Whether, you already have a business based on your passion or not, feel free to tag  along. However, if you would love to start a business but haven’t a clue how to start?  Or, for that matter what, you could possibly be passionate about…Then guess what?   This is your day! This message is for you and I pray it helps.  Okay, let’s get started.
First A Little Info…You Should Know
On the real,  growing a business can be a tiresome, long and challenging journey,  especially if you are not passionate about the business.  On the flip side, once a business is up and going successfully, it can be more than rewarding.  So all the long, hard work up front should definitely pay off in the long run.

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Another Thing To Point Out 
There is a difference between a  “work from home” job and a business. A business  is what you can work and build on your own. It’s like building your very own empire or financial legacy.  A job is like working for someone else who pays you a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly income. Your “payoff” will come sooner.
However, you are building someone else’s legacy, dreams or empire.  They dictate how long you work.  They approve or disapprove your vacation time.  They may or may not give you paid holidays.   Let’s face it, it’s  more like controlling  cute puppets on a string.

Stop the Press


Pause Here A Moment…For Those Who Have Jobs…Listen UP
Rightfully, a job has it’s own place in this equation, as it can be used as a crutch to lean on to help people transit from one form of income to the next.  A job can help fuel a business start up, when fundings are low.  A job can produce a “walk away” financial path, allowing you to get down to real business…”Your Business”.  I get it, that people should be bold and fierce when it comes to their dreams.
On the flip side, I get it that people should also consider whether it’s the right time to totally walk, or makes perfect sense based on their personal situations. It will help to create reasonable goals and a  direct plan of action to actually walk away from a job. However, you can always start your business up on the side; Some refer to this as the “Side Hustle”.  The main thing is you are putting your plans into some form of action to make it come together.

But, are you beginning to see what inspire people to want more out of life? What moves them into the “change” phase and out of the “tired of being tired” phase? What leads them into the path of following their dreams?


Okay, now that we’ve got all of that out of the way…Fire Works! Let the fun begin!  Let’s move on to a formula that will help you to find your true passions

A Formula To Help You Find Your Passion

  • Think and write down all of the things you love doing. What things are you passionate about?  Tip: Your passion will be the primary building blocks of your business.
  • List your strengths or the things you do best…All your skills and abilities (tutoring, blogging, clerical, writing, technical, coaching, speaking (communication), persuasion, drawing, organizing, cleaning, designing, styling, baking, fixing things, selling things, collecting things,helping people, motivating, inspiring, good with elderly people or younger, good with animals, and the list goes on. Tip: *Just put on your “Thinking Cap” and pull out your strengths*
  • Then match the things you love with the things you’re good at…When what you love comes together with what you’re good at…That’s your “Natural Strength” and where you’ll find your success zone.
  • Think and write down…What’s most Important?  What means a lot to you in life? For instance, maybe you love kids…So you want a business to support that kind of lifestyle…Or maybe you’re into health and fitness, then your business should support that interest…or just whatever you like.  That’s why it’s referred to as a “Lifestyle Business”. The key is to support your lifestyle with your business.
  • Then you’re going to want to decide on the type of business you’d like to start. For example:  Online store of some sort, Information based biz,  web based biz, consultant, certain product or service, affiliate biz, etc…you decide what kind.
  • Market Research…Not only do you want to niche and search to see if, there’s a market of people out there needing what you will offer but eknow where you’ll find your audience.  Also search to see how your competitors are slaying the market?  You can do this by a “Google Search” to see what others in your field of interest are doing. Take notes how they are doing it. For instance, how are they pricing…What’s their approach? What can you draw from them to inspire you to do yours even better or unique.  How can you add more value? You can learn lots from people already successful at it.
  • Think and write the exact problems that needs to be solved…Provide solutions to those problems. That’s pretty much a big part of marketing in business…Identifying problems and providing solutions.  The more people, who have that particular problem…Then the more  your income will grow.
  • Think and write…How will your offer be better than your competitors? How will your offer be different from your competitors?  Relax, you don’t have to go way out trying to perfect this one…Just make it a tinge bit better…If you can do more than great.
  • Finally decide and write…Who exactly are your clients? And…How do you plan to reach your clients? It’s important to know who they are and where they are…Because by having this advantage it should save lots of time and produce more effective marketing results.
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So, you really can brainstorm the things you are skilled or good at and turn your passions into profits.  After-all many successful businesses have started with a single thought that exploded and became so much more. Or to just follow the roads already paved of people who’ve already started on your fave passions as well…Remember, all you have to do is do it a bit better and more unique to have that advantage.  To live your passion is one of the greatest feeling.  You never feel like you’re working and each day you’re able to appreciate the expression of what makes you feel great.
Due recognition is in honor of Vitaly Geyman, as a result of his “passion to profit” 10 steps to Passion to profit …I was able to create my “formula to help you find your passion. Never give up on your God given skills (you’re a natural) and if you’re still un-decided, don’t forget you can always learn a skill doing something that’s in sync with what you’ll love to do.  You tube have hoards of totally free tutorials to “piggy back” off of…Then you can always do a Google search for free tutorials of your interests. All the best to your success!  *Share all comments and questions below*


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