Why It’s Important To Do More

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Whatever business you are promoting, you will find it most beneficial to invest and take serious action.  Once you have a chosen niche, a great website, and showing what you’ve got to the world, that’s great and you are well on your way.  So you have a website and you are promoting it; Is that really all to it?  Well, to put it bluntly an entrepreneur can grow a business a little or a lot.

The “little or lot” theory strictly depends on the efforts of the business owner or business team. If you are serious about the growth of your business, you will create serious growth plans and goals.  Also, you should not only establish a “plan of action” but  take the action steps required to grow your business.  Allow the power of leveraging to motivate you to do other things  for your business.

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Let’s assume you have already chopped through the preliminaries of getting your business up and going.  Such as establishing your business plans, goals, mission statement, marketing projects, strategies…things along that nature. While you are promoting your website online, consider other business projects to spurt your growth.  Just think, more is always better than less in most cases…lol.

Are you enjoying the idea of having a successful business?  Are you finding conversation intervals to learn about others and see how you are able to solve any of their “applicable”  problems with your business solution?  At the appropriate times, are you helping or sharing contact info. to those who might need to locate you to find out more about you or your solutions?


If you are into promoting offline as well,  have you considered the power of business car magnets or other offline marketing ploys.  Often, I see cars with not only business magnets but are painted and driven strictly for advertisement purposes. Why do you see so many cars painted like crazy…Because it’s powerful!

 Also, I can recall, how the car magnet worked for one of my past businesses. Not only did I use a magnet but gave one to a family member to use on a car due to his active city driving.  People would contact from all over,  stating they “saw that car magnet”…lol.

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Are you encouraging friends and family to serve as your referral fleet? If you have a great supportive slew of family and friends then referrals could be a great suggestion. Referrals also work best among customers or clients who have already accessed your solutions. If they are satisfied with your business not only will they be eager to refer others but they might even agree to share their experiences or story as well.   Word of mouth has always been known to be an effective marketing strategy.  Speaking of doing more for your business, this method should always be the order of the day.

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If you are never out and about but do your business strictly online…Are you providing necessary feed back and follow ups.  Are your email follow ups personal with a genuine tone?  Are you actually walking the “extra” business mile? Are you constantly meeting others and effectively networking meaningful relationships? These are just a few thought questions to create mental pondering.

Guess, all I’m trying to relate is that, sowing more seeds produce more of a harvest than sowing less.  Whenever planting your business seeds, just remember, it will be a process.  By exercising patience and accurately planting your seeds along with diligence and consistency you will gradually see the desired growth spurts.


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