Ready For Your Business To Succeed Online?

Are You Sick and Tired Of Being Tired…Already?
Are you feeling, just sick and tired of being tired. That is, tired of trying to figure out how you’re going to make this online “journey” really work for your brand, niche or business presence.  So, you would love to have things come together, the right way.  Also, due to your seriousness of the matter,  perhaps, you’re ready to “step to the plate” and learn how to move successfully from point A to B in the online arena.
Are you tired of outsourcing un-favorable results?   Are you tired of the “shiny objects” syndrome, where you are prompted to try most anything that promises you what you want; Only to find it leads you back to “square one”…it so totally sucks, right?
Hint: A ‘Yes” to these questions indicate that you are definitely ready for your business to succeed online; You are ready for success…
Are you a newbie, entrepreneur or small business owner, etc., trying to find a rightful place to fit in on the net, however it seems you’re turning around in circles as if you’re in a drunken stupor  suffering from a condition called “information overload syndrome” that leaves you even more confused than ever…LoL
Maybe, you have a strong mindset which is great…and giving up is never your option but you are feeling a bit frustrated and would love more guidance. On second thoughts, maybe you’ve never even considered or started your business, brand or niche presence online but need to learn the why’s, what’s and how’s.
Whatever the reason…If you have ever felt this way at some point and time, then join the club. But there is good news, as these feelings can be drawn to immediate closure.  Also, I can somewhat, feel your pain because that’s the very way I’ve felt at times.
Especially, when I decided to tackle this “new era”  of innovative technology and all of this social media stuff…LoL.  However, my business journey definitely has taken a turn in a new direction since I decided to take on a personal challenge to help others powerfully succeed online, simply by sharing a suggested, concrete way to make it all happen.
This Challenging Business Journey Has…”Not Always Been A Bed Of Roses” (lol)
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Of-course, I realized from the start, this business journey would be a challenging journey.  I’d researched tons of innovative marketing strategies to make it all work.  But here’s the thing, I was not happy because I always manage to grab bits and pieces of the value, never the total package when it came to how to successfully succeed online.
Things just never, totally seem to come together. Guess the moral of this thought is…Education pays. It’s rewarding to learn the professional and correct way of doing things.  However, I give due diligence to the struggles that powerfully moved me into the path of success.  As you may agree, those struggles and challenges can be a good thing.
There Comes A Time…A Decision…To “Sink Or Swim”!
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So glad I discovered my drowning in time and decided to swim swiftly toward the beautiful shore 🙂  I simply discovered to become totally successful online; It would benefit me most to learn everything from one thorough, trusted and reliable platform.  I  needed to know why most people failed to market successfully online,including myself for peace sake. I needed hands on experience, to actually know how to plug in the knowledge by doing and getting good results.
What seem to be a never ending search for me, was finally over when my journey with the WA University began.  I discovered “half steps” did not help me to travel the full distance. So, needless, to say, going all the way was my best choice.
What Good Is Learning The Way; Without Showing Others; Competition Should Not Be The Worry..
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You see, although, my drowning phase was over; I yet felt an emptiness, that motivated me to spread awareness to others who’d experience the same as I.  I just wanted to spread the blessings if you may;  By helping others who may be struggling; To stop struggling and  learn how to successfully make it online.
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8 thoughts on “Ready For Your Business To Succeed Online?

  1. Bev, you are so right about all the hard work it takes and being tired of being tired. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I feel like Wealthy Affiliate is a God send and I believe in Kyle, Carson and all the Wealthy Affiliate associates. I believe if we put out best foot forward and follow all the wealth of information offered, we should be well on our way to a healthy business.

  2. You also described me to a tee in that review, lol. Then there’s the not sleeping very good part. So much to learn. Best of luck on your online journey!

  3. I always enjoy reading a post where the author talks about their own struggle, or journey. It makes the whole experience more authentic. I know exactly what you mean! There’s tons of helpful information online, about the various aspects of online business, but I felt the same way. It was all just bits and pieces, but no comprehensive plan, with training and a support network, that is until WA. I too am grateful to have finally found the answer, and I understand the need to share such a find with others.

    1. Hindy, I know discovering the “secret to the sauce” has got to be one of the greatest feelings ever, especially after trying so hard to make things successfully work. I am happy for you as well. Hope to see you back, take care and blessings.

  4. Hi Bev,

    Great post! I have definitely fallen into the shiny objects syndrome – thinking that the next big thing is finally going to help me out.

    Really though, I think consistency is key. Just finding an approach that works and sticking to it, obviously tweaking it here and there etc.

    Generally speaking, I think that people keep chasing the next big thing out of ignorance – they don’t really know what works, so they’ll take just about any online guru’s word for it. That’s totally understandable too.

    Find a system that works and keep on keeping on.


    1. Hi Sean, interesting thoughts you have and so on point. It really does help to find the right approach that works. It’s well worth investing time and energy in a system that spits out success.

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