In order to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate, it is initially important to know exactly what it is that you want. It’s important to realize how Wealthy Affiliate can help you on success journey.  If you were to do your own research, or a Google search, you might find something similar to this statement: Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Community.  With over 580,000 members. It’s free to join. Operation of business since 2005.  They introduce four simple steps which are all necessary for succeeding online, such as:  1) Choose an interest, 2) Build a website, 3) Attract Visitors and 4) Earn Revenue. Or you may find many reviews and lots of information about Wealthy Affiliate.

My Journey With Wealthy Affiliate

Personally, I feel when it comes to “ALL” of what WA is, some reviews will give, only a snippet of the many benefits for people other than Affiliates.  But to really dig deep, most any member of Wealthy Affiliate, can attest that it’s so much more.  You see, the name “Wealthy Affiliate” itself signifies (somewhat) what it really is .  But as I recall,  once I started the training portion of it…That’s when my online journey really began.  I discovered lots of hidden gems.   I also discovered how WA was a goldmine, providing many avenues to create financial success. And once financial success is fuel, dreams are possible.

Also, I discovered that the “Certification Courses” actually was training/education that I was able to apply marketable skills.  I’d learned skills needed to build any type of business online. It’s crucial to know the right ways of doing things, and how to make a business stand out among the rest. Just the idea of learning how to leverage time and energy was an “eye opener”  for me.    I’d dreamed of mastering attempts to be successful, earning/learning comfortably from the comforts of home. However, the power of monetizing passions, knowledge, skills… By helping others and making their lives easier is one of the greatest ways to go.  Also, some of the stuff learned at WA, I would have to pay and arm and leg for at a local university.

Niches: Who Can Be Helped By Wealthy Affiliate: Or Who Will You Be Able To Help?

Affiliates– who would love to learn how to take their business to the highest level possible.

Bloggers– Who have always wondered how to monetize their passion via blogging and more.

Business Leaders– Who are searching for platforms of extreme value and worth as an avenue to help others.

Business Owners– Who haven’t a clue about how to market their business online; Those who want to know exactly what it’ll take to become successful online.

Entrepreneurs– Who think “outside the box” and are always up for new, fresh innovative techniques and bouncing ideas from others, and training.

Network Marketers– Who have tried and tried to succeed but somehow find themselves falling in the percentage of the 95 percenters.

Direct Sales People– Who are open to learn what is working “online” in today’s market place.

Consultants/Speakers/Coaches– Who are ready to take their platforms to new levels.

College Students– Who would love to add more skills and value to their credential list.

Fed Up People– who are sick and tired of the Corporate “rat race” and every day pressures on their jobs.

Mom/Dads– Searching for ways to provide supplement income and stay home with the family

Baby Boomers/Retirees– Looking to add more streams of income as they enjoy the taste of freedom.

Now back to the big question…How to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate?

Although the primary focus is toward  Affiliates…Once a person experience the wealth of training, it will be plain to see that there are absolutely tons of ways to apply the skills and knowledge. The community is gold, and one never have to worry about questions of concerns going unanswered.  Concerns are always addressed. And the ways to become an online business success is more than possible. But the best way to see how it’s done is to not take my word, but see for yourself, whether or not it can benefit your success journey.


“Cheers”  BeV.

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