Starting A Business -vs- Keeping Your Job

For those who have a business or those who are interested in a business BuT maybe debating whether or not to keep their present “Corporate America” J-o-B.

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Should I Leave Or Keep My Job?

Okay, let’s say you have finally set your business plan into action and you are ready to start your business; Or  you already have one and you are ready to invest more time building your own dreams…You have a J-O-B that you report to faithfully and it pays the bills.  Also, it may even allow you a bit of leisure freedom. Well, whatever the case, you may wonder, would it make better sense to keep a job or quit the job to eagerly build your business.  The choice you make should depend specifically on your circumstances and not everyone share the same.

Any Tips?

business pln imageWhile you are working a job…Why not concentrate on increasing your clientele, your followers or list, depending on the type of business you have?  It may be a challenge but it will be important to create time to work and grow your business.  You will be surprised what a “willing and determined” mind can do.  The mind is such a powerful thing.  I’ve always believed in the theory of one of the oldest slogan ever “Where There’s A Will; There Is A Way”… how very true!

Financial Tips?

HOBBIES N SKILLSInstead of quitting your job right away, if you are able to…why not invest in a savings account specifically for the purposes of marketing/building and accelerating your business. If you are not able to save due to a tight budget as a result of your job income;  Then get your creative juices to flowing…Start considering doing odd jobs, sell/market your administrative skills, your technical skills, cooking skills, maintenance/housekeeping skills,  arts/crafts, re-sells, yard sales, etc…are you beginning to see where I’m going with this one? There are many ways to earn extra cash to enhance your business goals.

money-trees-13714651To sum this up in a “nutshell”…Quitting your job right away, may not be a wise choice until you have a secured and stable/constant cash flow to replace or drastically exceed the money you already bring in.  Although, one should always think positive, it is also important to think realistically by securing financial back up plans.  You are going to want to  be prepared mentally and financially for life’s possible curves along  the way during your business journey.  Just make sure when that big day comes for you to toss in the J-O-B towel…You will be more than ready. Hopefully, you will quit in style…Check out this video, one of my faves…LoL.

Fun Video! “Quitting Job Song”

12 thoughts on “Starting A Business -vs- Keeping Your Job

  1. That was very true facts about leaving your job without a back up plan to cover the expenses or pay the bills that your current job pays for. That was life and very good advice to any newbie starting a business.nice advice tips for any newbie. Loved the video!!!
    job well done

  2. Amazing article. You said it right, whether it is J-O-B or own business, finally it is same skills – And mostly it is a mind game. I really love the content. well engaging. Thank you so much. I know there would be so many who connect not only in America, but in rest of the world with this dilemma. Wish you good luck!

  3. This is a wonderful article! I’m actually working a day job and doing an online business on the side, and I was thinking about this kind of stuff, I’m glad that I came across your post, very informing and funny! I like how you incorporated that video, it made my day! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Damien, it actually made my day (well night now) that I made your day, that’s a really great feeling! I’m glad it was helpful and thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. Hey, Bev!

    Fantastic article! It was very informative and gave some really great ideas on how to start a business while continuing a J-O-B! Very educational!

    The video at the end was too much, too! What a great idea! If I ever need to quit a job again, I’m going to remember that!

    Keep up the good work and have a great day!

    1. I know, right…that video, LoL! 🙂 Glad it’s a “go” and thanks Donnie for your inspiring comment and support.

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