SEO Optimization Techniques Wins The Crown


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SEO Optimization Techniques Is Why…SEO Is KinG!

Many say that content is king, and in it’s own right, I can see why….but, I’m setting the record straight in my world…SEO is King!  Let’s not forget our “ConTenT”  and ValuE, which is placed upon a high pedestal must at some point battle it out with the magic of SEO.  Yes, valuable content is a must but so is SEO, which is what’s going to get your content seen in the eyes of millions. Yes, I stated “millions”, get  used to the idea of “thinking big” and learning the how’s  and what to do…to optimize that “big” thinking…lol!

To Understand It Better...

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SEO, which is the abbreviation for..Search Engine Optimization, is simply the way a web page or content is seen in the search engines. Your ultimate goal is to have your content seen by tons of people.  In other words “how” your content is ranked on the search engines may affect your success rate.  Also there is ,  Unpaid results which is one of my faves and it’s better known as natural or organic traffic. Or there’s always the word Paid…hmmm…

To better understand SEO, check out the way…”wiki” defines it, as it pertains to internet marketing:   “SEO considers how search engines work, what  people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into the search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience.”  Okay, pretty good break down of the meaning, I’ll take that one.


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Also, let’s understand the process of Optimizing; Optimizing is generally removing stuff that is not relevant  or leveraging backlinks, and editing the contents,coding or html, so that your chosen keywords will be more effective.  Your’e just making changes so that your content/site can rank higher in the search engines…how’s that for a simple definition.

It’s Powerful!

SEO  in my opinion, is yet very powerful and king when it comes to  content and value association and…when it comes to getting your website on the world wide “virtual” map. Due to the high and ever growing fierce “in the know” competition, it’s needed, needed, needed…need I state needed again…LoL. You see search engines are quite unique but need the SEO  guidance and help to ensure that your content/sites are not invisible.  SEO  techniques helps your site(s) or content to surface to the top, to become visible and powerful.

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SEO is like, the vehicle to driving your content to the right people or places!  Social media planes and other hangouts are great for gaining visitors to your content…But having your website or content guided by the power is SEO so totally rules.  Because, it’s the primary way to gather a targeted audience to see what you have. You become the hunted with hunters searching from all over…for the things you have…that they want. I think that’s a pretty awesome combination…Don’t you?

Whats Working?

Are you using effective SEO techniques?  If so, what are your favorite SEO techniques?  Or what seems to work best for you?

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 P.S.,  Hey, remember, when you find great learning resources remember to share with others, it’s not about a competitive edge but it’s all about being helpful and sharing value to help others succeed as well. I’ve learned a lot in the WA community and you can too.

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6 thoughts on “SEO Optimization Techniques Wins The Crown

  1. Hi Beverly,

    Your post sounds like you must be an expert in SEO. I don’t know much about it at all and have often thought I’m doing it all wrong. My sites don’t rank on page one unless the keywords are a direct spelling of some product that only gets a couple searches a month. It’s very depressing to work your butt off creating content to only have your keyword rank on page (at best) 3, then a day later drop off Google’s radar. Where does one get the magical SEO play book?

    1. Hi Ed, I hear ya and think it happens to many, with the constant changes you’ll never know exactly where you’re stand in the end, the best thing going is to “stay in the know” or stay on top of the learning curves as “they” make these sudden changes…So you will know how to constantly tweak your work. However, I would suggest if you’re with WA to simply keep following the methods taught as they are usually updated frequently it seems. Although, authority sites loose rankings from time to time; They always seem to rise back to the top, due to the un-stoppable value,etc… Just my thoughts- anyways best wishes and feel free to keep in touch as I’ll be gald to brainstorm or share any SEO tips lingering up my sleeve…LoL

      1. Gavino, you’re right valued or quality content/keywords really helps and interactions are such a “biggee” as well, in my opinion.

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