In this read, we will challenge the question of whether or not a home based business is really worth it.  By the end of this read, my intention is that you are given enough information to make a wise decision on whether or not to work your business from home.


It doesn’t matter whether you are doing several affiliate assignments as a business marketer, have a network marketing business, have your own traditional business…

As a licensed day care operator, personal chef, seamstress, consultant, administrative, virtual assistant, travel agent, artist, writer, blogger, hand crafts biz, etc.,) or whatever it can be done from home.

Before you plunge into the choice to work from home you may want to consider a few important factors.  I’ve decided to wrap it up with the “pros” and “cons” and then conclusion.  So here we go…First let’s take a peek at the best reasons,  which are the Cons.

The “Enticing” Pros (lol)

Working a business from the privacy of your home can produce many advantages such as:


Saves Money Working from home may save tons of money when it comes to travel expenses to and from a local office. Also, you don’t have to worry about buying a new wardrobe. You can work in your favorite PJ’s if you like. It saves on food expense because you can snack on foods (left overs) from your fridge during meal time.

Tax Benefits– You are able to use any area of your home and whatever it takes to run your business as a great tax write off.  Some people are drawn to start a business from home due to this alone.  However, make sure your reason for starting your home business is empowered by your “Whys” and passion, which will help you to stick with it.

Convenience– It helps when it comes to being  accessible for family needs or situations. Especially if kids are involved, you are able to stop to tend needs or emergency situations.

Reduces Stress– Working from home may actually decrease your stress level.  You can listen to relaxing music from your audio library. Or read a few inspirational passages from your book of powerful affirmations.

You can take a few moments to relax on a comfy recliner or a quick snooze if needed. You can take a few breaks to embrace and love on your family which is relaxing and provides quality moments. Or maybe just take a moment to reflect, think peaceful thoughts and sip your fave beverage.

Improve Your Health– By having less outside exposure (especially during flu season) you may reduce your chances of contracting bugs or germs from the environment or from others.

All types of bacteria hide on door knobs, handles, floors and public surfaces. However, one of the cheapest and best ways to combat bacteria is to practice good hand washing techniques.

Portrait of smiling family

The CoNs

When your family runs you crazy! LoL…Just kidding but seriously when you’d rather work any place other than home due to unfavorable factors only you know. You may face too many distractions from home that makes it impossible to focus. In this case having an office set up away from home may come in handy. This too secures you a tax umbrella, so don’t worry. It is what it is…

Poor Work Environment– It is important to experience work area satisfaction and comfort. If your designated working area for business is too noisy, cluttered, crampy, small/big or uncomfortable, this could cause further distractions and be a turn-off. What’s acceptable to one may not be acceptable to another.  So when it comes to your work environment, it is important that you are satisfied.  It should not hinder productivity nor focus and work for you.

Not Disclipine Enough– If you lack  work discipline or not able to control your actions or behavior;  When it comes to being focused and getting your work done…Then you may want to think really hard about whether or not working at home suits you. Discipline is one o the biggest fears reported by some considering working from home.  In some cases, a  designated office away from home may work best.

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There’s No Line Drawn Between “Starting and Stopping”–  It may be hard to stay on task when it comes to starting your work day…And believe it or not, even stopping it! (LoL) This may be hard to do for some even with a work schedule to follow.  Due to the freedom or mentality, of being in a relaxed setting called H-o-M-e.  In general, home is viewed as a place of comfort and relaxation or to do just whatever…But it’s so important when it comes to business the mentality must change. Which does not come as easy for everyone.

There may be tons more reasons but hopefully, these are enough to help you decide, if you are thinking of working from the privacy of home.  Sure any work from home seems like the dream; However,  the biggest  take-away  should be that it’s important to do what works best for you and your success…


So, is a home based business really worth it, what are your thoughts?  What are you doing concerning your business location and challenges?


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