In this post, I will go over exactly what “Affiliate Marketing” is…The qualities you should have to do this form of marketing.  Why many people choose this method as a preferred income source. Who usually consider this form of marketing?  Also, how it’s possible to learn basically everything there is to learn about it? This information may be most useful for the newbies or beginners, who are interesting in learning more. With that said, let’s dive right into things now.

What Are Your Why’s?

First,  you should know your “Why’s”…Why do you want to financially succeed as an affiliate? Is it to become your own boss? Supplement your present income? Have more family time…To eventually quit your job…Start a retirement nest…Create more leisure time…Become debt free or to just enjoy the rest of life and travel the world? A great tip is to write down all your “why’s” and list them in a first priority order. Whenever you need motivation and encouragement to move forward, find your  list of “why’s” and ask yourself…Are you really ready to change and make things happen to have those things you want and need. If you are mentally “hungry” or serious enough you will automatically push yourself into action.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Okay, you see an affiliate is a person that markets the product or service for another company or person, And…Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting companies or other people product and services,as an affiliate, for a commission (fee)…When someone buys the product you’re promoting, you will get a percentage of the sale.  You may also, hear the mentioning of “Affiliate Programs” which are similar in nature.

It’s Not A Get Rich Over Night Thing To Do?

If you are hoping, you can become a super affiliate and get rich over night, then this way of earning online may not be for you.   It is not something to jump into and think you’re ready to start making it big in seconds. However, it is something you can learn to do and in time build a decent or prosperous income over time.  It could take anywhere from some weeks to months or more, to build up full momentum, where you’re actually able to see a nice income coming in. Income status may depend on how you are able to work your business. It also depends on effective training/education and the right action. There is satisfaction in knowing,  that this really is one of the greatest ways online to build a satisfactory income if done effectively.

What’s Your Passion? Research The Market- Find Your Niche

So,once you know your “why’s and have decided to give “Affiliate Marketing” a whirl, you’ll next need to research your market. Research or find out what the people in the market you’re most passionate about…Are desperately  “hungry”for. Just make sure there’s a “hot” need and attempt to fill it, by becoming the solution maker or problem solver.

Just to make sure you get this important concept…Again…Search for the best affiliate products/services in that particular market that will fill your audience wants and needs; Then serve them with your solutions, your chosen products or service.

If the market you’d love to fill is over crowded.  You can always niche that market or break it down into more specific needs. You can find niche products or services, only a certain group of people are looking for. Niche marketing is a popular marketing strategy and has been known to work extremely well. You will learn more about this as you dig deeper into affiliate marketing.  So for now, just know that you can find tons of things to promote that you are passionate about.

Where To Find Your Product/Services Selections

There are tons of places to choose the products and services, you’re most passionate about. Here is a list of a few popular platforms to search and remember there are so many more:

Commission Junction- Is a platform that has tons of reputable companies you can search and hook up with, depending on the companies the process should only take minutes.

Clickbank- One of the world’s largest internet provider of digital products. Products are added to their marketplace daily.

Ebay (Ebay Partner Network/EBN)- One of the biggest brands on the internet, with so much to choose from, there’s no doubt,  you’re bound to find many things you’re passionate about. You’re given an opportunity to partner up with Ebay and slay it. A customer’s purchases are trackable, therefore you’ll gain commissions off every purchase they make regardless of the ticket price during that particular time of purchase.

Amazon- They sell some of everything you can imagine, from small ticket items to very high ticket items, trackable sales within the site, leverages your work. Amazon is another well known company that provides great commissions.

This is just the “tip of the iceberg” there are hoards of companies to choose from that serves some of every niche imaginable.


Affiliate Marketing Tips: Something You May Like To Know

Here’s something you may like to know, that is if you don’t already know this. Considering, you’ve found the things you’re most passionate about promoting as an affiliate; You may also want to make sure your promotions will leverage your time and effort as much as possible. Did you know one of the best ways,to make more as an Affiliate, is by promoting  “high ticket” items?  You see, high ticket products are sold with a very expensive price tag, therefore, your commission will usually be much greater.  Just think 30 to 50 percent of a one hundred dollar item, is definitely not the same as 30 to 50 percent of a thousand dollar item or more.

You may do only one or two sales, off a high ticket item when you may have to make tons more sales for a lower ticket item to produce the same profit.  Do you kind of get the drift here and why high ticket items might be a better selection.  On the flip side, when it comes to Amazon and Ebay, the leveraging plane changes drastically because one small ticket sale is trackable to whatever the customer buys, whether it’s tons of small sales or larger…Regardless of the number of sales made you will get paid. The Ebay/Amazon tracking leverages it all for you which makes them preferred by many.  Don’t worry about reading too much into this for now, as better “break down” should likely come in your training sessions. Regardless, it is most important to do whatever you feel most comfortable with, just had to put this thought out there for the inquiring minds.

Commissions…A Little Or A Lot?

The amount you make from your commissions will depend strictly on you.  You can make a little or a lot. You can work hard or smart. You can spend a little time doing this or lots of time doing this; You set your own schedule and breaks. You can choose to learn by finding the right educational platform to master this, or you can choose to become content with limited given information. You can choose to go into a learning mode without action; Or you can choose to go into a learning, as you take action and earn mode. You choose whether to take legitimate “income solutions” online serious or not. Just know, all of these factors will affect whether you are set to make a little or a lot.

 Qualities For Success

Now, let’s quickly chat about “qualities”…As you may or may not know, there are requirements for success.  You should have a “burning desire” and hunger for success. You should know the price of success may require your dedication and sacrifice when it comes to being persistent, patience, working hard and faithfully, willingness to be teachable and coachable, willingness to pull through your good days,bad days and challenges. Your ability to fully understand what it takes to be a winner.  Tip: Research success stories of the remarkable “greats” and you will see how their success came with a price…and how these very qualities helped them to propel forward in spite of any oppositions.

Why People Choose Affiliate Marketing?

Can set this up as an Online Marketing Business…(Notice, I didn’t say Affiliate Business)

No business start up cost…No employees to hire, Customer Service Crew

You don’t have to worry about loans or cash to get things up and going; It’s free to start.

You don’t have to worry about storing products, packaging, shipping and handling

You don’t need to get a business license, insurance, and permits

You don’t have to worry about over-heads, and the life span of a business

You can work this from the comforts of your internet environment (known as “Internet Lifestyle”)

How Beginners Can Learn Everything About Affiliate Marketing In a Nutshell?

Most affiliate companies or partners will supply you with a “Marketing Platform” geared toward teaching you how to effectively market their products and services. They usually will provide you with  access to all their marketing tools and resources to become a successful marketer. However, there’s no guarantee that the whole nine yards of internet marketing will be discussed in the learning platform.  It will be up to you to stay on top of things by keeping up with the latest marketing trends, if not given within the affiliate platforms.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform specifically for Affiliates to learn how to do it all.  It’s the one I use.  It’s helped me to understand how to effectively run my business. Before this platform, I was totally lost as an Affiliate; And almost gave it up in spite of the advantages.  So glad I didn’t…There really is power in knowledge and action. I’m constantly applying everything I’ve learned to grow my IM business. I discovered the best way to learn it all is through one platform, rather than to learn a tidbit here and there. With all the loads of info out there, it may benefit you most to adhere to a more structured, effective and simple “hands on” form of learning. It is so easy to lose focus without guidelines. You will discover, the success in this industry comes from staying on top of the latest marketing trends, application of effective techniques, persistence, drive and work.


“Learn It All”

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