Avon Review- Is Selling Avon Worth It

If you’d like to learn more about the Avon business you’ve here at the right time and place. Also, I’ll throw in a thought concerning my Avon journey. When looking for extra streams of income that suits your personal taste; It can be a jungle out there. But the good part is, there is power in a handy review. With that said let’s jump right into it…


Name: Avon

Website: https://www.Avon.com

Price: Avon Starter Kit- $25.00 Also available $50 up to $100 premium kits

Founder: David H. McConnell (Year:1886)

Niche: Beauty/Cosmetics, Jewelry, Fashion, Household, Personal Care, Toys, etc.

Most Popular Sales Method: Direct Sales

Business Model: Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Overall Rank: 2 out of 100 (DSN 2018)


Avon has been around for over 130 years, with due commends to it’s founder, David McConnell. It is one of the oldest direct selling companies around. The company has offices in over 150 countries globally. Employing over 50,000 workers, they had been members of the Direct Selling Association for decades… But evidently has been reported to have left in 2014.

They have moved headquarters from the U. S to operate it’s global business from offices in the U.K. They also recently appointed a new executive vice president and chief financial officer, Gustavo Arnal, effective as of Spring of 2019. The existing chief executive officer, rather standing CEO is Jan Zijderveld as of Feb. 2018.

Product Overview

Some of their most popular products include many brands for example, Skin-So-Soft, Clearskin, Anew, Avon True Color, Advance Techniques, Avon Care and more. They have an estimation of over 5 to 6 million sales representatives participating in at-least 100 countries or more promoting the products.

According to their site per “Animal Welfare Policy” they claim they do not test any of their products on animals in the U. S, Canada, nor Puerto Rico. They indicate that their products have gone through thorough and rigorous safety evaluations and can be used with confidence.

Who Is Their Products For?

Since 1886, the company has been known as “the company for women” … A company that represented innovation and beauty for women, which it still does. But let’s flip the pages to the new era of the company; And you may notice “today” they have many products for men, and kids as well. It appears this has positioned them to serve more and better.


Yes, the company is known for giving others interested, a chance to work as a representative for a side hustle or career choice for the right individuals. You are given an opportunity to sign up under a current Avon sponsor and promote the products as an independent representative.

Let’s explore more about how it all works… Maybe, discussing the start up cost will be a cool place to get started. Then I’ll share more details concerning the compensation, benefits, pros and cons of the business. So hang on, here we go…

Start Up Cost

The price to start up this business varies. There are three kits a new representative can buy. It depends, solely on the representative’s decision as which kit works best for them. The kits and prices are as follows:

1. Quick Starter Kit- $25.00

2. Advanced Starter Kit- $50.00

3. Premium Starter Kit- $100.00

Traditional Selling Cycle

Once a new representative get started, she/he will either decide to do business with, or without the company’s replicate website… Or they may choose to sell both on/offline. Regardless, I will discuss for now how the “traditional” rather, offline sells usually take place in a few listed steps:

1. Find The Customers: This is up to the representative. The company may have the resources and tools. But the real motivation and effort starts with the rep.

2. Market The Business: There are many ways, but since the business is a well-known brand, most place brochures and booklets in several settings. Some may do neighborhood door marketing, or permission based business drops. These are “ole school” ways that may or not work as great. Some deal mostly with the niche of people they already know or encounter during their regular daily routines.

3. Confirm & Secure Orders: Once you have gotten and confirmed your orders, it’s up to you to decide how to collect payments from customers. There are ways to secure your payment, you may need to direct all concern to your sponsor.

4. Deliver The Products and Get Paid: Again, it’s up to the representative how to determine how to secure their efforts, time and money in order to receive the best experience.


There is a kick start program, that’s offered to every new representative who comes into the business. This program is specifically designed to help the new reps “kick start” their business… Or give them a more successful start. Let’s break it down more. You see there are 7 campaigns included…

In-case you’re not use to the terminology… A campaign is a two weeks sales period. Specific items for sale may be placed in a specific (campaign) booklet for two weeks. So after those two weeks, new sales booklets (or campaign) will arrive. Many times with different items, specials and added to the campaign.

Now let’s chat a bit about this program designed to give all newbies a head start by “amphing” up the commission:

The Kick Start Program: The First 7 Campaigns

On your 1st campaign- You can submit an order of any size and you’ll get a 40% commission.

2nd campaign- If you submit an order of at-least 150 dollars… You will earn 40% commission.

3rd campaign- when you submit an order of at-least 200 dollars, you will earn commissions of 40%…

4th campaign- on the fourth one, if you’re able to get an order of 250 dollars, you’ll earn the 40% commission.


5th, 6th and 7th campaign- Your order should at-least start at 300 up to 400 dollars to get the 40% commission.


After The 7th Campaign: Here’s The Earning Chart




$1.00 thru 149.99 =  20% 

$ 150.00 thru 299.99 = 30%

$300 thru 499.99 = 35%

$500 or More = 40%

FASHION & HOME:  All Fashion/Home Items; Earnings =  20%


The Sales Leadership Program

Now this program tends to give their representatives a chance to climb up the success ladder. The reps can earn more by recruiting and sponsoring other qualified recruits. So the gist is to lead, build and teach others, to become successful and it will increase your earnings.

There Are 3 Ways To Earn With This:

1. Promotions

2. Mentoring Bonuses

3. Residual Income (That’s getting paid over and over for work you’ve done)



It is an avenue to earn extra cash in your pocket. You can create your own schedule or hours to work.

The start up fee to become a representative is reasonable in comparison to most mlm businesses.

Once you join, there’s free resources, tools, training and support to help you operate your business.

There’s an automatic “branded” advantage due to the popularity of Avon’s continuous business history… Over 130 years.

They now give their representatives a free replicate website (online store)…


Crowded Market… Or lots of competition . Many younger people (millennial) may identify the business as one for the older generation. Due to the “slow move” toward aggressively embracing the digital world, it may be more of a challenge to gain optimal success. (A niche market may add the needed fiber to succeed in the over saturate/crowded market).

Small commissions given per bucks earned: Your percentage compared to the company’s percentage is quite unbalanced. You may have to work extremely hard to qualify to earn the 20%… And even harder to maintain the more decent rate of 40% or 50% per sales.

The ones who are the most successful, are the ones who not only sell it, but recruit others to sell; The team must work extremely hard to become effective.

Having to deal with (some) local customers who do not pay according to plan may be discouraging. If selling offline, you may have to package and deliver all the products to each location. You’re responsible for merchandise returns and keeping your direct customers satisfied.

Unfortunately, Avon brand recognition is way higher than the actual reported sales. “The company estimates that around 98% of consumers know the brand, but only 5%-10% have sufficient access to buy its products.” –Source: Coresight Research


Avon is a legitimate company and has been around since forever. However, this does not erase the fact, that the company does need continuous recruiting efforts to stay afloat. Enough said there, as I know many Corporate jobs that’s built on a similar model.

I feel there’s a particular percentage of representatives who can actually become successful enough to quit a job or work it totally as a primary business. It may take lots of patience “sweat, hard work and dedication” as it’s been proven to be possible by some.

However, the majority of representatives I know have tried and stopped the business, reporting the passion and love of the products is what kept them afloat rather than the expected earnings.

I actually became a rep because I wanted the discounts for myself. But eventually I started leaving booklets and selling to others. The thing I liked least about it was the 20% discount. As my orders were never big enough to qualify for the 40% which would have required more time and effort on my part.

Even when the 40% is made, looking at how much money collected by the company in relations to what the representative is given, automatically sends a red flag when it comes to commissions.

I know Avon have their challenges and from what I’ve discovered, they are actually making greater strides toward the digital direction. Just hope the “ole school” reps are ready to march toward changes, because digital is where it’s at… Rather, we like it or not. Success is a lot about embracing the change.

Is Avon It Worth It?

After all, is said and done, the ball is in your hand and corner… You be the final judge. This is a great question that can be answered in several ways depending on the circumstances and people. What are your thoughts? What do you think? It would interest me to know.


Note: Here’s what finally worked for me… And may or may not work for you. You must be willing to learn (exercise the knowledge and skills learned) and position yourself continuously for success.

If you want to start working independently (online) for yourself, or unsure about how and what to do first… I suggest you invest in yourself, by way of education and training and a support system. An educational platform, that’s designed to teach you how to become a professional in your preferred industry.

One that teaches you monetary skills, and everything you’d need to know to become successful in the online market today. For instance, regardless or what you want to promote online, when it comes to fierce competition; There is no doubt, you must know, understand and execute the knowledge.

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