So you wouldn’t mind starting a business if only, you could start it based solely on your passions.  You may also be fuel by purpose, which may lead to a burning desire, to get you up and going…” Although, the big question remains; Is it really possible to start a business based on your passion?


Not All Eyes See The Same

Although some would debate that you should not start a business based solely on passion but to be practical…Declaring that your passion will not always feed the bank.  Yes, I’ve heard different views on this.

The Verdict Is In

However, I’ve reached my verdict on this, and I believe it is possible to successfully, start a business based on your passion.  It makes sense to me because, for one, there are millions and millions of people in this world.

Niche Marketing Take Over!…LoL

Within all the people in the world there are a specific group (niche)` of people who possibly share the same interest as you. They may even want or desperately need what you have to offer.

[So, What Is Niche Marketing?]


Here’s the thing though, it will serve you best to first, find out where these people are.  What are these people searching for on the search engines?  For instance, when they do a Google, Bing or Yahoo Search…what keywords are they searching for?

Quick Break-Down

You see, the words people put in their Google search boxes to look for stuff, are called “Keywords” which are important. The “keywords” will come in handy when you are optimizing (making sure the right folks see your content) but you can read more on the importance of that later. I just don’t want to boggle you down with “info over-load”…So not needed because this stuff is really easy.  Well it is if I understood it …LoL.


All I’m getting across, is for you to research the market, see who or how many folks are already interested in looking for what you are passionate about.  I am willing to bet, there’s a niche audience (specific group) out there ready to be served. Find the people first, and then build the thing you love doing most around those people who are already eagerly searching for what you are passionate about.

Explore Your Options

You may have more than one passion.  If you are not happy with the “research results” on one passion…Explore the other things you are passionate about.  Don’t stop researching and exploring, because you really can build a business that you are passionate about.


Do a more extensive research to find out where the people in your niche are. You will be looking for stuff like, where they hang out?  What social media sites they frequent?  What forums do they love?  What groups have they joined?  You can get specific as you like during your marketing segmenting too, for instance what age group, male or female/both, what income group are you seeking to appeal.

Are You In The Red?

Now, if you are totally in the red, and have absolutely no idea on how to find your passion. I think you might like this interesting read on “Some Ways To Find Niche Markets Where You Can Succeed”  So the question of the day is…”How To Turn Your Passion Into A Business?”

Motivational FacT!

Most people who start a business based on their passion; Stay with their business much longer.  The thing is, they somehow tend not to see it as work but as fun, since it’s something they love doing! Many have even declared they’ve never worked a day in their business due to the passion, happiness and fun derived.  Now how motivational is that?

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Really Great Read On Passion


I am so hoping that this info helped.   Feel free to bookmark, hit me up on my “Contact” form or leave your comments and questions at the bottom. I’d love to hear from you.  I want to see you make it! If you have any questions concerning turning your passions into a business, just give a holler!…Let’s chat.

Take Care n God Bless!


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14 thoughts on “How To Turn Your Passion Into A Business- Tips

  1. I would love to start the business built on my passion. I have a question, how do you start your research? If I find the relevant keywords in the niche I want to explore , how do I find where the people who are interested in niche hang out?
    I am interested in alternative health and animals. Any suggestions what to explore first?

    1. Good question, Milla. There are tons of social networking sites where your niche audience may be found. For instance, some of the most popular ones are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn to name a few, and there are others…If you’d like a review of the most suggested social sites you may find this review of suggested social sites interesting “Social Website Reviews” just to get your ideas flowing.

      Also, remember one of the best research assistants ever is none other than “Mr Google Search”…Make Mr. Google work for you. You can use the search engines to find online forums, groups and communities in your niche. For instance, you say you love health…You can google search “health forums/health groups/health communities/health blogs, then remember to be as specific as you like with your search. You should find tons of places people share the same interest.

      Once you have joined, most communities, forums and group sites allow you a chance to set up profiles. Within your profile will be the place to tell the community all about you and your interests, hobbies, business or brand. Often, you are able to provide your business links or websites. Simply abide fully by the rules and regulations of the forums or communities. You may add value to the community by giving sound advice and tips pertaining to the topics of choice. People who like your comments and feedback will often follow your profile to learn more about you. People who join forums, groups and communities with the intentions of being active and not to just lurk will find the most rewards from this method, in my opinion.

      Many have gained valuable network buddies as well as prospects through the power of forums and groups. I know for certain it works. I can recall my very first internet business was found through a work at home community and forum for moms which is still going strong today. I was attracted to the value and expertise of a certain nice lady there, I’d never forget. She only provided all the value I needed, was not pushy during our instant messages, was always lending a helping hand. A relationship of trust, help and kindness developed and the rest…History…lol.

      Hope this helps and if you need more ideas, just give a holler and we will put our brainstorming power to work, Milla 🙂

  2. Hi

    I really liked this page as it breaks everything down neatly and in short bursts for the reader, it’s a great way to engage the reader and keep them

    As an affiliate marketer myself I like your approach to the whole subject so well done my friend and keep on posting.

  3. Hello there. I think that’s what business owners should do. It’s passion that matters.

    Yes, there’s competition. Yes, it’s a norm, something that’s done by someone else.

    Who cares? It’s your decision at the end of the day. I don’t care what others do if its the same business.

    That’s just an excuse in my opinion. I always say to myself, it’s all about happiness and excitement. Living the life at every second. That’s what is important to me.

  4. Hey Beverly,

    I have been thinking about different ways to make money online for a long time now and this article was really helpful in clarifying how to do so. I find it hard to stay focused on some projects, but if they were my passion I am sure I would enjoying the work much more.


    1. Hi Alex, I agree and it would help tremendously to first research the market you’re passionate about. Prepare to niche it if need be, but it makes perfect sense to enjoy whatever it is that you do.

  5. I think that it’s very important to have a business driven by passion but just yesterday I heard an awesome thought while I was watching one Youtube video. It said: “If you are free with the money (I think only rare people start business, especially online, being free with the money but anyways), start a business with your passion even if it’s not so profitable and if you are broke choose something that will bring you money first. This is what business is about” and I really agree on that, how about you?

    Other than that I think your tips on researching the niche are very helpful.


    1. I hear ya, Jolita…I’m not sure I quite understand what you mean by “free with the money”…so sorry if I toggle off track. Seems, it actually comes down to a more personal stance. But one thing I’ve learned (finally positioned…lol) from my experiences is that the things I’m most passionate about has brought me the most substance and satisfaction. As far as the ” asap money” goes or needing immediate food on the table…That’s a different perspective (view) of the matter. Of-course, different circumstances will call for different measurements…But whenever people are positioned to follow their dreams or passions, that’s a really beautiful time in life. It’s something worth aiming for…It’s the mere possibility of building an arena of success based on something you are purposed and love doing. How great is that?

      Thanks, Jolita for your wonderful insight and feedback.

  6. Hello Bev,

    Thank you so much for sharing with me this great article on how I can turn my passion into a successful online business. I love the idea of doing something that I’m passionate about, because in this way, I get to do what I really love while making money out it.

    So, as you advised, I will keep searching and searching for the best niche of audience who share my interest so that I will give them what they are looking for, while I earn my income out it.

    your article was very helpful reading. Thanks.

    1. Anytime, Stephen, all the best on your search for your true passion. I’m sure you will do great on 

      your success journey. By the way, feel free to ask for any tips if you like. That’s what I’m here for. Hope to see you around. Take care.

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