Wealthy Affiliate Review- Get The Brief

My goal here, is to give a brief but thorough review on Wealthy Affiliate.  The name is often abbreviated as WA, so if it’s reference as the following (WA) that’s the abbreviated version as used by the community members there. With that said, let’s jump right into this Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Brief History: 

Wealthy Affiliate was established in 2005, by a couple of  internet entrepreneurs from Victoria British Columbia Canada,  names Kyle and Carson.  WA, went on to become one of the best educational platform for internet marketers online, today.
If you were to search the engines, you would find nothing but good things about this institution. Many outstanding business leaders from all over the world are affiliate with WA.

Who Is It For?

Wealthy Affiliate is a hub for business newbies, new business start ups, small business owners,entrepreneurs, professional networkers, coaches, consultants, internet marketers, network marketers, affiliate marketers,online merchants, bloggers or practically anyone who does business online.
Also more business owners with brick/mortar and offline businesses are discovering the value and joining WA each day. The list is ongoing, but I am sure that you are getting the picture.

What Do They Offer?

Training via of structured business courses/walk thru videos that will cover the full scope of internet marketing;  A-Z of all you’ll ever need to know to become a powerful internet marketer. You’ll have an option to become a free member for as long as you like or a premium member if you’d like to enhance your knowledge even more. Here’s an example of some of the things you will get:
  1. 7 Days-  Free Internet Marketing Course
  2. 2 Free Websites (For Your Biz or Niche) to keep forever.
  3. Free/ Starter Membership (minimum benefits)
  4. Premium Membership   (maximum benefits)
  5. Technical/ Website Development Training
  6. Affiliate Training
  7. Content Marketing Training
  8. Email/ Article Marketing
  9. Class Room Training/ Tutorials (Covering Important Topics)
  10. Real Time/ Active Business Community (Get Your Business Questions Answered)
  11. Real Time Support/Members Assistance
  12. WA-(Affiliate) Business Offer (For Those Who Are Interested)

What Is The Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Starter Membership is absolutely FREE (for as long as you like; however minimum benefits with this option). However, well worth the value of what’s freely given.
The free 7 day course alone, would cost a fortune at a local university. Again, you will have  a couple of free websites/with free hosting for any business/niche you prefer, in which they will walk you through how to get them up and going with whatever biz or niche you desire. Not only that, you will learn how to get your websites seen on the first pages of the search engines.
Wealthy Affiliate Premiums Membership is $47.oo/ month (which also covers free hosting of 50 websites (25 siterubix/25 others) on their platform.  Upon upgrading, the first month is only $19.oo –  That’s it.  There are no other charges or hidden fees.
The premium option carries you through the whole nine-yards of internet marketing with on-going training and  limitless access. It could be a very worthy investment for any business/niche big or small. This company checks out and welcomes people to their own free “test drive”… To determine whether it’s a perfect fit.

Is This Platform Mobile Friendly?

Yes. It is compatible with most devices including androids, ipads, windows phone, etc. There is also an app on Google play so you’re able to view your training and more.



There are no hidden upsales or fees.  They have been in business since 2005, unlike most companies… They stand out above the rest due to the stable and affordable service price, it never changes.  They have a unique support community and the CEO’s are active 24/7 to support others. They are concerned about the success of each individual, and will go far and beyond to help. Their classes and teaching methods are extremely beneficial and effective.


As great as it seems,  the most crucial con to detect is the fact, that it will take dedication, drive, will power and persistence to stay focused with this; However, the degree of satisfaction and success will depend solely up to the individual and the effort and work put into this.
Success does not drop down from the sky, but it is something many of the “greats” have challenged until they achieved it. The thing about it is, that it’s all in the mindset and one have to decide to make a choice. Yes, it’s pretty much about choices.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Really Worth It? My Quick Testimonial

After searching online, for a legitimate way to build and grow a form of income that would supplement what I had… And possibly become that needed retirement’s nest… I’d finally ran into Wealthy Affiliate many years back.  However, I must have missed the “Please stop and settle” Memo… Because, I was so much younger then, with a fling to chase every moving “shiny object” in sight.
Wow, did I pay royally for the many years I spent chasing the newest of the “shiny objects” instead of settling for one of the most valuable platforms I’ve witnessed online since 2004 and yet has transformed into the “new age” shedding more value than ever before.  But this second time around with WA.
I got the memo, seriously.  After “digging deep” into the claws of WA…. I then realized per experience of trying some of everything under the sun that appeared to be good but wasn’t. That I’d made a huge “gigantic” mistake in not taking the platform serious. I guess if you run into enough scams, you’ll finally really know a good thing when you’ve got it.
I’ve now been with WA since 2015 and never have one time even considered walking away.  I’m older and so much wiser now. My past errors have taught me well. I started on the free then went premium with WA and have never looked back. One thing, that actually blew my mind was the fact that this company never changed prices.
What a great heart, to help people who would otherwise not be able to afford such value to become successful in a given market. All I can say is Kyle and Carl, keep standing above the rest with your loyalty, honesty, value and persistence to help others. God will bless you guys abundantly.

How To Access Wealthy Affiliate?

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