Tons Of Great Social Communities

Yes!  There are many social online communities where people are able to connect and share common interests. It seems there’s a community for anything and everybody.  When it comes to business, it is important to remember the sole purpose of communities.

It’s just as important to choose or join the right communities, where there are others who share the same interest as yourself.  For instance, a community where other business leaders are actively networking. Or if you are able to help moms and dads, maybe a community for only moms and dads.  So as long, as you’re niching or joining only specific groups who share similar goals, should be a great start.


You see, it’s really all about being in sync or relating to other people who share interests. It’s about building meaningful relationships with others.   There are experts who faithfully recommended communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn andTwitter but there are tons more of great value. You’ll just have to choose the one(s) you are most passionate about.

However, if you insist on socializing  in communities, like facebook or LinkedIn for instance,  I would recommend you take a course or training and learn how to master it professionally for better results.   Also,  if you insist on communicating (only) in the communities you are passionate about other the recommended communities; I honestly don’t see any harm in you staying there because those are places you are absolutely in sync with. Your heart and soul is in it…It’s working out great for you…End of story.

It’s like this… No matter how well something works, if a person is not “feeling it” or motivated, loyal and persistent, the results will not be as favorable and that’s putting it nicely.  On the flip side,  let’s not forget sometimes we may not be in sync with something, mainly .due to lack of knowledge or understanding which can make the difference in liking or disliking something.  Maybe it’s best to determine, what you’d like AfteR you have been properly educated on your social community of interest, then simply take it from there.

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“Power In Knowledge”…So TruE

You can always grab a bit of  really valuable training (knowledge) on your fave communities or the ones you’d like to give a try.  Or   you can just jump out into the “deep blue sea” of the unknown and simply “hope” you’ll not drown.  Tip, now that wouldn’t be wise to do, but let the truth be told, it’s done often by many business marketers.  They find a fave social community(s) to share their valuable content (just dive in) without knowing the professional way to do so. Don’t worry, It’s okay…Those are the things many of us find ourselves doing to position ourselves into a phase of action;  It happens until we learn the right way.

Actually, It never hurts to invest in education pertaining to your success or the success of your business.  So, once you’ve found the community or communities that you’d love to network within,  for the sake of business building. Try these 3 steps to master and have greater results in your community of choice:

  •  Invest In A Learning Or Training Platform- This step only proves that you are serious and dedicated with succeeding.  It proves you are ready to become a professional at your craft, so  to speak. It gives you powerful confidence. It gives you more clout and credibility among others. It positions you to help and teach others.

  • Establish A Deeper Connection and Passion For It– It will help you to stay with it until you succeed.  It will give you more momentum or speed and better results.

  • Application- Now, this one is a “must do”…While you are learning, you should also apply the knowledge into a serious phase of ActioN.

    Application is simply applying the knowledge or “DoinG what you are taught.  Apply the effective techniques within your community of choice.

You see,  “Social or Relationship Building Marketing” mastery requires skills. You can acquire your skills through trial and error, which may take longer and damage your brand and credibility while doing so; Or you can take the easiest route and learn how through a “learning or training platform” to slay the beast and master it.


It Goes Further…BuT…Let’s RecaP For NoW

In summary of it all, the biggest take-away from this message when it comes to social communities in relation to business…Is for people who are not taking advantage of educational and training platforms geared to master social marketing for your business, to consider doing so.  By doing so, you’re only positioning yourself and business in a way to succeed. You will learn the right way to build quality lasting relationships and help many.  You will stand in front of the competition that hasn’t even given this a thought.

I so get it why, Corporate America  invest in education and learning platforms for their employees to master their craft. They want them to represent their company as genuine professionals. Their  desire is to be outstanding. Why shouldn’t we want the same investment for ourselves when it comes to our business.  Please take advantage of your business center educational/training platforms you already have. Or consider investing in one that’s tailored to your needs or success path. Find a platform that works for you.

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