How To Create Your Website- Like A Pro

If you are promoting your skills, interest or business products and services online or offline and you do not have a website. This chat is for you. Sure people have various intentions in mind concerning what they promote to others. But, for those who are really serious about getting a message out there to a particular audience. A website should be one of your first priorities!

Don’t worry if you are marketing yourself and business on the various social media platforms, you are on track to getting your brand out there to the world. But stop and take a minute to think… Whenever, your message is delivered to the audience of choice… Do you also have a hub to navigate them to, that entails more detailed information and resources?

You Should Have A Permanent Location

Okay, what I mean by this is that every serious entrepreneur should have a permanent hub or location to steer their niche audience to. A hub is there for the long haul, in this case it should be your website. Yes, your website is your address and permanent location on the world wide web.

It’s where you direct your desired audience to hang out and learn the maximum of what you offer and everything that you’re about… How awesome is that?

Why It’s So Important To Have A Website?

It’s important to have a website. A website is like your store front that exposes all the quality you have to offer. It’s a place where you can brand, stand and represent all you stand for. It’s a place where your content is king, and absolutely no-one can decide to pull your content or erase it.

Speaking of erasing and pulling content, this is exactly what most social media platforms can do to your content. They can at anytime due to their discretion pull or even delete your content. All the content that you share without a website, is at the discretion of any social media platform to keep or totally get rid of.

However, if you have your own personal website, there’s no way they can strip your “hard thought of content” from you nor ever totally delete it. When you have your own website or platform, you can create your content from your personal platform then easily shoot it out to all of your other platforms, at the same time having complete control and maintenance of all of your “hard-earned” original content. Now tell me how awesome is that?

More Reasons It’s Important To Own Your Own Website

Dedication- Of-course, you need to own your own website, because it shows that you are serious about what you represent or do. It shows that you are professional and have put lots more effort into your brand and cause than the average person. Your websites speaks volumes and puts you in the fore-front as an authoritative person of value.

Trusted Source- When you have a website presence, it puts you ahead of the rest in the sense, that most will see your presence as one to trust due to the value presented after searching for a desired outcome. Yes, this usually happens when your website is optimized or searchable on the web.

Reliability- Also, people will tend to feel your content is more reliable since you have a permanent hub to store it in. They can have easy access to learn the most by simply referring back to your site. They don’t have to worry about your content disappearing, unlike on many social platforms that are here today then gone tomorrow.

For instance, Google Plus Communities was a cool place to find a cess pool of content regardless of the niche; That is until the administrators, recently notified their posters/content producers rather customers that they were shutting the platform down for good.

Can you imagine all the valuable content many people without websites had created, only to watch their hard work go to “internet dust” … seriously? Sure they suggested people try to back up the content during a certain time frame, but I’m not at all sure every individual even did that. Which is why websites are a must when it comes to an information hub.

Now You Know Why… Let’s Chat About How?

By now, you may see why it’s crucial to have a website… But it’s just as crucial to show you how to get up and going with a website for your handle. You’ll be amazed how easy it is with the magic of automation and technology. You can set up a functional website in a matter of seconds. With that said, let’s dive into how?

First… A few terms to know:

Word Press (CMS)- A content management system, widely used by many… Or a software used to build your website or blog to be published on the internet.

Domain- Is the name of your website.

Hosting- is considered the hub or place where your website files are kept.

WebSite Builder

A website builder is a tool designed to simplify the technical stuff. You don’t need to hire a professional to build your site; It’s so simple and it easily let’s you become the professional builder. You don’t have to worry about the coding and programming. The web builder is equipped to automate all of this for you. It is great for beginners because the steps are so easy.

You basically follow the given prompts or steps and before you know it, your site is up and going. You will need a provider that offers this service, which is quite easy to find. However, not all providers are created equally when it comes to the best quality and support.

Now… Are You Ready To Create Your Website Like A Pro?

If your answer is yes. Again, release any fears or doubts. I say this with assurance, because I can recall building my first website. I thought thank God for all this cool technology, which is so smooth and easy, even a kid can ace it.  But, just one more thing… Always incorporate “having fun” into your learning, training and doing which may help you to stay for the long haul.

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