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Whenever you think of a reason not to improve or make a rewarding change for yourself and family, your why’s will relate all the reasons why you should improve your circumstance and life’s situation. Your “why’s” will help you to stay rooted and grounded. It becomes a compass to steer you in the right direction. So know why you absolute must succeed.

Spiritually Stay Rooted And Grounded On Why You Must Succeed…

Do This Quick Success Exercise

Write down at least 3 reasons why you must succeed in whatever it is that you’ve been longing to do; Or why you must create a life of abundance for you and your family. I don’t really know what it is you desire but you know. So get those things written down. Be specific and reasonable when making your list. If you have more than 3 why’s write them down.

Make Affirmations That Will Send A Powerful Mental Message

Afterward, make an affirmation for your why’s. It could go something like this: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper…I will succeed through the channels of learning(knowledge) dedication, persistence, passion and hard work, in Jesus name. That’s an example of my personal (spiritual) affirmation, but you will just have to do one that works for you. Just “Do YoU”…Are you now getting the big picture?

How To Use Your List (of why’s)….

Every time, you feel hopeless or like your idea or mission is too overwhelming….Step to the sideline, re-energize, take a few worthy deep breaths, meditate, pray and relax. Create some needed quiet time to relax your mind and body from all the mental and physical tension that just don’t seem to stop.

Then, take a long hard look at your list. Pray about it; Create a plan of action to sock your fears in the face (lol)…Seriously, create reasonable steps you must take to move forward and don’t look back. Rinse and repeat this process each time you feel a pang of hopelessness, fear of being totally overwhelmed. Again, this is the best tip I know to keep you in the loop. This should help you to become rooted and grounded on your success path. God got you…Just effectively do your part, he’s got his part.

Hey, sharing is a form of caring… So, go ahead and share any tips you have with others, in the reply area.  Or, share advice, on ways you have used to stay rooted and grounded.  Don’t forget to hit that share buttons, will ya?

All The Best On Your Journey! 

“Pray, Slay, Prosper”