Can A Business Challenge Be Good?



Can A Business Challenge Really Be Good?

Ever approach a “bump” in the road or better put, having to do something mandatory for your success but it wasn’t as easy as 1-2-3?  I can recall, back in the day when I was eager to become an administrative secretary. I enrolled in a technical school that offered the course and got started. I was off to a good start, on a positive note, with a beautiful, positive and energetic mind-set . However, as the instructors started throwing out the syllabus/requirements only then did I realize this would be quite some journey (lol)…One of my biggest hurdles to jump was the over 60-65 words p/m keystroke requirement!  Whoa…and not to mention there were tons of other administrative hurdles- YeS, I’m here to tell you the plot thickened.


Did I press the panic buttons, I won’t lie…yes I did (lol)…However, I thought of my why’s and I quickly started a phase of mentally re-grouping.  I took the challenge on! I made up my mind, I would have to work hard by following directions without taking the short-cuts or doing things the way I felt best.  I noticed the smarter students, appeared to “live” for a challenge; They always appeared so full of hope and confidence.  I secretly wanted so much to have those qualities.

I knew I would have to study harder than the rest, pay closer attention to details, as not to make things harder and to become a great listener and action taker for each task. By the way, I was giving it all I had; As I’ll never forget those long hours of practicing even, while watching my fellow class-mates gradually vacate the room as I continued to struggle!  With tons of practice, I became one of the greatest action taker it seems, simply by developing and applying a warrior’s mind-set.  Also, due to my “whys” I often found myself in a focused and dedicated  unstoppable mode.  


As a result of it all,  I eventually exceeded the required keyboard strokes.  In addition to that, I mastered the art of never glancing at one single key on the keyboard!   The challenge had paid off in a great way. As a result, I too begin to feel confident and full of hope for my future. I’d learn lots and was equipped and ready to apply my skills abroad…whoo-hoo!  Needless to state, the moment of graduation was one of the best moments ever; A smile radiated from the inside- out, it really was a moment of greatness and joy.

So what’s the morale of this story?  AnD…What does this have in common with business?  Well, as anything else in life, there are phases in our businesses life whereas, we may feel it’s necessary to take the “challenge”  and learn more.  There may be a need to grow or become more productive in our business, even if it does present a challenge.  Our “whys’ or reasons we decided to do business in the first place will propel us forward, in the right direction.  Our  “why’s”  will be the “leading force” and will actually navigate our direction.


As a determined business people, we should always ensure that we are equipped with the right education which in turn will develop the right skills. Also, know that, skills are like strong fibers that, lead to mind-set enhancements, strong business posture, confidence and the ability to work more effectively. To sum it all up in a nutshell,  challenges has it’s  hidden rewards, that in time powerfully rises and comes to surface.  So challenges always  has and always will be…A  Really Good Thing!  

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Thought Questions:  What are some challenges you have faced?  Can you share your “story” your lessons with others?  What were the lessons learned?   How did the challenge(s) affect you?  


“Education Is A Compass For The Journey”

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