This chat will mainly cover the importance of using your real name on social media. Then you will have a chance to vent your questions and concerns. Lots of my writing tend to be thorough and takes a comfortable chair with coffee and doughnuts to read, but this one should be quick and painless, I promise…LoL. Okay, let’s dive right into things!


Does It Make Sense To Use Your Real Name On All Social Media Sites

You could ask ten people this question and you’d most likely, get ten different answers and reasons why. Some may feel whether or not your real name is used, it should solely be based on the climate of the site. Or based on the type of topics, discussions and the type of audience participating.

For instance, an impersonal  chat room where lots of people are chatting about any and everything…Or maybe they’re all chatting about a specific topic but not all the people on the chat are falling into a comfort zone.  Some people may have no interest in name sharing due to possible former bullies… Or not so pleasant people of the past.  Some may feel actual name sharing will affect their online behavior. Some may face security paranoia. The reasons could go on and on, however, that’s enough, so let’s move on.

Now you may see that some people really do have their fears and reasons, to feel the way they do about name sharing;  And some may even have a really good reason, believe it or not.  So for now, it’s quite interesting to know the reasons behind some people fears of true identity online.  Now, with all of that said…the next question is how does name sharing relate to people who are in business?

Online Name Sharing In The World Of Business

For the sake of newbies,  I’d like to mention that, when it comes to “name sharing”  in the business arena, it is crucial to share your actual names. It happens to be good business ethics…Viewed as a must. It is nothing but crucial.  You see, when you share your name or name along with your business…It shows that you are a physical (real) person.  It indicates that you have nothing to hide, you are a legitimate being.  As a rule of thumb, a business person with good intentions and reaching out to help and serve others.

What About Name Sharing On Social Sites?

There are tons and tons of social sites online. There are formal sites where you can really build business relationships and brand your business. There are also less formal sites where you can feel more relaxed and chat about things that are not related to your business.  There are sites purposed strictly for fun and games. There are sites, groups and forums for some of every interest you could imagine.  However, as the great positive, success minded individual that you are…

It’s okay to go with the flow of your favorite hangouts but remember what you do or say in your favorite “hangouts” will definitely appear as your footprints on the net. Meaning, that it’s yet important to deliver a great fun loving personality. You may even have a chance to simply drop off your valuable advice or tips from life experience,  or to respectively help others in ways unknown.  Again, here’s the thing, it’s important to simply go with the flow of the sites, while remembering to go with the flow of being the greatest person ever, regardless.

Your Name Brands You And Business

Also, not only is it crucial to share your name in association with your business content. Your name follows you and trails the net. Consider your name as an extended brand of your business, if you will.  So, it is good to have your name reflected in a great way no matter what you are doing online.


What Do You Think?

So what are your thoughts…What do you think about name sharing in relations to business?

Do you have any insight or questions to ask?

You have the floor, would love to hear from you…

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It is also important to include your branded picture (associate with your name) within a particular site. Most sites will allow you to upload a picture of your choice.