seeker and a doer that will not accept quitting as an option! Your powerful mindset will prompt you to keep your “eyes on the prize” and reward you with the passion, persistence, patience and zeal that’s needed. You will find yourselves forced to focus mainly on your “whys” for developing such mindset in the first place.

It’s Just That Powerful!

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Folks, this is as powerful as it gets…The mind, once properly positioned to pursue success is a really powerful thing and should not be under-rated, by no means.  Okay, I so get it that many who are already on their success journey, may already know this information (lol), however, if this helps those or at-least one individual who need a little shove in the right direction, then great!…Mission Accomplished.


“The degree of your mindset will confine you – just as the breadth of your open-heartedness will set you free” – Rasheed Ogunlaru