Is Content Marketing Idea For Your Business?

Some Know About Content Marketing…Well Some May Not-What’s It All About?



Is Content Marketing (CM) idea, for your business? What a simple question, considering that you are already familiar with the effective impact of this great marketing strategy. However, If you are a newbie and recently started lurking the internet, then it may come across as something quite new to you. Actually content marketing has been around for years but now used a bit differently.  Although, it has never, ever captured full pledge value and power as it has today! Today, content marketing is taking altogether a more innovative and new twist on the social media scene.

Let’s first understand what content marketing really is:  Content Marketing- Is generally the art of curating, creating, and sharing valuable content.  Also, it plays a big part in the process of engaging  and acquiring customers or building lead generation which is an important factor in a business.

Let’s Chat About The “Old School” Marketing

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Old School marketing had little social media advantage and tons of  “salesy” marketing techniques. The developing number of social platforms that existed online for marketers, were mostly used by “network marketers, mlm, and direct sales marketers”…Generally, lots of people were all over the place spamming (interruption) like crazy it seems. There were only a minority of marketers back then, that understood the value of content.

The big offline corporations and small business people (brick/mortar) people it seems, were too consumed with the off-line marketing techniques. They were like, the last ones to get the big pic. when it came to internet marketing. Would you believe most small businesses and corporations wouldn’t even give the internet a second thought back then.  Guess, that’s why even today, some are yet struggling to put the pieces together.


It’s quite interesting,  how  there were always a “select few” internet marketing ninjas, who’ve always known the secrets of how to succeed online; Also,  how to properly use content marketing and more secret sauces. But guess what, they weren’t as eager to share the value, like the top resourceful leaders are today!  What a selfish and somewhat greedy era when it came to the value of content. Content was sold like cray-cray as the youngsters say…LoL.  There was lots of “getting” and less care for “giving” and technology was at it’s infancy which didn’t help to make matters better, you know.

The “old school” marketing consist of methods such as cold calling unknown prospects, calling up family and friends and telling them about your business and asking them to support it. It’s sad but sometimes true, that family and friends can be the most stubborn to support a new dream, vision or  business venture…they seem more supportive once they are able to actually see your success. Today, that’s no longer necessary to bother them period, yes the golden era for marketers is here.

Also, have anyone ever at some point and time…ever approached you, only to interest you in a verbal sales script concerning their business, business card, flyer or brochure that you didn’t even ask to hear nor see?  If so, I’m sure that must have, come across as the eager salesman, searching for your nearest credit card in wallet …LoL.   This is sometimes referred to as “interruption marketing” and the name pretty much speaks for itself.  There were many old school marketing tactics that were absolutely “salesy” and irratating.  But don’t blame the poor business guys for trying, as they were only doing what they thought best or whatever their mentors taught them. In essence, their mentors needed mentors or qualified coaches to teach them the right way. Okay, I so get it, that I actually may need to write a post concerning CM history, LoL.


The New Day and Age!

Well, thank goodness, the tables have turned and content marketing is a primary method used by  lots of business people when it comes to marketing.  Welcome to the new way of helping people!   I am so grateful, that this method has gone viral and most business owners are now starting to really get this.  Don’t get me wrong there are yet some who are new to the scene, then there’s the bunch who still haven’t learned any better.  Now let’s discover more….

How It Works

Since, I’ve already given the definition of CM, so maybe a few examples will give you an idea of how to use it.  For now, I will specifically refer to CM as it works online.  You see, on the internet there are tons of social platforms, which are places that you can go and interact with other people, including those you may know, or would love to get to know even. Also, you are able to connect with people of special interest groups, people who share like interest and trust, this is how powerful social networks are formed.  For example, one of the better known platforms is facebook,  which allows people a chance,  to network or socialize with associates, family and friends.


They also provide a unique stage specifically for business owners to market their niches(specific interest) or business; They even have “pay per click” which is a marketing strategy in which a business owner pays to have “only” the people who are interested in their offers to click per interest.  People see products or services that interest them, and they click to learn more.

Also, business owners/marketers can introduce their brand, awareness and lead generation by providing valued content on social media. Content can be in the form of a paid ad, groups’ post/feedback, informative writing or post, articles, videos, podcast (streaming audio), webinars, websites, blogs, etc….So unlike, “interruption marketing” in which people could care less about your stuff, but may put on a happy face and pray you dissapear….huge difference…LoL. You see, valuable content can lead to tons of interactions and feedback among your desired audience which may lead to keen interests, then eventually prospects and customers eagerly needing and wanting your help.

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Are There A Variety Of Social Media Platforms?

Within the “social” marketing platforms, there are other great places  other than facebook;  There are various networks that are favored by many when it comes to using content marketing and networking with a selective audience of choice. Also, on the “down -side” believe it or not, there are still some businesses/owners who are actually struggling on these medias due to lack of knowledge and skill, I’m afraid.  But here, I will list a few social platforms, in which many business people produce content marketing and avenues to network and become social with others.

Google+  (

That’s it…and there are tons and tons of social media websites to check out; Simply do a google search, type in  “list of social media sites”  or something similar to that, in the search bar, and click on the various sites of interest if you would love to view other site to share content on. Well, hope by now you’ve gotten a better understanding about Content Marketing .  Can you think of other great “social” sites you’ve heard about, would like to try or may be having great results with?


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  1. I have been seeing the words “content marketing” everywhere lately and it hasn’t really been explained clearly until now. As someone looking to start a small business I think I should understand the basic concepts before actually diving in.
    I haven’t heard of one of the social media sites you have mentioned. I need to check it out. Thanks again.
    Looking forward to your next post!

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