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This Is The Area Where Member’s Are Welcome To Share Their “WA” Testimonials

24 thoughts on “Member’s Testimonials

  1. I am glad that I had found Wealthy Affiliate Online Course as I always wanted to start an online business. As currently I am taking care of my last born gal at home, I have the flexibility to access to the WA courses and tutorials whenever she is taking a nap, which is wonderful. I just joined WA about 2 weeks ago, and I am already in process of creating a website that started to be index by google. What a joy!

    I know that online business is powerful and may create an income if I put effort! Nothing fall from the sky!!!

    I like WA community, as everyone is so helpful. Basically, whenever I am stuck at somewhere, there sure somebody will reply to my question instantly. Thank you.

    1. Sarah, that’s awesome! I’m happy you are just as satisfied as everyone else. I’ll have to agree that the value and support is the best. All the best, to you on your journey, God bless.

  2. Hi Bev, I was encouraged by your enthusiasm and desire to support people like me. I have not signed up to any affiliates as yet, but I am in the WA family and will get round to setting up a website as resourceful as yours-hopefully! Testimonials are so powerful. I hope to post my own soon. I have bookmarked your website.

    1. Hi Lenny, I agree testimonials or the experience of others speak volumes. You are certainly on the right path, and would love for you to come back and share, thanks for stopping by…God Bless.

  3. Hi. I have joined WA July 2015 and I don’t regret it.

    My first affiliate marketing course was Affiloblueprint back in 2011. I’m still a member there. Though it is still a great sources for good material and training, it feels like a ghost town when I go there.

    It can take days before you get an answer — if you have any. I know the staffs there are doing their best. But it doesn’t compare with WA.

    WA is almost like going on Facebook. You always have people there online to interact with you and answer your questions when you are stuck with something and need a little push.

    Of course, success doesn’t come easy or fast no matter what gurus can say, you have to work for it. But with the help of the training and the community at WA you put all the chances on your side.

    1. Guy, glad you are loving the community at Wealthy Affiliate. I agree, it’s a blessing that it’s a “Real Time” community and you can get answers to any questions or concerns you have about anything business related. All the tips and support 24/7 is hard to beat. Personally, I found the difference with this community verses facebook, is the fact that the people here are 95% more supportive and helpful, there really is no comparison but just my thought. It’s like you are not tolerated but celebrated at WA… And who doesn’t feel great with everyone rooting for your success regardless or what business you are in or doing.

  4. I like what you have done here. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost 3 weeks now and I love every minute of it. I actually found that I become engrossed in what I am doing when building my website or producing content for it. I have two websites now, but I concentrate more on my original one. I wish you all the luck and hope that both of us will be bringing money soon. Good Luck!

    1. Hi Kristena, Congrats and Welcome! That’s awesome that you are up and going in a booming direction. I’ve been building my business here for a year now. I was motivated and pumped with the right mind set to succeed from day one, however when I saw my first “ching-ching” it put a smile on my face. I consider it a blessing as a result of hard work. I also work a J-o-b…My goal is to transit totally from my traditional job to dedicate more time helping people and building my business from my home office. I’m considering early retirement. However, at WA, it only proves that goals and dreams can begin to materialize with dedication, passion, persistence and action.

  5. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best things that ever happened to me!

    I’ve always wanted an opportunity to work from home. More specifically online. Doing something I enjoy. Finally I have a chance to do this.

    Th beauty of Affiliate Marketing is that there’s plenty of room on the internet, so there is always ‘space’ for more people to start doing it!

    I would recommend WA to anyone and everyone.

    1. On point, Hannah…Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is helping many to explore their passions and do what they love from the comforts of home.

  6. I love what you are doing here!
    Wealthy affiliate has instilled a great confidence in me and has made me a lot more confident about my future. They have taught me skills I will be able to takeaway forever and will always remember this. I have had my website set up for around 2-3 weeks now and have made 2 sales! $24 dollars a month, i am so grateful for what I have been taught. I can’t wait for the future!

    1. Congrats! On your sales Matthew. One of the greatest things about WA is the various income opportunities. People are taught and free to choose the methods and encourage to do only the things they love doing. WA helps anyone whether they already have a business, hobby, interest…Or whether they are not sure and seeking for a way to build financial goals and dreams. Also, Matthew, I can see where your great confidence comes from (lol)…That would have to be, due to the power of WA education and support. I’ve been in the industry awhile but… Never until WA have I ever felt the confidence and posture as I do now. It helps to get everything you need to master online marketing in one setting. So glad you saw the vision and you’re off to a beautiful start executing your dreams and goals….Way 2 Go 🙂

  7. WA…..ahhh…bliss!
    I’ve only been a part of the community for slightly over a month now, and it’s by far one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life! Whenever I have been stuck or faced issues, I know there is someone to answer my questions or help me with my concerns. Looking back and reflecting over the one month, I’ve learned so much! The future looks bright!

    1. Congrats to you, Irvan…I am a witness that WA has one of the best support structures around. It’s nice to have a 24/7 real-time support. That answers any question and continuously helps and encourage. As far as the learning goes, I do agree, it is priceless. One of the greatest things learning does is give you posture, which is like confidence as a professional in your business, or whatever it is that you are doing online. Irvan, as I see it… Education is often times greatly under-valued when it comes to self employment/entrepreneurship. We should invest and make needed shifts when it comes to building our dreams…Our legacies, Our future empire.

      We could stand to take a few lessons from Corporate America when it comes to “Education”…Big corporations cut no corners when it comes to education and training their units to gain skill, posture and professionalism. They simply want to become a professional, knowledgeable, competitive, unstoppable ever growing force. So why shouldn’t we, deserve that and more for ourselves? Just a thought. With that said, thanks for your feedback… And power and blessings to you on your journey.

  8. I have been on WA for five months now. Before joining I searched online for any opportunity for over seven years but found nothing sincere. Only lost time which I sometimes regret. However there is a happy ending for those who persist. I believe the more you persist the more the universe will reward you in the end. At last I found something that seems really really good and an investment for the future. WA taught me a lot about internet marketing of which I knew nothing before. What I learned was to be scammed three times from online marketing. Still I always believed that something good on the internet exists and despite I have not made any money yet I still believe that I will someday and I will live to tell maybe in not to distance time.
    Apart from this I have some good news. I just realized some two days ago that my blogs are actually on first page of google 5th position and with that I think the future looks bright. May you all persist in your dreams. If you do not persist the dream ain’t it gonna happen. You must persist, dream big , and do something every day. Live your dream every day just like we are all doing here. Living our dream in a small scales. We are all bloggers ain’t we? Good luck with all and wish you a lot of success for success breathes success. We can all enjoy.x

    1. Congrats! And a big welcome to you on investing in yourself and business. Thanks, for sharing your experience. It only shows that you are serious and committed to your online business success. As a newbie, you are doing great and your work is already paying off in great dividends. Can you imagine how many marketers would love to have their sites up on the first pages of the search engines? It’s only proof that WA follows through on their promises, if you work, it’s a given…it will happen.

      Afterall, that is our goal at WA. WA takes it serious when teaching everyone how to master SEO (search engine optimization) as this will certainly leverage things for your business. Tons of people are looking for what you have but if people are not able to find you They’ll never know you’re existing on the world wide web. There are tons of other things you can do, but enough on that already…I’m on a roll (lol).

      Now, as far as the money being made. Once you understand, that building your business online is really a process which takes passion, persistence, patience and continuous effective working (building)..It is not a get rich over night kind of thing. However, over time, it very well can lead to a road of wealth and goal accomplishments. Which is why many people are persistent when it comes to building a business; They understand the process. Tip: Try not to think of the money made; But think more in terms of the people you are helping and try to help more and more people who need your solutions. Develop the mindset of helping people.

      Maybe this example will be helpful…Have you ever heard of “Farming”…In comparison to a farmer. You continue to sow your seeds (by continuing to take effective action) keep watering (persistence) and not to worry because every farmer reaches a harvest…Since, you now “know how” just expect a beautiful and plentiful harvest. In other words, the process of your effective actions (work) will pay off in time. You will find that you’ve done the hardest part by laying a foundation. Once your plants are sprouting up…You’ll have them everywhere! (lol).

      By the way, it seems we have a bit in common, as I can remember in my past, when searching the web for ways to improve myself and business. I was successful at finding information and companies that offered freemiums(free with upgraded paid memberships)where I tried the free IM courses but nothing satisfied me as they were only spitting out the “bits and pieces” but I needed more.

      Also, I too ran into scams where companies were overpriced or after each click there were tons n tons, more higher prices! I started to feel lots of those companies were preying on folk desperation and passion for succeeding, how sad? However, when I discovered WA free courses, I noticed they “spilled it all out” on the free. They did not cut any corners…LoL. I was able to get the total experience of what I’d need to thrive and survive online.

      For seven days, I was able to “get this” by staying focus on my free training and applying the things I’d learned; It sure didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this was my last stop…It was not hard to see that, they really do care about folks learning how to slay this Internet Marketing. I decided that this was the place for me. I wanted to continue having it all because I felt I’m so worth it and so is my business. I craved the maximum experience and to this day have never looked back.

  9. I have been looking for a legitimate way to make money online and create/grow a business for years. Wealthy Affiliate has truly been a blessing to me and the motivation it gives you each day is so special because you always see REAL people succeeding in an area that they truly enjoy. I have been with WA for nearly 3 months and have already made tremendous leaps and bounds and only have up to go. No glass ceilings here at WA and so many helpful people always surrounding you.

    1. Hi Carl, it appears you’re a newbie and already you’re powerfully rooted and grounded. Awesome, as that’s what it will take to persist. I’m happy for you that your search is over. Keep making those leaps and bounds…Great job!

  10. Hi! I have been looking for real opportunities to make money online since fours years ago. I found WA and I started developing the program two weeks ago, I have a website and working so hard to make this a huge online income for me. I like everything, the people here are so amazing and helpful. I really recommend it. I have plans to make thousands and thousands of dollars per month here. This is a really good investment that I won’t regret, I will keep forward and trying to achieve my dreams with this opportunity, just join!

    1. Congrats, on your move, Alfred…good your search is over, best wishes on your goals. Seems you’re on the right track to, way to go!

  11. Thank you for creating this page. Here I see everything I think about WA myself, but said by other people – it’s very useful to have all the training and develop yourself, it’s nice to have who to turn to when you need help and at any time of the day there is somebody active in WA that would be willing to give you a hand.
    I am glad I found WA as I am not very good with computers and yet I didn’t have any difficulties creating my web-site and running it.
    Thank you.

    1. Ellie, you’re welcome…And that’s one of the great things about WA, the continuous real time support is a big plus. I feel you, on the technical things, because I too, not in a million years ever dreamed I could put together my own website and then learn how to build content and optimize it. Yes, as they say it’s “so easy a 5th grader can do it”…Now I’m a believer…LoL. ” All the best on your success journey”

  12. Thanks for posting these inspiring testimonials. One of the reasons I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate was because of some of the testimonials that I read. I didn’t see any outrageous claims from anyone indicating that they had made $5000 their first week like I’ve seen in some other online income channels. What convinced were the authentic stories, and the persistence from members who after weeks and months of working hard, began to be rewarded with reasonable compensation for their efforts.

    1. I agree, “there’s no outrageous claims” it’s not about hype here. You’re also right about the hard work pays off. Another thing, it’s important to remember that it first starts with that right mindset. Followed by passion, persistence, will-power, knowing the right things to do…Then doing it. It’s great that you were convinced…And you’re welcome.

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