Build An Online Business- But Keep The Cash Flowing

If  you have an entrepreneur’s spirit and intend to build your online business while pulling in another cash flow such as a job for instance; Then you’ve landed in the right place. This chat may be of  interest to you.

You’ll need the cash flow to cover your necessary living expense and savings if you’re able.  You see, your having an income source is more like insurance and re-assurance to you, that you’re more in a position to build a business.

Note: And I’m aware of the fact, that having no source of income can also encourage someone to strive even harder, to challenge what may seem impossible for most. In cases, it has been done, my thoughts, what a miracle.  On the flip, it just makes sense if you do have… To consider all factors.

My intention, is to point out the importance of having a cash flow as you build an online business.  I will discuss the mindset, qualities a entrepreneur should have.  I will chat about the inventory questions, the job, the plan, and a bit more.

Is it possible to build your online business while working your job?  We will share challenges and how to possibly solve them. So let’s get going.

The Journey Begins Here

If you’ve decided to challenge this business journey, Congrats! Especially, since you’ve decided to start a rewarding path that can blossom your passion and create the wealth you deserve.  Already, you have stepped ahead of many, who have not challenged, the things they are most passionate about. You’d be surprised how many people talk about their dreams but never take action to make them happen.

When it comes to an online business, a challenge becomes more than the expected; Unless, you are taught exactly how and what to do. So, it will take a “success seeking” mindset to explore the path of becoming great.  So… Let’s chat more about mindset… Before we jump into keeping the importance of a current cash flow.


The Right MindSet Is A Building Block

Whether, it’s to fuel your biggest dream or simply to increase your cash flow; It will always help to develop the right mindset.  The right mindset means everything in a business. It’s like the very foundation and first set of building blocks necessary to get you up and going.

The right mindset will help you to stay uplifted and focused toward your plans, goals and actions.

In comparison to a job… You were likely hired due to your positive mindset, ability, willingness, and necessary skills to perform the job.

In other words you were qualified for the position based on great characteristics and expected performance traits.  So when it comes to your business, in a sense, you should be equipped and qualified as well.

Just know and believe, whether you are capable and qualified to build a thriving and prosperous business. Your positive  success mindset, will propel you into action to grasp and seek the  right skill-sets and knowledge required. This is why it’s  crucial to have the right mindset.

Where Do You Stand?

Now let’s move on….So what’s up with the job? First, you may need to do  a thorough, self inventory every once in a while, to see exactly where you stand in relations to your job satisfaction. Interesting thing is, I’ve chatted with a few people who’ve actually stated that they were happy with their job.

Saying, they had never considered anything different.  In some cases, their attitudes toward their job may exist, because that’s all they were ever taught.  They may have  never been taught to explore the industry of entrepreneurship.

On the flip side, some may have understood the full scope of becoming an entrepreneur…  But due to fear of the unknown, may have opted to stay in  the “zone of the known”  instead.

At times it may seem easier doing the things you’re most used to than challenging a change in life. I get that, because at one point and time, I qualified as a person “fearful of the unknown’ until I learned better. But due to “self inventory” and developing the right mindset to challenge the “unknown” actually helped me to realize where I really stood.

Now Take Inventory: A Few Inventory Questions To Ask

The main takeaway here, is that you are inspired to take a quick “self inventory” stop and think…”Exactly where do I stand in relations to my job satisfaction?” Or do I really feel total freedom being managed by a system?

Try, this question to pique your senses “What does it really feel like being at the very top, positioned as my own CEO?  Or…What steps can I take to become more successful? Where do I start? Do I even want to start? How important is my success to me or my family?

Let’s Chat: What’s Up With The J-O-B?


Ok, the verdict’s in….And it turns out the real truth is that not all people are wired with an entrepreneurial spirit. Some people are just passionate or satisfied, working for others who dictate the rules and navigate their financial fate. They may have a satisfactory job that produces satisfactory results and the bucks stop there.

Then, you have these people who absolutely want the quickest route out of the “rat race”…These people evidently have discovered they may have legit reasons to want bigger and better on their own terms…

It could be due to, them not getting appreciation for hard work, not getting fair benefits and pay, not having the opportunity to advance, or even feeling dehumanized on their job, the list goes on and on.

There are lots of reason people are starting to want more. Depending on their circumstances, can you not blame them? But the beauty of it all, is there’s a way out of the madness. It will be entirely up to you to consider available solutions.

No. Don’t Quit Your Job…Just Yet Anyways

If anyone suggest for you to quit your job, so you can start plunging toward your dreams;  It might not be a bad idea to run (fast) to the nearest border.   Not to say,  it’s never happened for someone to be so “fed up” that they walked away from the job and told the boss “bye bye”…. Stepped into the entrepreneurial role and struck success quickly.  It just may not be that easy for everyone.

Why?   Realistically, quitting your job without a huge stash saved or a financial back up plan… May not be possible.  But what may be possible and make you feel great, is the ability to use your job as a “necessary tool” to build your business.  And once your business income has doubled or tripled that of your job… Then maybe consider telling the boss “Bye-Bye”…

Always proceed with a wise exit plan that will insure and secure your livelihood and that of your family. It’s all in the planning and timing.

Recap:  Always “think before you act”…What works for others may not be the right move for you at a given time. Remember, what the grannies used to say about patience “Patience is a virtue”…Patience actually allows more time to think and prepare and make wiser choices.

Build The Online Business: But Consider A Plan

How about an action plan? An action plan, as related to business, is a sequence of steps and strategies that must be taken to succeed. The three crucial things to consider with this plan is:

1) Consider what needs to be done

2) Consider when it needs to be done

3) Consider how it’s to be done

4) Funding Access…Let’s chat more about this one

Funding Access/Source

It’s crucial to chat about the “funding source or the cash flow” because this factor relates one hundred percent, to why you may need to exercise patience in keeping your job. As you may know, a job can be your blessing in disguise when it comes to building your internet business on the side…Or what most like to refer as a side hustle.

With a job, comes possibilities to empower your business. You can set up a business account, where you can build a savings specifically for the success of your business. But most internet businesses required very little “overhead” operational expenses.

Also, a job is the avenue, that can position you to get that “walk away money” whether it comes before or after retirement; That’s a boost to fund your dreams even more.

Honor and Respect Your Job…Here’s Why

Sure, a job comes with it’s pro’s and con’s. But when it comes to the con’s, you can flip it, by changing the way you view your job. The mind is capable of changing directions by will, when it comes to positive thinking. The fact, that you are working on your dream, your own business alone…Is enough to change a lot of feelings toward your job.

Whether your job is great or not so great. Start seeing your job, as an avenue to become financially independent. I get it, if your job is so disturbing that you can’t mentally take another day of it, that’s different. Do the best thing for your circumstance. If necessary seek professional help because your mental state of being is crucial, pending not only job performance but most importantly your health.

Yes, honor and respect your job, by putting aside a time to work on your business during “off hours” from your job. So it’s important not to do your business on paid time. Honor and respect, also demonstrates a lot about your character and willingness to be the best you can be.

Be and Do Your Best

See your job, as a demonstration of how you diligently work to do and be the best at whatever you set out to do. Whether you know it or not, you are honing great mental and physical skill sets. You are daily practicing and “practice makes perfect” at-least it’ll get you close enough to perfection. which , can become a plus to your own business.

This is why you should change your views, if not already to the positive, and feel great knowing you are working on your dreams on the sideline. What may feel bare and hopeless to most, who are not satisfied with a J-o-B… Is not having a purpose or dream to look forward to, that can possibly be the solution to their success, peace and happiness.

Yes, It Is Possible

So you see, it is more than possible to build a great internet business, or any other for that matter, while working your job. Again, it starts with the right business mentality, passion, persistence, a reasonable action plan and execution. A job can easily become everything you never thought it could be, once you have a “game plan” to work it in your favor. Going to the “job” everyday will begin to represent your map to your very own business success.

Recommendations: On How To Begin Building An Online Business?

For newbies, just starting off wanting to build an online business, it may seem very challenging and scary at first.  But the best way to eliminate fear, is through the power of knowledge.  Knowledge and the “know hows” will certainly graduate you into a new world of confidence and momentum.

If you’re like me when I first started my online journey. I was chasing the “free’ wagons.  No, I’m not a cheapo (lol).  I love opportunities to test the drive then discover the fit.   In comparison… It’s like buying a  pair of shoes.  You’ll first want to try them on to see if they fit before you even dream of making the next move. If the shoe fits you can wear it. If it doesn’t you go elsewhere.  So, as with anything, I’ll say, exploring options helps.

With that said, I learned everything I needed to know about an online business.  Within a platform, that allowed me to learn how (hands on) to build my online business and to grow it.  I will share the value and solutions with you.  Hey, it’s all about what you need and how dedicated you are to achieve online success.

Enough said…  Go ahead set up your free account, establish your free profile, and I hope to establish a relationship with you.  You’ve nothing to lose, maybe something to gain. It all depends. Realistically, everything is not for everyone. Hope you found a tidbit of value from this read.


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